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1 year anniversary today

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Today is the day...it's my 1year date. I've been happy/sad for the last 2 weeks, but my overall mood is happy. Even last week, as I went on two walks, my legs behaved and felt normal. I no longer question that people love me...I used to think my husband was going to leave me on the side of the road when we were in the car...so that's a big step for me. I'm loving life, but not afraid to die anymore. I can handle any suffering after going through a grad 4 SAH...10/10 headache, not being able to move or speak, requiring a feeding tube, slipping into light coma twice, and being conscious the whole time!

I'd like to share a poem to commemorate my day:


My enduring condition eclipses all my judgments

As sunset forbids memories of daybreak;

And as Time softens anxieties, this friend is such an arduous opponent.

Exhausted, we relent at similar rates making the battle no less strenuous.

Yet, I can’t define the outcome or even the battle itself anymore.

Because each triumph consumes all my energy, basking takes flight before greeting me.

Is the next attack feigned or real? Defend, Perry, or Strike?

It’s easy if you know your opponent; mine is hoodwinked.

Goals, manufactured and embraced consume your lifetime.

Choose ambition, or gain, or charity, or challenge, or health-maintenance.

No one chooses to wane or to stop except us;

We watch, wait, seek, and acquiesce comfortably in only questions.

We stand with the dying child, refusing interference.

We hold the hand of the spinal chord injured, negating expectation.

We let a wildfire burn or a lake recede without blaming, disturbing.

We value the mudslide’s shouts of the untamed; dominating what you assumed was yours to lose.

As the world glimpses nature’s pure harmony, the desire to control it increases;

And yet, the gazelle dies under the cheetah without any objection,

Or admirers of the decaying leaves call them beautiful.

If the people could only see themselves as the challenger,

The fight would be defined and relinquished.

We could see then know our minds, bodies, emotions, memories are impeccable.

Kpaggett (Aug, 2012)

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Hi Kris,

Sorry I'm late to the party. But happy anniversary and hope you are well. Yours and mine are so close. Mine was on 7-30-11. You seem to be doing much better. Hang with us and maybe see you at the Ann Arbor Group someday. Your poem was awesome and moving. So I will write a short one for you on your anniversary. Sorry but mine have to rhyme:)

Friends from the same state

Friends who met the same fate

So much on our plate

But not to lose site of that date

Thankful to be here

to carry on to others

our very good cheer

It happened for a reason

for that we don't know

for we are as unique

as each flake of snow

That date that changed us

in many a way

so we wouldn't waste

not even one day

Live each day Kris and stay with us.



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Thanks everyone for all your support :)

Hey, David...I go to the once/quarter support group out on Plymouth road, Ann Arbor. It's not much of a "Support Group" as it only meets once/quarter, but There is always a speaker with interesting stuff to say and a time for sharing. The new ones of course are so anxious so I've decided to try and make it to support them as well.

Maybe we'll meet?


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