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First time thread from an OAP! - Jill


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This is the first time I have ever plucked up the courage to write a message on a computer so please be patient with me. I had my SHA last March whilst chasing a truculent ewe who was having a difficult birth. wham I did not know what hit me,how ever I still manged to deliver the triplets before collapsing.

I thought I had a migrain so did nothing till the next afternoon when I could stand the pain no more. I ended up in neuro centre at the Heath Hospitlal cardiff where I stayed for 2 weeks and had superb treatment. They found the bleed but no reason for it!

Your web site has been the most reassuring help. I am not great with dr's I have kept on trying to find my way round the web site with difficulty I am 69 and a small holder living in the Brecon Beacons. I amde a very good recovery I thought, now I seem to be going backwards, I cannot concentrate for long, I have just been weeding my polytunnel and the pins and needles in my brain are terrible, I keep forgetting things, it seems like an open door I can handle those set easy every day things either side of the door my mind goes blank I stutter and look an idiot. I will stop nowas I dont know if I can send it . Thank you all for being there even if this fails it has helped me just to write it love jillbb

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Hi Jill and welcome! :-D

Don't worry about any mistakes on the website, as we can move things around .... think that you've done brilliantly with your post!

What you're experiencing is pretty much "normal" in terms of recovery and you only had your SAH in March, which isn't that long ago .... May be you're experiencing a bit of a setback at the minute because you're doing too much. The brain has a great way of telling you that you need to take a break ....and let yourself recover for a bit longer.

Do you have any help on your small holding? xx

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Hi Jill,

Nice to 'meet' you here. Your poly tunnels & small holding just sounds so lovely to me - my dream lifestyle!! Although I think I would find the amount of work involved a little bit too much for me now.

It sounds like you have achieved such a lot in the short time since your SAH. I hope reading other posts on here is helping you to see that how you feel now is pretty common after SAH.

Michelle x

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Hello Jill and a warm welcome to BTG. It does take courage to post on a forum for the first time, so well done for doing so well with your first attempt. Hopefully you'll become more confident using the computer and finding your way around this site - being amongst other sah survivors is certainly a great aid in recovery. Having a small holding must be quite demanding and I too wondered if you have some help with it as you may be doing a bit too much at the moment.

Take care,


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Well done Jill!

Feel free to post with all your mistakes as I do even when I think I did a very good job. My areas of weakness are fatigue, reading, writing and memory!

Like the others said, you are doing well for how short of time it has been. I tend to use up my energy too soon and have none left for later. Drink plenty of water and rest when needed. I was doing great at 8 months but when I started more responsabilty I had a major set back. I am almost at one year.

I hope you have some help around you and support. I do not think I would mentally being doing as well as I am if it were not for this website.

Take care, maryb

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Thank you.MAry for you thread I.am over the moon. that I have at last suceeded in sending a thread, Please dont laugh for me it is a great achievement. W dont have broard band,. But a satalite conection as no signal. I have just got a sony. Tablet which I am learning to use hence lots of mistakes, it. Is very slow, but good for reading other peoples. messages. Really made my day,. little things can really cheer.one up granchildren wont believe it!,. Love Jill

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Jill I have spastic fingers so I never use the correct keys so I give everyone an A+ ....I am in the USA so I do not "get" a lot of the stuff you all say over the pond but people are kind enough to fill me in. Good for you! My mother in law got her first computer in her late 60's, way to go!

Have you found the GREEN ROOM. That is a daily chat area about this and that.

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Just do not let grandchildren near computer Jill or else they might break it....I am always breaking hubbys. so He Tells Me !!..lol

Welcome to BTG....and it is good to know you/we are not the only ones who have been through this

Be Well and keep singing and smiling if poss x

Take care and chin up


WinB143 xx

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Hello Jill,

Welcome to BTG, a fantastic family, where you can gain strength, support, understanding, advice and have lots of giggles along the way!

Your'll need plenty of time to heal, have patience and understanding with yourself.

Drink plenty of water, rest as much as you can.

My best bit of advice... Read ' a letter from your brain ' on the home page under inspiration.

I still read it often and I think that I always will.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Hi Jill!

Congratulations on getting 2 posts on here!!! Computers can be challenging and learning new things like navigating a web site are tricky at times! You've done well.

So glad you've found BTG. This site has been my lifeline for a good while now. The people here understand and know what you're going through. So much great information and support, and friendship from people all around the world!

Look forward to hearing more from you as you find your way around BTG :biggrin:

Hugs across the pond,


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