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Worried bending over..

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I had my event on 22nd August this year and have been home for two weeks..or is it 3.

Anyways..I have noticed a discomfort and a pressure in my head whenever I lower my head even slightly.

Is this normal or should I be increasing my codeine dosage to the prescribed amount. I just wanted to try to reduce my intake of painkillers.

Any advice? Thanks

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Hi Catherine :)

I had pain for quite a few months after my SAH surgery. I was told I would for sometime.

Just leaning forward in first few weeks and months was awful !

I was clipped, what type of surgery did you have ?

Speak to your Consultant or Doctor regarding reducing your intake of painkillers or increasing to prescribed amount.

I found I took more pain relief the first year than I had in my whole lifetime !

But I needed it to function.

Its very early days for you. You are doing very well to be posting on here.

Glad you found us :)

Take care

Tina xx

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Hi Catherine

I am allergic to codeine so I just take paracetamol when head plays up.

It is early days for you, look back in 3 weeks time then another month and see how far you have come. You'll surprise yourself.

Always ask Doc about medication.

Keep well and never give up.

WinB143 x

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Hi Catherine,

I had this pressure when my head was below my heart, also feel a bit wobbly like I would fall over. Couldn't look up either, without feeling funny. It does get better, takes time and I found that when I eventually got the energy to do gardening (which was many months into recovery) I also got it & was totally wiped out energy wise.

As for painkillers, I only took Paracetamol/Ibuprofen when I needed it. Although at 3 weeks post SAH I think I used to have them quite regularly... Ask your Dr or the neuro nurse if you're having trouble with the pain.

Take it easy, drink lots of water (I know everyone says this!), Be safe

Juliette xx

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Hi Catherine

So I had to sleep propped up for many months and still have lots of pillows now. I pretend like I'm Barbara Cartland but without all the pink. That said if the pressure feeling is new for you since discharge, worrying you or you feel sick with it then speak to GP or neuro team.

Like Tina I think I took more meds in the first 12 months than my entire life to that point. And I'm not good with pills and potions. Then my neuro nurse said I wasn't doing myself any favours trying to manage on less as the pain was using energy it needed to heal the brain.

So my new mantra is to take I when I need it. Speak to your gp about the best way to get relief from what they have prescribed. I was advised that I could stagger taking two different types together which helped stretch the relief.

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Oh My! You are so early! I wasn't even home at 3 weeks yet! I was told under NO circumstances to bend over or lower my head below my waist! It raises the pressure in the head which can affect your brain. Apparently, especially at 3 weeks, there may still be swelling!

You don't want to do anything so soon that will raise that cranial pressure! No lifting, no "hoovering", no bending over, etc. was the advice I was given at my hospital and at the rehabilitation center.

I wish we all lived close together so we could all sit around together and support one another in person!

Here's a big cyber hug (((((((hug))))))!!!

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I was told by my physical therapist not to bend over for some time even though I didn't have surgery. I felt dizzy all the time, so I really never wanted to anyway. I had out patient physical therapy for about 3 months after being in the hospital for 4 weeks. Be sure to take it easy at first. Also, you do feel vulnerable for quite some time if any symptom occurs with the head and that will get less and less as well.

Hang in there and don't do anything that makes you feel more pain. ie:

Me: Doc, it hurts when I do this...

Doctor: then don't do that.


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Hi Catherine,

Just logged on for first time this week and seen your question. I was just having this conversation with my mum last night - will these headaches ever stop?!

You are in the very early stages of your recovery and I was the same then (had my SAH end of Jan), everytime you look down or dare to lie flat the whole world goes for a spin! I found the answer was to bend the knees, not always easy but does save alot of headaches.

Saying that, I did a load of hoovering on Saturday followed by a days gardening on Sunday with, needless to say, the head from hell on Monday - perhaps I should follow my own advice!!

Take care of yourself Catherine and don't try and do too much, it is all a learning curve in the early stages.

Sarahk x

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It' s been a while since the 22nd August when it happened....I did not need any obtrusive surgery Thank God.

It is still a little uncomfortable bending over. ..feels like my brain is like a water filled balloon.

Felt rotten recently with flu like symptoms. ...a weird electric taste in mouth with slightly numb lips and excessive saliva production. Called doctors and they said it was the classic signs of coming off codeine which I have mostly.

Thanks so much guys for all your lovely words and support.

I am still scared in case it happens again and am reluctant to go anywhere alone or away from a phone. ...when will I be able to put this behind me?

Hugs n stuff

Cathy x


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Did your surgeon give you a nurse to call or a number to ring?

My hubby had a male nurse he could call if any worries.

If you are still worried call surgeon and put mind at ease, be Well Catherine and Good Luck on recovery.

WinB143 xx xx

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Hi Cathy,

I still cannot tie my laces up unless I put my feet on a very raised object, looking under an item such as a bed causes pressure pains in my head (feels like it is being inflated) and it still scares me now. However a lot of my original fears post SAH are now somewhat alleviated. With time it gets better.

In my view I don't think I will ever be able to totally put it behind me but with each week that passes I a very slowly learning to accept it and live with it. I remember when my SAH was fresh and the complete fear and isolation you feel but as I say trust me it does get better!

Keep your chin up! ( not the best way of expressing under the circumstances but you know what I mean)

Good luck with your recovery

Mick x

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