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  1. Hi Patc I'm in Canada as well. Sounds like you and I both had the same post-care. I saw my neurologist once post-bleed with the MRI results. All was good and he said this will most likely never happen to you again. I just had my 5 year anniversary on March 28, 2020 and all is good I too get the feeling in my head. It feels like water is pouring slowly over the top of my head. It doesn't hurt, doesn't cause me any concern but it is a weird feeling that never happened prior to my brain hemorrhage. Alison
  2. Thank you for all your nice comments and well wishes! I now consider myself not only a survivor but my head is now a barometer. My head throbs when I'm stressed or feeling anxiety ... about anything - life, work, etc. I swear I can feel the exact vein pulse that bled 4 years ago, when I'm feeling tension. It reminds me to stop, breathe and relax. I can't stand the wind, it makes my ears hurt and feel full for hours. I wear a hat when I go walking. My eyesight has changed. I've always had glasses but now my eyes are worse, new script each year and my eyes get heavy and tired quickly. Not the easiest thing to manage when I'm trying to work on my computer all day. I find in general my energy level is less. I need rest more often and 8+ hours every night. Although I enjoy exercise, especially outdoors, I'm always thinking about my pressure - my blood pressure, my head pressure. When I'm sick with the cold or flu, I can't take anything. 4 years ago I had the flu and when I had the SAH, I was on 3 meds for sinus and chest infections. I'm now blacklisted from many medications as they affect pressure/veins and arteries too much. I know I'm lucky. I didn't need surgery, I'm no longer monitored by my neurologist and my life for the most part, has returned to normal. I'm grateful everyday. Last thought: When I went for my last MRI follow up with the neurologist and again I asked him about it happening again and why did this happen? He told me ... we don't have an explanation, sometimes things in life just have to blow up every once in awhile and then he showed me his wall of patient files, thousands of them and he said, most of these people I will never see again. It's a once in a lifetime occurrence and I think you are part of this wall.
  3. Hi everyone, Today marks my 4 year NASAH anniversary! March 28, 2015, just two days after my 40th birthday, I experienced 'the headache'. I knew something was wrong within minutes and had my first ambulance ride to our local hospital. They thought I had an aneurysm so they rushed me to the trauma hospital the next city over. A few hours later a neurologist told me I had blood on the brain. He never used the term SAH, NASAH or stroke, just blood on the brain. When I was discharged days later, I asked, what happened to me? What is this called so I know my medical history? I had never heard of SAH until it happened to me. I was off work for 2 months and it was absolutely the worst months of my life. I couldn't work, drive, read, watch TV, think straight, cough or sneeze. My body was just still. It was afraid of what a jolt might do. With family support, meditation and just taking things day by day, things did get better. Four years later, I'm doing well. I celebrated my 44th birthday a couple of days ago, no ambulance ride or ICU This is progress. I'm still scared it's going to happen again, I'm afraid the next time it may be worse. But I don't want to live in fear. I want to live each day the best I can. Whatever happens to me, will happen to me whether I worry about it or not, so I try not to overthink. My SAH is a mystery to this day. No cause determined. I suppose not everything in life has an explanation. Thank you to BTG. I do check in and read the articles, your stories and it's comforting to know we are not alone. Cheers from Burlington, Ontario - Canada! Alison
  4. Hi Clare, I too suffered a NASAH (almost 1 year ago). I have noticed lately as well the impact the wind has on my head. Just last week we had lots of wind (in Toronto, Canada) and I had terrible temple pain each day. When the wind died down so did my pain. I wore a hat to keep the wind out of my ears. Maybe this is our new normal? If you feel worried about it, it's always worth a trip to your physician. I wanted you to know you're not alone. Take care, Alison
