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    I'm a survivor of a few rough journeys over the past 10+ yrs. Have a wonderful hub who I love with all my heart,soul and right kidney(I donated to him nov 06) and we have a beautiful daughter who gives us laughter,light and strength.
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    Walking, reading, skipping around the house!!
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    Hospital Pharmacy Dispenser
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    SAH 25/08/10 clipped 27/08/10

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  1. My Darling Linda

    My Dearest Paul, Lin is the brightest star in the sky. You are in our thoughts and prayers. With much love to you, Sarah-Louise, Paul and Caitlin Xx
  2. My Darling Linda

    Sending you and Lin much love Paul, you're in my thoughts and prayers. SL Xx
  3. Operation scheduled

    Good luck Maya, your'll be in my thoughts and prayers. SL .. Xx
  4. Hello Jan, I'm sorry to hear that you've been having these troubles, I think it's a good idea to have a chat with your Optomitrist. There are other methods of having the pressures of the eyes checked, next time you have a full eye examination explain the issue you had so that you don't have to go through that experience again, I'm sure that it was rather frightening for you. Although you have a new varifocal prescription it is worth remembering that when we are over the age of 40 then presbyopia does start (the lens of the eye begins to get stiff and less able to focus) so it could be that a seperate pair of reading glasses will help, although varifocals are great, the reading area is small. The full prescription is only in the central part of the lens, so if your eyes are going to the inside or outside of the lens it won't be the full strength you require. A full frame of reading lens will give you a full field of vision, therefore easier on the eyes. If you have exactly the same strength in each eye then ready readers off the shelf will be suitable, if you have any astigmatism correction required they will not correct that. My SAH was behind my left eye, clip is very near my optic nerve so my vision was effected. I've recently been having lots of visual migraines and had an MRI in December, they can not get a clear picture of my optic nerve because the clip is so close, therefore they're not sure what to do with me at the moment!! I wear reading glasses and glasses for computer work, due to balance issues varificals aren't an option for me. My last test was March last year so I'm due another test soon (I'm diabetic so tested every year) however, I know my eyes have got worse so I'm fully expecting a stronger prescription to be required! Please try not to worry and let us know how you get on. Take care, SarahLou Xx
  5. Plateau in recovery

    Hello Jan, I'm over 6 years down the line and I still get good days and bad. It was after the 2 year mark for me that things started to improve. You have done amazing, remember how far you have come and try not to be so tough on yourself. Have patience and understanding. Remember that it is OK not to be OK. I've been having a few issues so have been back to see my Neuro Nurse Specialist and Consultant. Neuro Nurse said to me that there will always be times, for all brain injury patients, that they jog along fine and then something gets thrown into the mix and we don't cope so well. For me personally I think it will often be a case of sometimes I'll take a few steps forward and then now and again I will take some back. Yes, fatigue still floods me. Yes, I still have daily headaches and temple pressure but I am still on a learning curve of the new me. I have learned to plan and pace, but there are many times when things are beyond my control. So I too have to still learn that word patience! I still kick out now and again, rant and rave and throw a paddy! But then I'll pull myself together and count my blessings. I'm very stubborn! You will be OK Jan, your'll gather strength from those around you and us lovely lot! Sending you big gentle hugs. Take care, SarahLou Xx
  6. Very sad news

    Gill, My dear friend. I know that you're so saddened by this news, it's such a blunt reminder of how close we came. As Jess says, it wasn't your time. This is a very tough lesson for all the children to learn. It sounds like the school are doing all they can. Nathan has two very loving parents, you will guide him through with any questions he may have. I'm here for you, 24-7 SarahLou Xx
  7. wow!

    Belated 17th SAH Anniversary wishes to you lovely lady. Your kind words and support have given me such strength over the years. Thank you. You are an amazing, inspirational lady. My world sure is a brighter place with BTG in it. Take care, SL Xx
  8. Thanks for sharing Greg, I'll also be printing this off. I can relate to it all. SarahLou Xx
  9. Hi, I was put on BP meds too, plus a few others, mainly to help protect my one kidney ( I was a donor in 2006) to reduce risks of further stroke. It has been a hard graft to loose weight and increase my fitness levels. I'm getting there though! It can take time to get the correct dosage/ drug so give it time and talk to your GP about any concerns. Also we have our own BP machine at home (bought a while ago because of Hubs critical illness and his needed regular checking) it's given us great peace of mind and will enable you to track your own and then show your GP. Take care, SarahLou Xx
  10. Tinnitus

