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Pulsating in head during exercise

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Does anyone else get a pulsating feeling in head (back left) during hard exercise (running)? I'm 2 and a half years post SAH and noticed it today. Did a 20 min walk followed by 20 min running, then some light hand weights. Only really noticed it when running, then when weights above head. Am sure its happened before, but noticed it today. Must admit haven't exercised much recently & might have been a tad dehydrated due to heat & a little too much wine this past weekend! Just wondered if anyone else had this???

Thank you

Juliette x

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Hi Juliette,

I find that when my neck is stretched it hurts as I had shunt fitted, so I do as little to do with neck area.

The other day I picked up a heavy bag of shopping and my head/neck felt weird so I wont be doing that again.

I do not drink since anni as I am told drink and smoking can harm you.

I do wish you well and take it easy.

Best wishes

WinB143 xx

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If your concerened see the GP.

I'd just stick to the 20min walk and miss out the running, its something I cant do now run everything pulsates when I do...

drink plenty water, especially in this lovely weather...

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Wow, that seems like a lot of exercise!

I experience a pulsing sensation around my aneurysm area when I've physically overdone it and I also experience it in an anxiety/stress situation, so I know that it's a sign to calm things right down and get my blood pressure back to normal. Once I do get back to normal, the pulsing stops. I still have an untreated neck on this aneurysm, so I'm pretty careful with it.

Any exercise/stress will obviously raise blood pressure and your body/arteries will have to work harder, so it may be the case that you're physically pushing yourself far too hard and need to re-think your exercise program.

Obviously, we can't and don't offer medical advice on BTG, as it would be totally irresponsible to do so. Contact your GP and get yourself checked out for some peace of mind, as that's what I did with this situation.

Good luck. xx

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Thanks for the answers, I'm due to see the Dr again soon, so will ask him then. Will see if it happens again when I go to the gym tomorrow. Generally my blood pressure is ok, but since the SAH has tended to peak & trough a little, but have been given no meds for it so obviously not too bad! In fact was low before SAH! Will update when I've seen the Dr in case anyone else gets this. Need to get fit though!! Used to run a lot before the SAH, and have since. I've probably always had this, but just didn't really take notice of it before. :roll: Bad memory now!!

Thanks again

Juliette xx

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I get this. Also can't do very much before I start to lose co-ordination and become disorientated and have to stop. I just don't do it now. I walk rather than run and when I feel it coming on I stop until the feeling dissipates. It comes whenever I exert myself beyond normal. I've got used to it now but I can do more than I did but the feeling can be distressing particularly when I am in a place I don't know and can feel lost. then I just sit down and wait. Fortunately, I now know what is happening to me and I can recognise the feeling at its onset. Hope this helps.


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