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Had a SH

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Hello All,

I am back after having my second Aneurysm sorted with coils, during the operation I had a SHbleed so it took longer to do more coils needed, it would seem the aerty was weak,where the second was. At least I was put to sleep for this one,not like the first one I had done 10 years ago.

When I was discharged the doctor said it could take 3 to 6 months to recover.

Have to try and stay positive, patient and try vand do as I am told.

Thanks for all your kind messages before I went into Frenchay hospital, we all need each thankyou.

If this is my second mail on the subject sorry seem to have lost the first mail.

Take care all Love Sonia xxxxx

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hi sonia, when did you have your first bleed? and how common is it to have another one? i have read about people having to go back in hospital for additional coiling. i am very worried because my sah was in june, my scan is in october and im worried they might say i have to go back in for more coiling? bit scared actually. im still getting headaches and dizzyness, not every day, and im not back at work yet. any advice? xx

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Hi Sonia welcome back :) wishing you well with your recovery....take care and rest up...love Tina xx

Debbie...try not to worry...its very early days for you. Good luck for your scan in October...hope you get reassurance all is ok...love Tina xx

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Hi Sonia

Glad that all went well and you're recovering fine - recovery is different for everyone after a bleed and I haven't met anyone who has recovered fully after six months.

Debs, try not to worry too much - every twinge or pain put me into a blind panic. When I had my initial bleed they scanned all over for other anuerysms and found one next to the burst one - they decided to coil both at the same time. The first scan is always a worrying time, but there's nothing but relief when you come out and have been told that everything is fine - stay positive hun.

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