  5. Hi Debbie, I checked the name of the nose spray, it's Nasonex (50mcg).
  6. Hi Debbie, I actually kept the bag of drugs I was on at the time of my bleed. It reminds me what I can no longer take. I had really bad flu bug, sinus and ear infections at the time so I was on lots of stuff. The label has a generic drug name so I will google the name and find out the brand name. I will get back to you on that. My neuro doctor said nose sprays can put strain on veins and arteries. I'm not allowed to even take sprays for my seasonal allergies anymore. I will get back to you soon on the name! Alison
  7. Hi Gillian, I'm almost 6 months into my recovery. I had a NASAH on March 28, 2015. I was told I would be back to normal after 6 weeks. They were partially right. The first 4 weeks were awful but then I turned a corner and returned to work 6 weeks post bleed. I felt good. I take micro breaks away from the computer and turned off the lights above me. But I know what you mean, we don't quite feel back to normal. Random headaches, fogginess and inability to concentrate still occur for me. I don't know if this is my new normal or if over more time, things will get even better. I just take it one day at a time, honour my body and if I need to, I go home early from work. I'm not sure we'll ever know what the future will hold, it's not like we knew before our bleeds Alison
  8. Wow! Your story really resonated with me. My birthday is March 26 and my re-birthday is March 28. Two days after my 40th birthday this year, I suffered an NASAH just prior to going out for my birthday dinner. Needless to say we didn't make it for dinner and it will be a birthday I will never forget Thanks for sharing! Alison
  9. Hi Sammy, My apologies for not writing back sooner. I haven't been logged in for a couple of months now. Medications are a tricky thing. They are given to us to help with one ailment but can cause a host of others. I suppose all meds carry risk. Interesting you heard the same thing on nose sprays. Never again for me. You were in hospital for 6 weeks?! I feel lucky I was only in for 5 days. My recovery was slow at first but then I felt quite 'normal' after 2-3 months. I'm almost at the 6 month mark and I'm noticing some re-occurring symptoms i.e. pressure in the head, tender at the small of my head where the vein bled and general fogginess. I'm in the Toronto area and we've had a lot of humidity this summer and I'm wondering if that's contributing to it. I hope you are doing well. Alison
  10. Happy Brain-iversary Win With your spirit and positive outlook, I'm not surprised how well you're doing. I think our outlook on life contributes to so much of our overall health. Cheers! Alison
  11. Hi Sleepyhead, I'm 4 weeks into my recovery and sleep is a challenge for me as well! I take the rest when my body demands it. I'm still off work so I have the luxury of napping in the morning or afternoon (I feel like my 6 mo. old nephew some days). I'm not sure if this is available where you live and certainly ask your doctor first, but Gravol works for me. It was designed for motion sickness and nausea but it makes me sleepy and works well taken right before bed. I also believe in winding your body down starting after dinner. Herbal tea, relaxation, meditation, limited TV, no screens of any kind 1 hour before bed (those blue screens rev us up), a bath (but not too close to bed), comfy pajamas. Reading also sends me off. No caffeine after my morning coffee also helps. Best wishes for a good night's sleep. Alison
  12. Hi Debbie, Thanks! I'm trying to take this all in stride. I'm only a month into my recovery (no surgery, it was a NASAH) but I get random headaches and pressure spots as well. Strange sensations in the head; unlike any other feeling I had prior to this. I've done quite a bit of reading on SAH, people who've had surgery and those who have not and seems like anxiety, depression and panic attacks can be par for the course. A stressful situation was given to us and our bodies react. Like a post traumatic stress syndrome. Although my doctor gave me a light sedative for the panic attacks, they made me really sleepy. I would rather feel something than nothing. So I decided to just find alternative ways of coping. I remind myself that a panic attack won't last forever. Meditation is really helpful. Find a quiet spot and just take deep, smooth breaths. When your mind wanders, just come back to your breath. I always picture myself at a cottage, sitting on a dock, watching the lake. I'm sure you will find your happy spot Alison
  13. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well and enjoying some spring weather. We had hail here today in Ontario! Crazy! So a little update ... I had a visit with my family doctor, who confirmed my 'flu' like symptoms were indeed withdrawal from coming off steroid drugs. I was on a high dosage and even with weaning off, my body suffered. I have a new found respect for anyone coming off drugs or alcohol. But during that time due to the muscle weakness and pains, I couldn't look after myself properly, so I moved over to my Mum's place (we live in the same city) for a couple of weeks. Feeling much better. I think it helps to surround ourselves with loved ones. I was feeling too isoloated and lonley in my apartment and it wasn't helping the emotional side of my healing. I mentioned in a previous post that I already suffered from anxiety and panic attacks (although I haven't had a panic attack in almost 2 years). I started to feel extreme anxiety last week and a little into this week. Extreme restlessness, couldn't sit still, like I was anticipating something. It was awful and it would last all day. My doc gave me a light sedative in case of emergency. I only took 2 tablets in 2 days and decided I would just have to wait it out. Keep busy, go for a walk, do dishes or meditate. I never thought in my life I would be one to meditate but I found it about 2 years ago in yoga to help me cope with my anxiety and boy has it come in handy! Just being still, focussing on your breath, taking true breaths from the depth of your belly to the top of your lungs. It really does help. There's an Italian expression that I just love ... 'Dolce far niente' - 'the sweetness of doing nothing'. Enjoy the sweet moments of life. The ones that have nothing to do with TV or computers. It could be as simple as sipping coffee and looking out the window Alison
  14. Thanks Tina for your post. My incident was only 2 weeks today. Maybe my body is feeling the trauma for the first time without any meds. My Mom is coming to stay with me today and tonight. If this feeling doens't subside today, we will go to our local hospital. I do have anxiety issues at the best of times, so I'm thinking that's part of it too.
  15. Has anyone heard of sharp, shooting body pains post SAH? Not sure if this is a side effect of coming off steroid meds or part of SAH recovery?? I was woken this morning at 4am with sharp pains moving around my entire body. It has subsided a little but I'm still extremely achy. It was a scary feeling. Nothing like flu or overuse/exercise pains.
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