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Forever Ill!

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Is it normal to pick up every virus going after suffering an SAH? Would it have affected my immune system that much.

Im a teacher and I do come into contact with a lot of germs but since returning to work in September I have been unable to shake off a nasty cold and cough virus. I begin to get better and it returns only to enhance my feelings of tiredness. I used to be quite healthy and rarely missed work. Feeling a bit selfish now, as I know how lucky I am to be able to return to work after such a major illness but...........

I suppose I just want to be reassured that I will get stronger over time. But no one can really guarantee that. I will know myself in time!

Feeling frustrated!

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Hi Shellie,


I didn't come round properly until I had a shunt fitted. 


The last thing I remember was cooking a curry for hubby he brought in the wine and I 

never got to have a glass.


A year later they fitted my shunt, all was well apart from odd cold and being told I'd never 

walk again, well I am walking short walks, a big fat bot sticks out as I waddle along but to

be honest every day gets better for me.


So never give up hope you will get there, it's a long haul but together we can do it.


Good luck and welcome to BTG.

All the Best


Win xx

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I suggest you see your doctor as some bugs appear to go away then rebound which is what appears could be happening to you. These types of bugs often need a helping hand to send them on their way permanently if treatment is appropriate.


I used to work in a school and my resistance was and still is quite hardy, no change at all.

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Thanks all......I have taken a day off of work. I feel a bit guilty but the consultant told me to listen to my body and that's what I'm doing. We all know that health has to come first.

Will make a doctors appointment in the Christmas holidays. Maybe a blood test is needed. I know plavix can cause anaemia in some people. Best get that checked out.

When I read other people's experiences on here, it does help me to realise I am extremely lucky and things will improve.

On a happier note, I put up my Christmas tree on Saturday with the help of my lovely daughter. That was something I couldn't do last year!

Thanks again for you comments and suggestions.x

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Hi Shellie,

Since SAH I do find that when I get colds and things they do really seem to knock me for six.

Last year my GP signed me off work for a week under strict instructions for complete bed rest, and she meant complete bed rest! It was tough to do but I did as I was told (that's rare!!)

I changed career nearly a year ago and now work in a hospital, I spent the first few months getting one bug after the next, mentally and physically exhausting.

I do have the flu jab every year, have done for many years now.

I'm glad that you and your daughter got to decorate the Christmas tree together, that's wonderful.

Well done for listening to your body and taking the day off work, I hope that you're feeling much better soon, a visit to the GP for a full check up is a good idea, it'll give you peace of mind and maybe some answers to some questions.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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I believe your body is still healing from your injury and you will most likely be susceptible to more "bugs". Body is working hard to heal so your immune system takes a bit of a beating. Your are like the child that goes to school for the first time and comes home with every sickness. You will build those immunities back up with time.

Happy you put your tree up. I know what you mean about last year. I was sick and did not do as much either. I do hope you have a wonderful holiday this year!


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