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elaine x


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ihi i would like to introduce my-self, my is elaine and i had a sah on julyy this year.

i still cant get over it and i feel so lost and scared.everybody has been so good but i just fell so tired, frustated and useless. i was so glad that am not alone since i discovered this site.but i just feel theres so many question i would like to ask eg . can i drive, can i go back to the gym and many more. is it normal to feel sick and have pain just above your eye i amm so frightened. i sound just so pathetic so sorry thank you for listening to my moans.

love elaine:confused:

i would like to tell you a little bit about how i realised how i had a sah. it just happened right out yhe blue i was on the phone to my sister and i had this terrible pian on the top of my head then i collasped onto the floor and managed to phone my gp who were all on house calls, so i just took some painkillers and carried on till the next day, when the headache wouldn't go away so i went to my gp and they sent me to the hospital and i am glad she did because the surgeon said i was lucky to make the hospital, so here i am so glad to be alive !!!!!!!!:-D

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Hi elaine & welcome to BTG

To answer the driving question you shouldn't drive until you have informed the DVLA of your SAH. As for the head pain & tiredness its all common after what you;ve h been through & its still very early days so you should be resting whenever possible & drinking lots of water. I certainly wouldn't entertain the gym until a few more months in but you can start by having a gentle walk each day & building it up gradually.

You really do have to listen to your body & take it slowly each day until you feel stronger.

We have lady in Cumbernauld who is away on hols but when she's back I'm sure she'll be happy to chat to you & shes a wicked sense of humour:-)

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Hi Elaine

Warm welcome to the site.....

Your not pathetic its all quite normal..

see your from Scotland I live on the East Coast....

hope this site helps you..

take care

hi louise

so nice to hear from you, i'm glad i can talk to people who have been through this...#

family are helpful but they just don't know what your going through...

not having a good day today!! but i'm alive

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Hi Elaine

Welcome to BTG. You are still very early in your recovery but are doing amazingly well to be on the computer and finding this site! It took me months to be able to sit at the computer!

I'm also on the east coast but I'm originally from Greenock and have family there so I'm still a frequent visitor to the west. As the others have said, at the moment you should be getting plenty of rest and keep up your fluids. I was still sleeping for most of the day when I was a month into recovery but starting with a a short gentle walk is the best way. But you must get advice from your GP about when to start with excercise, I'm assuming that your GP is keeping an eye on you. recovery from a SAH is very individual thing, although we seem to go through a lot of the same emotions. I found the support from this site invaluable in getting through the emotional roller coaster but I also had counselling which helped too.

Take care.

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Hello Elaine,

Welcome to BTG.

You've done so well to be on this site so early in your recovery, it took me nearly a yr!

You need to give yourself time to heal, rest lots and drink lots of water, as everyone will tell you!!

As I always rave on about, read ' a letter from your brain' in inspiration on the home page. That bit of writing made me view things very differently.

We all heal at different rates, it's taken me a year to get to feeling ok, but I do still have good days and bad days. I think I always will.

Your'll gain lots of advice from this site, it's been a god send to me.

I wish you well in your recovery.

SarahLou Xx

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So glad you found us all. Nice that some of the Scottish lasses have spoken to you. I am sure you will find plenty of support and help with dealing with questions about what you must have gone through.

Take care in your recovery, and be kind to yourself.

Love and smiles

Sonia xxxxx

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Hi Elaine and welcome to BTG!!! So glad you found the site - we're all here to help and support one another through our recoveries. There is so much information here and loads of wonderful people who know just what you're going through.

It's ok to feel scared and angry and everything in between! You've been through a very serious and traumatic event - and it takes a good while to wrap your head around it all!!!

Feel free to ask questions, rant and rave and moan! We've all been there and are still here :biggrin:

Hope to hear more from you soon!!

Hugs to you,


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Hi Elaine,

Nice to 'meet' you and good to see another Scottish person on here! It is still very early on for your recovery and everything you are feeling is so normal. The early days are so hard with tiredness and dealing with the shock of what has happened. It will get better. I know it seems never ending at the start but you will improve with time.

As Gill said, another lady, Sally, is from Cumbernauld too & I am sure she will say hi (and undoubtedly make you laugh!) when she returns from holiday.

Best wishes

Michelle x

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Hi Elaine, good to see you have found BTG so early on, I'm sure it will help by reading other people's experiences.

The symptoms you describe are pretty normal following a sah, but if you are feeling overly scared/frightened by any of them, then perhaps a visit to the docs for a chat might be an idea, if only for peace of mind. I visited my gp within a week or two of getting home from hospital because I was so tired and was getting muddled by all the tablets I was having to take! I remember how anxious and frightened I felt when my Dad, who had taken me to the docs, said he was going to wait in the car. Hardly things that would normally concern me, but in those early days it was quite common to feel uneasy and scared. Things do and will get better. I'm not a 'gym' person so can't help with that, but Gill is right about the driving - not that I knew that at the time of my sah, so I drove when I felt up to it, it was only after my second op, a year later that I found out you are supposed to advise the DVLA if you have suffered a sah. In my case they let me continue to drive, but wrote to my consultant for a report, then advised me to have a field vision test at the opticians. A phone call to them, when you feel up to it, should get the ball rolling.

Everyone's recoveries vary, but getting sufficient rest and drinking plenty of water does help the brain recover from the trauma. I wish you well, but don't forget we are here if needed.


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