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A new look on life, it's wonderful even if it's a little blurry!


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Hi I am Jai ,

My outlook on life changed October 25,2011. It began with a nice morning walk with my husband. I Decided to jog ahead and was struck by a thunder clap headache, thinking it was a horrible migraine! Little did I know I would suffer a whole week of these headaches, before collapsing at work with a SAH. There are two theories the doctors are working on, one is idiopathic sah the other is isolated central nervous system vasculitis. They are treating me for the latter. I have blurry vision,even with new glasses, and left side weakness. I still get headaches. All my migraines used to be on the left side of my head now they are all on the right side. I have days that I feel cloudy, like i am just in a fog, other days I have a headache or I am grumpy for no reason.

The meds the neurologist gave me seem to help with most of the problems. I am so glad that these things are small,especially since they could have been far worse. I'll take the blurry vision and all the rest as long as i am here!

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Hi Jai welcome to the site you're doing well to be back on line so soon. You are really early on in recovery at the moment so be kind to yourself and rest as much as you can plenty of water also is helpful. The first year is often the hardest but recovery can and does continue to happen after that. Any questions feel free to ask always someone around to answer them. look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hi Jai,

welcome to the BTG site. It is a brilliant place for support, friendship, advice and just a great place to sometimes just vent frustrations or fears. You will find that there is somebody somewhere who knows exactly how you are feeling or what you are going through. It really is a great support network. It has proved invaluable to me since my SAH in November 2009 and I would not be where I am today without the support.

Hope to read a lot more from you when you are ready. Well done for coming through so far as well as you have.

Take care and best wishes for the New Year. :-P

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