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Snap out of it!

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Kate, in my opinion you should let the position go and concentrate on your recovery.

There will be further opportunities for advancement in the future when you feel good and ready.

Teaching is a very stressful position now and to have the added responsibility of a deputy headship at this present moment in time is probably not feasable.

The last thing you want to do is get the position then in effect let the school down by having to take leave of absence due to ill health again.

Besides which when you are able to return to work you should have a phased return. Occupational Health should arrange that.

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I'm following this thread with interest too. I had a bleed (cause currently unknown) on 14th Nov 2013 and have been left with visual field loss and headaches, although the latter should eventually go away.


I can completely agree with this statement! I'm 27years old and was about to start a new full time position at the beginning of 2014 (with same company I had been working PT for).

I'm currently on sick leave but I'm not sure if I'll ever to be able to work in my current role again. Firstly my visual issues are going to mean I can't drive to work and I live in a village with poor public transport networks, so there is no way of me getting to work.

Secondly the very nature of the job makes it difficult for me to work from home, and thirdly I need good observation skills to do the job well (not sure this is possible with vision loss!). I have no idea what I will do for employment in the future and it is the unknown that scares me! Being unable to drive also means that I'm unable to get to the stables to see and ride my horse (an unrelated wrist injury means I can't ride at the moment anyways) and after being used to seeing him for 6/7days a week and now only seeing him 3days a week when I can get someone to take me to him is hard.

Oh Alison, I can completely sympathise with this. My Freelander is currently sitting unused on the driveway and it is likely I'm going to have to sell it as the cost of just keeping it not knowing if I'm going to drive again can't be justified (I spent over £1000 on it being serviced and repaired last week!).

Tomorrow I'm meeting with a lady from Headway which I'm hoping will be a useful experience.

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Just to let you know ladies that the three month mark is usually when the emotional impact hits and is sometimes called PTSD = Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I suffered from it and like you all I cried at the drop of a hat - sometimes it didn't even have to drop.

Don't fight the crying - let it flow - it actually eased the feelings for me. Definitely get counselling - it helped me no end and that along with BTG definitely saved my life. Counselling will help you deal with anxiety and also help you realise that your feelings are perfectly normal given what has happened and that you have nothing to feel guilty about (surprisingly this will be part of the reason you're crying even if you don't realise it yet!)

Counselling is definitely the way forward and in the meantime - we're all here for you.

Sending you all much love and lots of sympathy.

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Hello guys,

I wish that I could take away some of your pain, frustrations and fears.

We've all trod this path and we know the difficulties, you are never alone here.

It took me 15 months to get back to work, have you looked at the 'back to work' thread? Started by our lovely lady Sandi, it's been a though journey for many of us, but with the support and strength of each other we work our way through things.

Can I also strongly suggest reading 'a letter from your brain' on the home page, under inspiration.

You are stronger than you think guys, give yourself some patience and understanding. Don't be so hard on yourselves.

Big hugs to you.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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I've contacted my local headway office in the hope they may be able to help re counselling. I'm still working through the whole job situation but have more or less decided to let it go - I'm in a good job as assistant head and that's probably more than enough for me to handle when I do go back! I spoke to a good friend this morning who helped me get a bit of perspective. Thanks everyone for all your help. If you can recommend any counselling services in the north west I'd be grateful.

Love Kate x

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Hello Hendo24 - thank you for asking. Ten months later and it really seems like a lifetime ago that I was asking for medical attention while working out at the gym at my company, then an ambulance whisked me away to the intensive care ward.

At about the seventh or eighth month, I began having fewer and fewer headaches. I still get them sometimes, particularly when I am tired, and then I get scared that it is happening all over again.

However for the most part, patience and BTG, got me through those difficult early months. I am in a much better place now. I will always be grateful for this site and all of the wonderful people who post support. May 8 will be one year for me. I am really looking forward to that anniversary. I hope this winter ends by then, so I can have a BBQ bash.

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