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Wobbly and feel like crying :(

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Hi all

Well I was feeling better and now for 2 days have been nauseous. Was sick once yesterday.

However if I tip my head to one side it feels like everything then moves in my head about a split second later.

Could the hydrocephalus be returning? It is 9 weeks since they removed the evd and a scan 3 weeks ago showed no fluid.

Do othes have this dizziness feeling?

Where do you go for advice..

Thanks xxxx

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Hi Jo :)

If you are feeling dizzy and have been sick I would definitely go and get checked out. It may be you have been over doing things, but I think for peace of mind I would get myself checked out at least by your Doctor or if really worried go back to hospital.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care xx

P.S. Jo could be your tinnitus playing up again? My Dad has it and often feels very dizzy and sick.

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Hi Jo

I get that feeling, I lay in bed and turn over and go giddy, I say out loud to myself "Whooo Gids" meaning I am giddy. I wake hubby up poor thing every night.

I must go to Docs to put my mind at ease and so that hubby has a good nights sleep.

You go and I'll go deal? as I am scared also.



xx xx

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So speaking as someone for whom the hydrocephalus did return I would strongly urge you to check out any changes in sensation or symptoms and yes that includes sickness.

Dizziness and sickness are common effects post SAH so don't fear the worst, chances are it is a reaction to drugs ,SAH healing or maybe even a stomach upset.

So I don't want you to read this and panic, I know exactly how you are feeling right now, but equally my personal experience taught me that ignoring key physical changes isn't a good plan.

My advice would be to phone the ward who discharged you, it should be on your discharge notes , and ask to speak to the registrar. If you feel it can wait until monday then speak to your GP then. Other option is a quick scan via a&e.....I think you know you need to check it out to put your mind at rest that nothing is amiss.

Ps. Win , get yourself checked too. Promise.

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Hi jo, I am now 18 months post SAH, I am trying to get back to my normal way of life. I always rode my horse until my SAH, have had to give up due to balance issues. I have now started driving a small dart moor pony which I love.

Yesterday I went to a competition with a friend, I was fine in morning, by the afternoon, I started to feel very wobbly, I slept in the car coming home, helped her unload, then came home, and had to go to bed for an hour. Felt sick, dizzy and wobbly and tried not to admit it as other half would say I had over done it again.

Dear Jo you are a new girl to SAH. Always go to get medical advice, if you are worried, I have never had much luck with my GP as he always says I was not the sort to have an SAH, reading this site, I would think I was, we all seem to have been very active people, and we all try to get back our previous lives. Unfortunately, every time we over do it, our brain takes control, and says very firmly NO, rest if you won't, I will make you! Nothing we can do, if you can't beat it join it.!,

Love jill

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Thank for advice

I feel a teeny bit brighter today the problem is A and E for the brain problem is,not local but a fair,old drive away so I can't just go when I am worried......

I just wish there was someone to advise (although I am so glad,I found your good selves....!)

If the sickness would go away I would be a happy lady

Am now planning to see ENT privately as I cannot stand this months waiting around. Do,you think that's an idea or waste of money

I can't help thinking the pulsatile tinnitus and thudding in ear must be connected in some way .....

Thanks xxxx

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Hello again. Glad u felt better today, that's good, maybe you did a whole lot less?

Early days for me were full of tinnitus , inner head movements, wierd unexplainable sensations and then course the sickness. woah!

A medical friend reminded me at the time when I expressed how awful I felt that not only did I have a brain bleed but they put a hole into my head and a pipe to deal with the persky fluid build upshot followed. That operation alone is considered a HUGE thing by neurosurgeons as its really entering the holy grail of the brain anatomy, The healing you are doing right now is immense but unseen and is taking massive energy from you. are you eating regularly and enough?

I am at 18 months on and still get hit, like others do, by sudden nausea and dizziness if I do too much. I still have a open prescription for cyclazine for that reason. The tinnitus is with me still but not as loud I'm pleased to say.

But I so want to do so much more... it's tantalising, it feels within reach but I have to continue to be patient, if i dont it bites me on the bum, well actually whacks me in the head. Please give yourself some time and space to heal.

The early days are maddening as the physical symptoms are all encompassing and overwhelming. Do I think a ENT will help? I think getting a follow up with your consultant is the way to go initially and they can refer you if you need it. Not sure where you live but it is fine to call them back up, they just don't tell you you can.

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Hi Jo,

Sorry, I don't think I've said hello to you yet, welcome to BTG.

Can I ask more about your tinnitus and the pulsating tinnitus?? Have you had it since SAH?

My surgery was just over 3 years ago, I had hydrocephalus too.

I had clipping done on the front left side.

I have tinnitus in both ears and a whooshing noise in my right ear.

I wasn't aware of this directly after surgery but to be fair I had so much going on to cope with.

I went to my GP about the tinnitus as it was driving me insane. I also struggled with dizziness , and walked like a drunk.

I was referred to ENT and the appointment didn't take long to come through. They ran various tests, checked my hearing and referred me to have an MRI of my head and neck to make sure nothing else was going on.

They were clear (that was done about a year after SAH)

I was then referred to a special Tinnitus Management Clinic who although they tried to help really did nothing for me.

I was told that I would learn to live with it but errrr 3yrs on and it still drives me bats.

I have recently been having some left temple (surgery side) issues with a pulse / twitch type thing, temple pressure very high, balance is much worse than normal. That's a new thing for me so I'm having some tests done.

Just wanted you to know that you're not alone in this.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Glad your feeling a bit better, why not go see your GP I had to see my GP every 3 weeks in the beginning which was great just asking about this and that was it right should I worry that kind of thing... So make an appt with your GP to put your mind at ease.

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Vertigo was REALLY bad for me at first. Everything I attempted to do threw me into a dizzy turmoil. I felt sick to my stomach all the time.

The hope: It lifted in stages. I only experience it every so often now.

I know how bad it invades every aspect of your life. Are you getting physical therapy for it? There are specialists that can work with you and give you things to do every day to help. They make you feel even more sick when you do them, but they help later.


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