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I had my bleed on a Sat afternoon 17/11/12. I was in the pub playing pool. I went very warm, my eyes watered up (not good while your winning a game may I say).

Collapsed in the pub, came to, got up said I didn't feel well and staggered out of the pub (sober) made my way home somehow, struggled to put the key in the door and sat down.

My wife gave the stroke test.(no grip)by this time one of the girls from the local burst in telling the wife i had just collapsed.....999....that's about all I remember about it.

But after returning back to work I have noticed that I get tired very quick. I collapsed again at home just over a week ago., my doctor this morning has just signed me off work for 2 weeks with a return to work fitness note (which work need )with limited hours.

Feeling rather useless at the moment because i aint earning...ho hum

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A very warm welcome to you bigblue60 :)

Glad you found BTG.

This has happened to others on here too, when trying to get back to work too soon.

Your body is telling you to slow down.

Thank goodness your Wife knew the Stroke tests and got you to hospital !

It's a good thing the Doctor has signed you off to rest and then go back with reduced hours.

I know its frustrating but rest rest rest :-D

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Take care,


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Hi BigBlue60,

I was cooking a curry in 2009 and I woke up properly in 2010.

Suffice it to say the curry was over cooked as normal.

Seriously though. Take your time BB and listen to Tina xx

We on here are the lucky ones even though we do not feel it at times.

I wish you well and give your brain time to heal.

Welcome to BTG



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Hi BigBlue60,

I had my SAH in July this year and tried to go back to work way too soon. I did have a return to work plan and was gradually increasing my hours, but I have had to cut right back and am only doing a couple of days a week at the moment.

Every time I feel frustrated I come onto BTG to hear the 'it takes time', 'be kind to yourself', 'you're doing so well' mantra and then I feel reassured and less alone again :)

I'm glad you have found BTG, there are some wonderful, supportive and lovely people here.

Lots of hugs

Julie x

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Hi BigBlue,

I had mine in Apr this year and started back part-time from home in Aug and then at the end of Sep I worked 4 days in one week and I suffered for it. On top of the weather coming in and working long hours I had a headache for 2 weeks, along with a case of the dizzies, and exhausted.

Just today I feel semi normal. We do what we can physically do and it is frustrating. You are not useless just tired.

There is a person I've known for years that has lived a life of "poor me and life is so unfair and what did I do to deserve this." Frankly, I am quite sick of hearing it. She cannot keep a job, lives off the kindness of others, gets up at noon, and wonders why she cannot get a break.

The reason I tell this story that even though she COULD have so much she chooses to live life uselessly. You, and others on BTG, CHOOSE to be people of substance and work hard to get up in the morning and do the best we can.

It takes character and courage to want to be better. Rest. Your strength will come back because you want it.

Okay, off my soapbox.


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thanks for all the messages.the hope and support is outstanding.i look normal so in the eye of most im fine.please let me know if you disagree or agree.

i have given myself a "classification".....i think my brain is writing cheques my body cant cash.....i have no stamina i cant complete a task without bordom setting in.but ive set myself a task.it may mean nothing to most....but when i got married i had a motorcycle (so close to me it hurt)

i still have it...its in disrepair but im on with it.i want it up and running by may next year (my 25th anniversary) i think this is a good plan

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Hiya Big Blue and welcome. Glad u found us.

It's a strange thing to look the same but know it all feels a bit different.

I decided the other day that my brain has switched across to solar power post SAH, the problem is as we all know those solar battery cells use energy much quicker and lose power faster than traditional ones do so it means I can't do everything I used to at the same speed or with the same approach but I will get there, so will you, just take some time and you know what? Enjoy every moment of doing that bike up. Just enjoy it. :-D

Work? Be practical about what effort you can expend, not sure what u do and if its possible maybe u need to talk about reducing your hours temporarily, financially that might be tricky but things can always change again. most employers will find a way to get it to work....

Main thing. Take care.

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Hi Dave and welcome to BTG! Listen to everyone on here: TAKE IT EASY! It's very hard having an invisible disability, for that is what it's called. It's very hard to do but you must learn to pace yourself. There is no use forcing yourself to do stuff because you'll just crash and burn. I did that for AGES and still do occasionally, but it gets better ;) All the best!

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Dave alias BB,

My hubby was told by occupational therapists that I'd be better off in a home and I would never walk again.

Thank goodness he said "no way" as I had a shunt fitted and I came back to the land of the living again.

I remember talking and singing with my sisters and I thought "If I can tap my feet, I can walk".

I asked my hubby for a zimmer frame as a Christmas pressie which I got and I walked a little way with it.

Then I got walker with wheels, now I walk 60/100 yards. All bent over but it's walking.

So you get your bike done and I'll do a tap dance, deal?

Keep Well


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hi all......im back in work but doing a 8 hr day (10am-1800pm)...even that is tiring.

but the good thing is the gods at DVLA have gave me back my hgv liesense back.:-D

for those that know what my hobby/task is i'll post up some photo's when i get them off my camera

i bid you all fair well till im on again

dave..(bigblue)......im good with bikes.you better take some lessons ......

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Oh you need to slow down! I too rushed back to work and it kicked my butt. I get the income thing but you need to take care of yourself first!

Rest is so important. If you are tried and headaches come on your brain is over worked. I overworked mine to the point of having black outs thinking I could over come this with harder work and mind you I thought I was taking it easy!

My thoughts are until you resume your everyday home activities at a good steady pace you are not fit to even think about working yet. This is hind site that I learned the hard way!!

Let that head heal and you cannot hurry it up! It heals on it's on time. Good luck it will come in time. Maryb

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