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Hello Behind The Gray!!!... I should have done this ages ago


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Hi BehindTheGray (especially Karen), I've been "watching this board for a good while now but unfortunately my memory is not what it was (I bet a few of you know what that's like), so I could'nt remember my password. I've decided now to give everything that needs a password the same password.

I had an SAH in December of 1999, so I missed that Christmas and the Millenium celebrations...apparently I had a grade four haemorrahge, so I'm really lucky to be here to share my "story".

I'm now getting on for 8 years post SAH and my life has changed completely, but I no longer hanker after what could have been and I'm making the best of what we have (I say "we", because I guess this has happened to my whole family, not just me), my husband and daughter and sister have been incredibly support as have a number of friends and the Best Mother In Law a girl could ask for.

Some of you might have seen me on This Morning a few months ago with Fern & Phil (yes he does smell of imperial leather soap). I'm very involved with Different Strokes, both as a volunteer and an active member of one of the exercise groups.

I've really valued the support I've recieved by becoming part of Different Strokes, but I often feel "left out", out of a group of between 40/50ish members I'm the only SAH survivor, I've really enjoyed reading your postings and feeling "not so alone", lots of you are similar in age to me or even younger. There is also the age thing, I'm still one of the youngest members of the group I attend despite having been regularly attending since I left hospital. I would love to have contact with stroke survivors of my age!!! Also...nobody I know "lost" time, I was out of it for pretty much two months. Anuersym ruptured on 4th December 1999 and my first clear memory (although there is some hazy stuff in between) is February 2000, just in time for my husband's 40th birthday and our wedding anniversary.

I hope I have'nt droned too much for a first posting, I guess I just wanted to "get it out" and introduce myself.

Best Wishes To All

Julie C

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Hi Julie and hooray! welcome at last! :D Thought that you'd never post!! :lol: So glad that you have...

Passwords are the bain of my life, so know where you're coming from...I forgot my password to Tesco.com this evening and it took me about 10 attempts.....I've now written them all down in a little book....so just hope that we don't get burgled.....as they would have access to most parts of my life! :lol:

I thought that you did really great on "This Morning" with Phil and Fern and I posted on these MB's to say that you were on. I regularly go onto the Different Strokes Website, view the posts and make the odd comment, it's a very good site.

I must admit that I wasn't told that a SAH was a stroke......it was only when I was trying to access info after I set the site up, that I found it out.

Julie, were you coiled or clipped?.....it's always great to hear from people a few years down the line and how they've coped, so you're expertise will be welcomed here.....

Any joy on the exercise/gym front? Like I said before on DS, wish you lived closer, then you and me could be gym buddies .....

It's really good to have you on board ...... I'm just catching up on today's posts and caught yours..... really pleased to see you..... :D

K xxx

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Hi Julie and welcome.

I know what you mean about passwords! They say you shouldn't use the same password for everything but you need them for so many things these days and if you used a different one for everything ....

The other day, I completely forgot the alarm code for my office. I just stood there staring at the panel. Good job I was about to leave and not stood there first thing in the morning with the alarm going off! :lol:

I saw you on the telly with Fern and Phil and thought you did really well.



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Hello Again You Lovely Lot!!!

I thought I'd check my email before I left for DS today ( I do Tuesday and Thursdays), I knew I'd done my grocery shopping (on-line) but could'nt remember when it was due.

What a lovely lovely welcome. Thank you for you positive comments about This Morning Keith, very nice of you!!!

Karen, I'm still too heavy, but tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my lighter life (no pun intended, I'm not doing that cardboard and chemical thing). My son recently did the London 10k run for DS and I'm now totally motivated, I think if I work at it I could walk that far in 12 months (if I lose a few stones). I went to the shops yesterday (unusual for me since SAH, I mostly shop on line) and bought a new outfit (got my daughter to chose, I just don't know what's trendy anymore). It was'nt as scary as I was anticipating, I even tried the stuff on so next week I'm going again to get new trainers for this "run", though I'm more likely to hobble the course than run.

Oh don't I drone...

The SAH... anuersym burst on 4th December 1999 on 7th December it was clipped, unfortunately I got an infection in the bone flap and had to have that removed (what a horrid Christmas for my family) on 26th December. On 11th February 2001 I had cranioplasty (suppose that's the only cosmetic surgery I'll ever have) and you would never know, fortunately my scare is just behind my hairline and for every op (three I think) they went in on the same place) and see by your temple you have a little groove (well I do), they've even made that in the metal plate.

Still droning...

Initially, though I don't remember I was all left side affected and I had a feeding tube for a while (only Xmas I've ever lost weight), but I don't remember not being able to use my left arm. I use both hands very well and have no speech problems but I do have weakness in my left foot still, well all below the left knee really. I try not to let it stop me doing "stuff". I've been since about 18 months post SAH and not just around the corner, I've attempted to do stupid things (climbing up and down 250 steps in Croatia in the hottest weather I've ever been in (over 40C). My husband checked out the terrain first and I heard him tell our daughter I'd never make it (I thought he knew me better than that)... Had a strop, took ages but made it down to the beautiful clear waters. Getting back up was equally difficult and I crawled on my hands and knees for the last twenty or so steps, but I did it (and cried when I did).

