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Burning pain in head and iron deposits

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Hi everyone


I have trouble navigating this site, so I hope I'm doing this the right way.

I am 3 months post subarachnoid hemorrhage, non aneurysmal. I have gone back to school and tried to not stress out and have been pretty successful, but - I have iron deposits that have formed on my brain as a result of the bleed.


One question - has anyone had these and what symptoms have you had and two - I get burning in my head when I get the slightest bit upset. Has anyone had this burning in your head? And does it ever go away?


Thanks so much.


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Hi Deborah 

Welcome to BTG sorry you have had trouble navigating the site. 

I have not heard of iron deposits post SAH, can you tell us some more? We are unable to give medical advice as not medically trained  but many others here may have had similar experiences so can share those with you. 

Be interested to hear more about your event and recovery. 

My advice for now would be rest often, drink plenty of water and take things slowly. 

Clare xx

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Hi Debbie 


A very warm welcome to BTG :) 


Well done on getting back to school and doing so well. Three months is very early in your recovery, you will find your body will tell you when you need to slow up. You could be pushing too hard. 


I had strange feelings in my head during the first year of recovery. If the burning continues i would contact your Neuro Specialist for peace of mind. As Clare has said above rest often, drink plenty of water, this really does help.  Your brain is recovering from a major trauma and also carrying on as normal. So working overtime.


We look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care

Tina xx


P.S. Here is a link below to 'A Letter From Your Brain'. I found it a really helpful inspirational read xx




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Hi Debbie,


I am so happy you found this site, it has proven to be a wonderful resource for all of us.

A lot of people have written wonderful, hopeful stories about their journeys.  I also was able to read things from people who had a very similar experience to me, this was so helpful to me.  


As much as we all want to get back to our selves, the brain takes time to heal. Be extra specially kind and gentle to yourself.




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Hi Clare and others -


I hope I am responding correctly, so please like if you get this.


On 12/9 (2 months ago), after a very stressful phone call from my dad who was ill and wouldn't go to the hospital, I sat back down in my stressful social work internship and got a lightning bolt headache and my blood pressure had gone from normal to very high. I thought it was anxiety, but later that night I went to the ER and they immediately after CT scan said they see blood on my brain.


Long story short, I had a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, numerous angiograms - they never found an aneurysm. It was in the 10-15% where they never found a source, so that was fortunate for me. It could have been a spontaneous vein burst. I was in Intensive Care for 10 days to make sure I didn't have a vasospasm.


When I went for my follow up MRI a few weeks later, I had cerebellar siderosis (which is basically iron deposits on your brain) - I read up on it and it says it sometimes happens after multiple bleeds, although my bleed was very small. My dr. said he's not worried about it unless it grows, so I have to check in 6 months.


I have tolerated things very very well, but I get a headache when I get stressed. (Is that the way the universe is telling me I cannot get stressed)? :) ugh. I did have another MRI when I was a bit off balance a couple of weeks ago, but there had been no change.


The neurosurgeon told me that people can get iron deposits on their brain from even falling. He said the recovery will be about 3-6 months. I do find now, the middle of my semester is coming and I am getting more stressed. I keep telling myself that no matter what, I must remain calm. Nothing is more important than my life. 


So that is my full story. I can study, I can speak fine, I just feel headachy sometimes, sometimes weak. The water suggestion is a great one - sometimes I forget to drink water. I did listen to Dr. Sanjay Gupta's book on brain health and it had some really great information.

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Hi Debbie,


Welcome to this terrific site.  You will find much of value here to support you as you recover.


One thing to remember is that the brain does not care to be bathed in blood; it is irritating to tissues and it really has no where to go.  The way it also seem to stress more easily.  However< WE ALL ARE Different and your  was explained to me is that it creates sort of a bruise. Anyway, the headaches do go on for awhile.


I had a ruptured aneurysm and even after 12 years, stress will cause me a headache. I also seem to stress more easily and no doubt we all have a bit of PTSD, although it fades with time.  However, we all are different and your symptoms are likely tied to your unique level of damage.


As Tina said, address your concerns with your neuro team and don't be afraid to seek second opinion if it continues to be troublesome.  Sometimes neuro specialists see the blood dissipated and no further issue, so tell you to go live your life, but there are many levels of specialists.


Best wishes with your recovery and be kind to yourself,   Colleen





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