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Can you describe your fatigue?

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As a matter of interest, can anybody describe their fatigue and how it affects them physically? I describe mine as enhanced dizziness when bending down, affected vision ....can't focus up to things close to me.....flu like body aches, neck tension and as though my head weighs a ton....can't walk very well and tend to trip easily....can't find the right words or hold a conversation very well...

I've had another couple of days of this .... but is it just me and some problem with my brain trying to find a new route.....it's almost as though I've been disconnected from the mains supply.....

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Guest Cindy

I too have alot of neck tension, and always am a little dizzy when I stand up. I am pooped at the end of a day,even if Ive done nothing. I take alot more naps than I ever did before.

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Heather describes her fatigue as 'an overwhelming urge to sleep' and 'it starts in my head then spreads throughout my body'. She also says 'it doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing.There is no arguing with it, it just takes over and I start to sink'. Other words she has used are leaden, heavy and absolutely ****** well knackered!!

Time for breakfast so I am off!


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Hi there

Mine just appears from nowhere. One minute I'm fine and then the next I just have to sleep. The only warning sign is the vice like gripping sensation at the back of the head which tells me I've done too much without resting. Feel really heavy headed but no visual problems.

Hope this helps

Sami xx

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Hello Again,

My fatigue hits me like Sami's.

In the early days I had to take to my bed for the afternoon. Often I'd go upstairs to use the loo and feel exhausted and climb back in to bed and sleep for two hours.

I'm seven years post SAH now and I find so long as I don't let myself get too tired (or drink too much) and go to bed before 11pm I can manage a full day now, I never get up before 8am though.

Apart from the mental tiredness I get physically tired too... I wonder is that due to the effort we have to put in to get on with our daily lives??

I think the best thing is to listen to your body, if it's saying "I'm tired", then rest.. :)

All The Best

Julie C

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Hi Karen,

Mine's seem to be different depending on what's going on just now its a continual tiredness because I'm so tired I forget easier my balance & walking is more difficult than normal.

I have a lot of the same things as a friend of mine who has MS/ME which is weird but then its all to do with the brain isn't.

bye just now

I hope things will be on the up direction again soon.

Hugs, Louise.xxx

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Hi Karen

I think I had the same type of aneurysm as yourself and am now 18 months post coiling and still suffer from severe exhaustion. I am continually being given false hope by feeling really well and then I wake up one morning feeling terrible ie flu like symptoms, jelly legs, the shakes, nauseous and basically too knackered to do anything. What really gets my back up is that I wasn't told about this when I left hospital, it was left for my poor old GP. When I went for my check up I mentioned it and was told that if you break your leg when it heals you could have permanent arthritis as an after effect so when you have an aneurysm an after effect could be exhaustion. (Not very helpful)

I have recently had two good weeks but last weekend felt terrible, was a really miserable but not too bad now, fingers crossed it lasts.



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I often feel slightly nauseous when I get tired. Have just spent 2 weeks feeling really wiped out. When I get tired, I get a headache, my neck and shoulder stiffens up and is painful. I feel very tired, and a bit pathetic. I find it hard to get my words out, or to think straight. I also get a throbbing ache in my groin, where they entered to do the coiling. I'm occasionally a bit wobbly on getting up, then I'm usually ok. Once I need to sleep it is pointless to try to stay awake. I do sometimes, when I am at work and then I just end up feeling *really* rough.

I know that sounds like a long list but I can go for ages, or the above stuff can be really mild, as well, if you see what I mean.

Am feeling a *lot* better today :)

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Hi Guys,

I Generally know in the morning how I'm going to be. When I have proper, fatigue I feel as though my limbs are filled with lead or i'm strapped to the bed and it is really difficult to move. When I've proper fatigue and not just tired my nose hands and feet get really cold. I was always a very warm blooded person. My head also feels quite woolly.

My fatigue has defintely improved or I'm learning to manage it better. Like Heathers if I was out a wave of fatigue would hit me and I would need to sit down there and then. Whilst fatgue still bad I'd say its at least 70% better than it was before.

Ps I'll also add irrated and bitchy

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When I am tired, I notice that I get weakness in my right leg, dizziness and vertigo. Oh and I just need to sleep. I find if I can get in bed before 10 pm and have an afternoon nap I am fine, but if I can't then I usually feel exhausted by 4 pm. Oh and did I mention iritated and bitchy?

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Like my twinni, it comes upon me completely out of the blue, but once it hits is irresistable and I simply have to sleep. Sometimes for as little as 15 minutes, other times for as long as two hours. Not enough sleep has exposed me, lately, to some severe achy pains in the neck/back of head -- never a comfortable feeling post-SAH. Joan

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