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is it normal to feel this tired?


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i've been schlepping back and forth to the hospital for 6 weeks now and i think it's fair to say i'm ****** exhausted. the house is a complete tip - the kids' bedrooms need blitzing completely but all i want to do is nap at every given opportunity. is this normal? how long does it take to pass? can anyone suggest anything that will pick me up a bit (legal substances only LOL).

how do you all keep your energy levels up? :Yawn::sleep:

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Hi hwyaden,

I find that if I get up and do little as poss I sleep more.

Now if I get up and wash/dress and go to shops I feel more like the old me.

Boredom makes me tired. So off I go to do some washing up ugh I do not want to do it but I need to do it for me even if I do it sitting lol. Sing us a song in Green Room ?

Be Well Hwyaden and hope you feel better xx Give your body a chance xx

WinB143 xx xx

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I agree and stress certainly does make you tired and you've got heaps to cope with.

I would definitely go see your GP and can you get anybody to help you out with the children or do some ironing or house tidying etc just to ease your load?

Never worry about asking for practical help as it's not a failing, as most people are more than willing to lend a hand and be useful to you in a practical way under these sorts of circumstances. xx

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hi sweetheart

you need to try and delegate some of your jobs I felt like that in the beginning is there anyone who could step in to help short term to allow you to rest don't be too proud to accept help if offered one question

are you eating properly or are you snacking or grazing if so you do need to eat a proper meal and I know its hard go to bed early I know you have young in the house but is there anyone who can help you within the family .

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thankyou peeps. i'm reluctant to ask the doc for anything as it will affect my driving. there's no-one to delegate to as it's just me and the 5 kids at home, though i could be a bit stricter with their chores right now!

i'm guilty of living on cornflakes and salad right now - i cook meals from scratch for the kids but can't face eating them myself :oops: so i might have to be stricter with my eating habits.

if my granny was alive she'd swear by a glass of sanatogen tonic :biggrin:

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Better late than never I guess. I don't have a magic potion, wish I did, but I do know getting in the shower every day and getting my self together helps a lot. I get very tired in the afternoons and by 8:00 I am done. I have a small one at home so homework, dinner, etc.. are a must.

I also just started walking slowing on the treadmill. That seems to help too. Little things.


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Hiya. Hows he getting on in rehab?

Well I think having an afternoon nap with everything you've got going on is probably a good thing. Also could you try a little walk when you feel at your most sleepy? Just being in the fresh air can give you energy

I do wonder if the older kids could take on a bit more around the house for you, even the younger ones could take on jobs to clear up a little after themselves, but at the end of the day don't stress it.

maybe have one day when you do lots of cooking and freeze it up, that way it's not as much thought about what to cook.

Lastly have you thought About having something like porridge to start your day, it will release the energy slowly so maybe you don't run out if you're not eating like you were.

Sending good vibes .

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i will have words with the kids - some are pulling their weight better than others :wink:

i'll try the porridge - me and hubby used to have a bowl every morning but i've been stuck on cornflakes since he's been gone. i got a very good recipe for microwave porridge from here last week so i'm going to try that!


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whoops - forgot to update on mr hwyaden :biggrin:

the nurses say he's doing very well but i can't see much improvement as he's always fast asleep when i visit :lol:

the physio's have had him sitting in a chair and have tried sitting him on the edge of the bed but he's not up for that yet.

his trachy is still in but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll take it out later this week. i hate it as it's making his chin so sore.

i've decided to take monday, wednesday and friday off from visiting to give me a break, though i miss him like crazy when i don't go! our 10 year old has acro classes on wednesday so she needs to get back to that and friday is a nightmare as cardiff fills up with a ridiculous amount of traffic so i want to avoid the city that day as it stresses me out and leaves me feeling grotty for the weekend. i;ve got to try and stop feeling guilty when i don't visit. i imagine him lying there waiting for me, which is probably not the case as he's asleep so much of the time :-D

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