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11/29/2020 I had a SAH and have probably a very basic question and comment. 

is it normal to have a head and neck ache? Not at all as bad as the one that got me to the hospital but a minor one that is in the neck. It scares me. 

I just am anxious to hear what can be seen as ‘sort of normal’ after  SAH. 

I will be reading a lot here, and apologize for such a basic question but I want to ‘settle down’ and know this is something that is experienced by those of you who have walked this path. 

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I have been reading and see I should have made this first post in another forum. 

so sorry!! I will learn...and I have read my headache is something many experience. 

OK. Thanks. I am so glad to have found this place. Looking forward to learning. 

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Hi Selah


Welcome to BTG as we call it, so sorry to hear that you suffered SAH, but you have found a great place for help, support and reassurance. We have all walked this road that you now find yourself on and we are all here to help you on your recovery journey.


We cannot give medical advice as non of are qualified to do so, what we can share with you is our own experience of recovery, not forgetting of course that no two bleeds are the same, just as everyone's recovery is different.


It can be quite a scary time at the beginning, not knowing if aches and pains are normal or not.


Your brain and your body have suffered trauma, it takes time for them both to recover, try not to over do things this early in your recovery, take things very slowly, fatigue and headaches are pretty much normal, we have all suffered with these, they do seem to be part and parcel of SAH, try to make sure you stay well hydrated, this really does help with any headaches that you may have, i found if I wasn't drinking enough, my headaches were worse, I am 6 years down the line and i still make sure that I drink enough.


Also rest as much as you can, if you feel like sleeping, do it, i slept quite a lot in the early months of my recovery.


Try and take things easy, if you over do things your body and your brain will let hou know, even now if I over do things, I usually have a few days where I have to rest and recover from it, so try to listen to your body and your brain, they will let you know if you are pushing them to hard.


If you go into the Introduce Yourself thread, you can give us a bit more information about you have family supporting you through this, you will give others a better idea of your situation.


You can also pop into the Green Room, that's where all the daily banter goes on.


Anyway i will just say, i would like to wish you well as you go along your recovery journey, I'm sure there will be a lot more members along to share their experiences with you.


Take care


Michelle. Xx

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Hi Seleh,


So happy you found us...This is a wonderful resource, wonderful people trying to help others who have had bleeds.  You are so on top of this already reaching out and working to understand everything.


The advice above is wonderful...resting, hydrating and taking it easy...your brain needs time.  This is not like any other injury or sickness, your brain is your computer, taking in and trying to make sense of it all.


I personally still have head pains on occasion, it scared me at first also.  I am not fearful of it now and just take it as part of my new self.  


Read on through the site, so much wonderful insight here...

xx Jean



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Hey there Seleh, 


So my simple and quick answer to head and neck pain is yes, but there is no exact ‘normal’ . The blood takes a good while to fully disperse  from a bleed and that tracks down spinal column and of course you also have a Shunt I think you mentioned which means you have surgery scarring and healing to contend with as well.


Main thing is when faced with pain is to make sure you are properly taking any prescribed medication and then make sure it’s not escalating,so if symptoms are getting worse then do something, seek help, but if there is constant then it’s probably the effects of your trauma and you need to heed it as a sign to be kinder to yourself in that moment. Ask what might help you? Shutting your eyes and resting? Getting a good nutritional snack, meal for all the healing you are doing? Drinking some more water? Lying slightly prone but with head raised, a vpilow can be a good friend in early days. I also found heat helped me, so a hot water bottle or heated wheat bags just provided comfort. 


I also practice mindfulness and that helped with the anxiety anxiety of the pain which can be equally debilitating, everything is a worry, and that’s entirely normal.


do keep a diary of things, how they feel and celebrate each day’s successes. All the small stuff . 


Try not to overdo it. If you do something, anything,  then rest after it without fail. And just go steady. 


If you are worried, come here, someone will spot and answers. We have all worn the shoes.


gentle hugs, you know resilience, you will use that well now as you heal .


go steady 


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A very warm welcome. Please, any time, communicate and let others who have been down this path help.


I still remember how helpful people were to me. I learned practically nothing from the doctors and everything from here.


You are in a very difficult recovery period right now, but it gets a lot better. Chill out, relax, stay off work a long time. relax, relax, relax, relax. And please , know that there are people here very helpful to your recovery.


Speaking with people here helped me IMMENSELY. good luck and hope to hear from you soon!!

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