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Medic alert bracelets or similar

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I know SL has one of these but I wondered if anyone else has one to advise of their sah & coiling/clipping?

I hadn't thought about it before but as my right eye still has a partial palsy my pupil is still blown & dilated (so it looks like I have a bleed to anyone who doesn't know I'm clipped)so in the event that I am unable to pass this on to a medic should I have a bracelet?

I have also been told about this type of bracelet from some fellow US SAH'er s & wondered what you thought?


I am going to speak to the nurse specialist at Wessex about it but would be grateful any views & feedback x

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I love this, really love this. I carry a sheet of typed paper in my wallet with everything a dr would ask you. Started off because I could not remember dates and spelling but since SAH I wanted to wear a billboard around my neck with my medical information on it. My husband did not have his medication card with him when we had to take him to ER over holidays and I of course could not recalll much about his medication. I really love this. Thanks so much for sharing.

Ok, back after researching it a bit. You must get the kind that has a locking system as the biggest problem was it falling off. I found a site that had some that sort of look like they lock but they are not red.


I would worry about my personal information if it fell off my wrist but I think the idea is great. I have seen several news people wearing bracelets and I was wondering that it was weird to show the cause they were supporting. Bill Clinton & Anderson Cooper from CNN look like they wear one.

Ok I see we posted the same site... more reason I should have one. But I did see other models out there that people gave poor reviews because they fell off.

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Hi guys,

I've worn a MedicAlert bracelet for nearly 30yrs.

It gives me great peace of mind that all my medical history is there in an emergency. My bracelet gives the MedicAlert phone number, my ID number and my bracelet states my medical history. I also carry a wallet card with further info on it. The call centre themselves hold even more info, emergency contact numbers for next of kin and other family members etc.

I've never once had any problems with my bracelet falling off over all these years. I did break it myself once but they repaired it quickly.

I'm more than happy to recommend MedicAlert Foundation


Or tel 0800 581 420

Take care,


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Sarah Lou, How often do you or can you change your information? I seem to change medications, condition etc all the time. I also have several medical issues, medicines & allergies. I will check this out further. Thanks for the information.


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Thank you for this thread.

I've just priced up one for myself & Zoe.

Can't believe the savings made by going direct.

Like the Idea of the USB one, but that's an overseas site, would it be compatable in the UK ?

(Might be over thinking on this one)

Why do "Epilpsey & Diabetic Support Groups, maybe others also" put so much money on top??

After all, they must source them from somewhere!!

Thanks for the savings

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I would only get one that looks like a medical bracelet or necklace. I carry the infomation in my wallet but I think that would give me an extra sense of security. I have/ had a bee sting allergy metal one that had interchangable beaded bracelets that I used ( until I got over my freaking out fear and stopped wearing it). But I worry about medical personal not even looking at it if it did not have the medical alert symbol on it. I think the more information you can have on you the better!

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Hi MaryB,

Sorry it's taken me a while to reply to you.

Have you had a chance to look on the MedicAlert site yet? Their items are all quite obvious that they're medical ones.

When I've had a change in medical details I just contact them and they update my records and send me through a new wallet card.

Hope this has been a help.

You can always pm me if you need to.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Hi SarahLou, just had a look at the MedicAlert site and have ordered myself a dog tag, never thought about this kind of thing before but it really makes sense to have something like this just in case cos as we all know you never know what's round the next corner.My 20yr old son also suggested that I get the MedicAlert logo tattooed on my arm a step to far I think:lol:

Take care


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Hi Ron,

Good to hear you've ordered one, I'm sure it'll bring you peace of mind knowing all your medical history is right there if its needed.

Ermm.. Yes.. Maybe a tattoo of the MedicAlert logo is a tad too far!!

Take care and keep smiling,

SarahLou Xx

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