I've already mentioned my short term memory is hopeless, but I'm working on it, I write lists and use post its (I've tried to use a diary but can't get to grips with it). Calendars don't seem to work for me either. Last year I only forgot one birthday :) ... This year everyone I should send a card to has got one...

Right Right, that's enough for now, I need to hit the carpark (M1).

Thanks again Karen, I only wish I'd not left it so long!!!

Julie C

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Hi Julie

Welcome to the site, I always wondered why a Sah wasn't a stroke, I did ask in hosital and they said no, sooo confusing, (glad when I saw Karen posting some info) I did lose time as well, about 1.5 weeks although have tiny flashbacks the rest gone completey.

I have just had to get a new pincode sent out for my bankcard.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Aine xox

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Hello Again You Lovely Lot!!!


Thank you Aine, Rince & Sami for your lovely welcomes.

I really can't believe I left it so long to join, you're such a friendly bunch and I'm hoping one day I might meet some of you (is that a bit forward?) to swap "stories" and laughs and share a bottle of wine maybe?

Just for the record, today I've checked at least four times to see what time Sainsburys are bringing my food fags and vodka this week.

I'm really trying hard to "help myself" with this memory thing with notebooks, diaries, post-its etc., but if any of you have any tips please pass them on.

Thank You So Much

Julie C



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Hi Julie,

Don't think that the fags and vodka are going to help any with your training! :lol::lol: Naughty girl! :lol:

Read on DS that your son had taken part in a run.....so good on you.....I can just about walk around the block at the mnute.....not so much physical but more mental I think ... mind you, re: Croatia trip, you sound as beligerent as me and if I'm told that I can't do something....then look out! ... I can be ****** minded ..... :lol:

I'll definetly look forward to sharing that bottle of wine...... :D

Glad that you're with us....

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Guest Cathy

Hello Julie,

I'm a newish person to the site and I can honestly say they are a really friendly bunch even when you have a moan :lol: so welcome :P

I have a dreadful memory and in the end I bough a electronic diary take it every where with me. People have got use to me taking it out and jotting things down :D I can even work it but I didn't get the most difficult one :)

Good on you for going with the gym just thinking about it makes me tired so I'm off to bed :lol:

Take care,


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So Sorry Karen

You know now!!!

I love chocolate, fags and vodka. And then there's the dreaded sex mania since the SAH (my poor husband).

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life...10am I've got my free voucher to join WW and I've ordered new trainers on line...that's another of my problems (internet shopping)...

Sainsburys dot com delivered this evening (there was a bottle of stolichnaya and some B&H) WW dinners, lots of fruit, mineral water and muller lights (oh how boring next week is gonna be). I wont be able to do my first walk until Monday. Friday I'm having a new hair-do (colours and cut and liposuction), Saturday we are going to a 50th birthday party in Rugby and staying over, so part of Sunday will be spent in the car travelling home and recovering from a hangover (he will anywayz).

I've just read a really inspirational book about women who've had hemorrhagic stroke, I'm gonna move on. I don't know about giving up smoking, but I do intend to lose weight and drink only (below the limit) at the weekends from now. Did I offer to lend you the book???

All The Best


x x x

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Honestly, Julie you are a case! :lol:

So, .....do the Muller Lights, mineral water and the bags loaded with fruit counter balance the Vodka and the B & H's? :lol::lol: At least you ordered your trainers..... :lol:

With the new hair-do, Weight Watchers, healthy eating plan (which doesn't normally involve Vodka, unless it's a new fad diet!) and exercise......sounds as though you could be a new woman in a few weeks...... :lol:

Joking apart, I really hope that it gives you a boost ..... You'll have to let us know how you get on with it all.... :)

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Hi there

Welcome to the site nice reading your entries.

I had my SAH the month before you, I didnt miss Christmas or entering 2000 however I dont remember it at all.

Sounds like you have a great family around you, and lucky thing having a brill mother - in - law.

I spent 5 weeks in the hospital which I dont remember then months in the rehab hospital which is hazy still now, I have no recolection of anything but still.

Well rattled enough

Take care


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Hey there

Can I ask Julie, did you stop smoking at all after your SAH? What did the Docs advise you? My neuro guy kind of endorsed the fact that had I not been a smoker my situation could have been a lot worse ie the fact that my blood was thicker and stickier stopped it rushing through my brain and only dribbled out of the ani instead. He's advised to me at least try and cut down and that if I carry on smoking my chances of another bleed will increase slightly but I'll still be in no more danger than anyone else on the street from having one. Yet, I know there are some on here who have been told NEVER to smoke again.

Just wondered really.

Sami xxx

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