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Funny Feeling

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Hi All

Just a quick one. I am due the results of my scan in just over a week and recently I have been experiencing the feeling that I am wearing a hat when in fact I'm not. I have read in previous posts that some of you experience strange feelings just wondering if this is one of them. I am 5 years post coiling and will be discussing this with my neuro.



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Sorry Ninja/John

I cannot say that I have had that, just a tight band feeling which scared me.....You'll be ok (as you said get it checked ) better to be safe than sorry as they say,........Sorry I cannot help ,hope feeling has gone soon xxx try not to worry(easier said than done)



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Hey John, I was just wondering about this today.

I've read that people get the feeling of "water trickling down their heads" which I have had a couple of times.

Mostly though these days I find myself reaching up to take my hat off only to find I have already done so (I can't yet go outside without a hat on my head and sunglasses). Sometimes I feel like someone has taken individual hairs on my head and pulled them, hardened up the individual hairs, then pushed them back into my skull. :shocked: It's a very strange feeling.

Even when I am wearing my hat I have to sit it up high on my head 'cause it feels too tight. But the "hat on head" feeling is different from the tight band across my head that I used to feel a couple of weeks ago.

Oh the joys of sharing the infinite variety of head (and other body) sensations post SAH. Thank all that is good that we do have people to share it with.

Let us know what the neuro says about it.

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Hi John

I sometimes have a feeling that I've got a cap on my head - like something is pressing slightly on my forehead but its not painful - find I get it when I've been concentrating too much or frowning a lot (the later I do all day at work :roll:)

Riane, the trickling feeling is the blood being reabsorbed by the body - so my Neuro guy told me anyway - again a funny feeling but not painful - it does pass eventually.

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Yes, I too have the hat on the head feeling although at first it was more like a tight rubber band around my head. I am 2 years post SAH and still get these feelings. I noticed it rather badly on the weekend when my hubby and I were looking at 3D televisions. I commented to him after having been using the 3D glasses that I had the tightening around my head again quite badly. I just put it down to my brain having to cope with the 3D effect. I have decided that 3D television is something that we won't be investing in in the near future as I don't think that my brain will be able to cope.

But I have also noticed lately even though I am 2 years post SAH that I have been getting a lot of headaches behind my eyes and I have been getting very fatigued. Usually I can cope if I am a little bit tired but this is getting to the stage of I am starting to worry and may need to see someone about it.

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Debbie, go see your GP. It's probably nothing but better to get checked and put your mind at ease.

John, I can't remember feeling like I have a hat on. But I've had trickling. And I've had snap, crackle, and pop. Weird little noises kind of like carbonated soda in the back of my head. And in the early months I would have feelings of hot tea being poured over my head. I'm sure the last one was like flashbacks of the procedure where the dye was hot on my head. I wasn't freaked out at the time but that's the only thing I can think of as to why I would get that feeling.

Sandi K.

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Hi john I get the feeling I have a band or hat round my head to. Get it checked out but try not to worry.And the one with pain in your eyes ( sorry can't remember who posted it ) go to the opticians I was getting pain behind my eyes he said they look healthy it is probably because you are always on a computer or phone lol. Jess.xxx

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