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Hi again I've noticed with Merrill just latley that her mobility changes from time to time she may have a good week then a bad week at the moment she say's she feels very shaky in her hands and i've noticed her hand writing does look very shakey not like her's normaly look also she may go a week with hardley any memory problems then it seems to get so much worse at the moment she giggles at everything even if it's something not too good she seems to have a phase of one thing and then that improves and something else seems to play up is that how it is for many of you Thanks Rod

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Hi Rod

Yeh its the rollercoaster thing, I found that one week I was good so I would do more but the following week had a knock on effect.....

all part of recovery, but if your worried speak to the GP.....

otherwise hope things are going well for you both

take care

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Hi Rod,

Try not to worry too much, i was and sometimes are quite shakey i notice the more tired i get the more hand/body shakey i get as for the giggles i was exactly the same, Merril is still early in recovery, as we all are i suppose...i know when my consult used to say "its early days" i used to get fed up of hearing it but in my heart of hearts i knew he was right.

Hope i have been some help, you take care

Love Michelle c xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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it is a very frustrating recovery to go through, up and down all the time x x I have been good at work today and now at home I feel horrible x x

Its all recovery process and our brains rewiring themselves x x I just tell myself one day I will feel good and one bad x x but i'm here x x

She is lucky to have you supporting her x x my husband thinks I am well now so lets forget about it all x x wish it was that easy x x x

one day at a time she will get there x x tc both of you x x

love donna x x

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Hi Laura yes that is the beauty of this site, Merrill has a shunt as well and n/s spoke to us about shunt malfunction and i guess that it sorter put that idea in my head now everytime i get a day thats different i look at this in a different way so when i'm worried i post my concern and look for a bit of reassurance which always come, it can be a bit frightening when i think that i could get it wrong, but caution has always been my nature so i don't take any chances Thanks Rod

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