    Hi xizzi, It's strange for me to see this post after so many years! Saddens me tinnitus still causes an issue to so many people following an SAH. Well, six years on and the tinnitus is still with me. If you want my honesty I have never really learnt to accept it or cope with it. It does, at times, still have me climbing the walls. It's defently worse if I'm extra stressed, fatigued etc, so I do all that I can (most of the time!!) to have complete brain rest, after work for example, and I try not to put myself in situations that I know will make it worse. However, some things are beyond my control. I've been having quite a few issues recently and am seeing a Neurologist in a few weeks, increased tinnitus is on my list of things I need to talk to him about. I also take cholesterol meds and BP meds since SAH. I was put on them soon after as I only have one kidney which took quite a bashing from the contrast dyes used for surgery,so they needed to keep further stroke risks as low as possible. I've had two MRI scans since the original ones, no known cause for the tinnitus has been seen. I had a big rupture, a lot of blood, my ventricles were full of blood, I had hydrocephalus too, and a borderline vasospasm, so heck I wouldn't be surprised if all that caused the tinnitus!! I'd just like some answers though, oh and a cure would be really fantastic! I'm sorry that I don't have any answers for you and I really do hope you're tinnitus goes away for you. I'm here should you ever want to chat or rant! Take care, SarahLou Xx
  11. Hi Jan, I returned to work 14 months after my SAH, it was a bit like if I didn't return soon I may not have a job to return to, so a bit pressured to return perhaps a little sooner than I thought I was ready to. I returned to a job I'd done for 20 years and loved. There had been a lot off changes while I was off, so lots to get used to. Work totally floored me and I questioned many times had I done the right thing. I look a very long, slow phased return. Short term memory issues and fatigue being the main issue. Not just tiredness, fatigue that floors you. Then in January 2014 I took a leap of faith and went for a complete career change, including studies. The best thing I ever did. I work with a fantastic bunch. However... I still have issues, some days I'm 'OK' others I am floored beyond words. Yes, I wanted to return to work, I needed to return to work, I love my job, but to what cost. I am currently trying a change in hours to see if that helps me cope better. I have always wanted to work, to not work was not an option for me. I fought really hard to get back to work. I'm not one to sit at home and waste my days, to have an existence where one day rolls into another. Nope, that's not me. Great advise on doing some type of charity work, helping out somewhere. Have to say the hearing dogs is a fantastic idea, we've a friend who does that and has been doing so for many years. I'm sure you will find what's right for you, but do give yourself patience and understanding while you walk this journey. There are many options you can explore. There's a tread called 'Back To Work' started a good few years ago, well worth a read, be warned though it's a long thread so get a cuppa and make yourself comfy!! It is a great read though and really helped me. Take care, SarahLou Xx
  12. Hi Jan, I'd take a guess that my pain threshold was quite high before my SAH. I had a baby with no pain relief. I smashed my ankle and dislocated it, had to wait quite some time for pain relief. I went through donating a kidney after having an epidural block that didn't work, took them three days to realise that,when the person who preformed it came back on duty after the weekend and said it had failed. Have to say I've never felt such pain, I said it was worse than labour. They were amazed I'd coped the way I had. but that's all the past... I don't remember much in the run up to SAH but I'm told I said I was in great pain, told colleagues I was having the worst headache etc, etc. Since SAH (nearly 6 years) yes, I do feel pain differently. By that I mean I'm much more aware of what's my 'normal', how to cope with that and when to see GP when things are beyond my normal. One great bit of advice our lovely Super Mario once gave me was not to put everything down to 'symptoms of sah' that's one of the best bits of advice because I kept putting it down to SAH aftermath when actually I needed other investigations , all my symptoms were so easily put down to SAH,but they weren't. I too have recently been having chest pains under ribs on left side, ended up in a very stressful and scary visit to A&E. Thankfully I'm fine, I know what's wrong. I still have these pains, they come and go. If I'm tired, not slept well (often) everything is more exaggerated. All pains seem worse, I'm more mardy too! We need to sleep to heal. By the way... Tiger Balm is a fab product, definitely try it. Your'll soon have your GP appointment, and your'll hopefully get some answers and then some treatment. Do all the things that you can to help you relax and de-stress. I have recently been practicing the art Zen Breathing that someone on here recommended. Amazing. Oh Heated wheat bags are great too, really recommend those Let us know how you get on. Take Care, SarahLou Xx
  13. My Darling Linda

    Ahh Paul, this is such amazing news, I can not put into words how pleased I am. I'm crying as I type this. God bless you both, you're in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, much love and hugs to you both. SarahLou Xx
  14. Hi Jan, It took me 14 months to return to work after my SAH, I did a long phased return. It was tough, very tough. I'd returned to a job I'd loved and done for 20 years but I soon felt uneasy, that something wasn't right. So two and a half years ago I went for a complete career change, even coped with studies. Yes, it's hard, exhausting, many times I'd doubted I could carry on. Work still floors me, but it stretches my brain, I've seen improvements in my memory issues. Myself and my family are very proud of how far I come. But it does come at a price. I'd love to move, but that's not an option due to other family health issues. My advise is if you want to take a leap of faith do it! Don't ever look back and think 'what if' You've family, friends and all us lovely lot to give you strength and support! Take care, SL Xx
  15. Hi Clare, I'm really pleased for you that you're having these tests, I'm sure that they'll give you some of the answers you're looking for. My SAH was nearly six years ago and I've recently been referred back to Wessex Neuro, my Nurse Specialist did talk to me about Neuropsychology Testing and hoped that I may be able to be tested, however it's too long since my SAH and I can't have the tests. I honestly believe if I'd had these tests years ago I would have much more understanding of exactly how my brain injury has affected me, and it maybe could have helped me with returning to work, helped me with acceptance of who I am now, because even after all this time I still do not have that. It's great to hear how supportive your work have been, although I wouldn't expect anything less, the NHS is amazing in so many ways! You are doing fantastically, think how far you've come, I'm sure QA is a better place having you there! I look forward to hearing how you get on. Take care lovely lady, SL Xx