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risk of anaesthetic

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I had my SAH over 5 years ago. However I still have another small unruptured anni which is being monitored. I am due to go in to hospital soon for an op (not related to my head) which would require a general anaesthetic. The anaesthetist phoned me yesterday and mentioned that the risk of complications not during but after surgery (ie when I was coming round from the op) were higher because I have an anni. She did not give a % increase in risk but indicated it was small though higher than for the average person. My op would be beneficial to me but it is not urgent nor life threatening if I don't have it.

I am now having second thoughts about going ahead with the op.

Anyone experience something similar since their SAH?


Anne X

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hi Anne

since lin collapsed she has had two g/a and came back through with no problems one including the crainoplasty my thoughts are yes drs do need to take all precautions and inform the patient but the risk I thought would be miniscule if having the op makes your life more comfortable in the immediate future then go for it I think that nothing will go wrong anyway take care and good luck

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Hi Anne I have just been in hospital (5th June) for an Op I fell & shattered my elbow, have to say they didn't say anything to me about it, but then on saying that I don't have an anni there just thought of that:roll:

Good luck

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Hi Anne,

As you may remember I too have an unruptured annie that is being monitored. My sah will be 5 years ago in November yet a year after it happened I had to have more coils put in. This was obviously done under general anaesthetic and there was certainly no mention about any increased risk of any complications after surgery - you would have thought if anyone was aware of any risk, then it would be the neuro team who treated me and would have advised me accordingly. I didn't have any problems at all. In my opinion, I think it is just them covering themselves and inadvertently scaring us to death in the process!

Best wishes with your decision,


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Hi Anne,

A year after my SAH I had op for shunt, I was so scared I told the nurse to tell my family I love them.

I was in cuckoo land and thought I would not make it. I was a wreck.

She/Nurse as promised, stayed with me and came to see me the next day.

I sung to her poor thing lol.

Good luck whatever you decide.

WinB143 xx xx

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Hi Anne,

Although I don't have any untreated aneurisms I thought I'd let you know how I got on with having a general anaesthetic.

I had my SAH nearly 3 yrs ago. Prior to it I had had many operations (9!) needing a general anaesthetic.

I had never had any problems coming out of any of my operations before.

I needed to have surgery this time last year. I was never told there would be any risks but they took a lot of information and asked many questions about my SAH and recovery.

When I came round from surgery in the recovery room I could hardy see, my vision was very vey blurry. This sent me into panic and I could not speak properly or get my words out. This lasted for quite a few hours and sent all the doctors running and they did lots of neuro tests.

Recovery after this op was very different to any of my ops prior to SAH so I know that anaesthetic now effects me very differently since SAH. At the time I said I would never have another operation ever again! Ive had my fair share anyway!

Of course, if I am faced with something again I will deal with it then, at least I and the hospital will be prepared!

You should talk your concerns through with your doctor, hopefully they can put your mind at rest and you can make your decision. As you say, your operation will benefit you, the docs always have to give us the risk factors.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Thanks everyone. I've decided not to go ahead with my op next week though the anaesthetic was just one of the things that led me to that decision. I wouldn't want to make anyone else worry about having an op & getting anaesthetic. I don't think I would worry too much about the effects of an anaesthetic it if I needed an emergency op for something. but I feel that I shouldn't put myself through it just now. Am relieved to have come to a decision.

Best wishes


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I'm with you on this one. I think if I needed one to save my life...no problem, but one that is really just not that big of a deal? No. I've had my share and want no more of it.

These decisions are so hard and require lots of soul searching for what is important in life now that we actually 'know' what can be lost. Most others just take it all for granted and never give it a thought. I think we are better for it, now. We don't see wants as important anymore, only the needs. For most people, they are the same thing, but for us they are so separate and we can see it clearly where others can't.


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