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Nat Baker

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Hi Everyone!


My name is Nat, I'm 27 years old from Cardiff in South Wales.


I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage on October 10, 2014 and had metal coils inserted into my brain to treat it. I had a lot of side effects at first, but I have generally been making good progress with my recovery; I have had to return to hospital for a lumbar puncture to ease the pressure build-up in my brain, but all other side effects are slowly improving.


I have been generally positive since the start of this experience, and I realise how lucky I have been, so I haven't been feeling depressed or angry, like some of the literature tells me I might. However, this week I have been feeling really down, and I feel like I've got no-one to talk to really who understands. This is why I've joined this forum, as I'm hoping to chat with people who are going through the same thing as me.


I don't mind chatting about things other than the haemorrhage; sometimes it feels like that's all I talk about!

I look forward to chatting with you all soon :-)

Nat x

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Welcome to BTG!


I've got the video and the T - shirt.  My experience was exactly yours - coiled, lumbar puncture, headaches, fatigue, short-term memory loss.  It's been four and a bit years since mine and I am still recovering even now.  I went back to work but have since retired.


I, like you, read the material and felt it didn't quite fit the bill.  I'm glad you are taking the positives but even then there will be 'down' days.  It's natural and as they say 'normal' to feel this way.


Progress will at times feel frustratingly slow - but progress it will be.  If you keep a diary of how you feel and what you can do, you will be amazed at your progress over a period of time.


We're always here and nearly everyone has something different yet similar to report - the brain is indeed a complex thing!  Feel free to come on here and discuss things - have a look around the site, play by the forum rules and you will get so much from liaising with others who have been in the same boat, like me!


Once again, welcome!



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Nat!  Welcome!  You will be so glad you found this site.  I started by searching for some of the seemingly "off-the-wall" symptoms I was experiencing after by SAH in July and I found so much comfort here.  Everything that was worrying me was experienced by somebody on this site.  I was coiled but had 2 additional aneurysms that had to be "clipped" so they wouldn't rupture.  I also had a shunt installed to drain any excess fluids in my brain.  It's been a road...I won't lie to you.  But...coming here has been a saving grace.  You will meet wonderful people that really do understand what you are going through and you can easily discuss your worries.  


Listen to your body and your head.  If you feel you need to rest, do it.  Remember your brain experienced a kind of "direct assault" so it will take quite a while to heal.  You will have to be honest with others when you need rest or a little more quiet or a little less bright lights.  My husband and older son were with me every step of the way.  My husband sat beside my bed in the hospital for 6 1/2 weeks - every day, and I still often feel that no one understands me.  I know they really can't so that is when I come here and read stories or chat in the Green Room.  The Green Room might be fun for you as it is more light-hearted and people go there each day just to chat.


Take excellent care of yourself.  Don't push yourself too much.  All in good time.  Hope to see you on here again.


Carolynusa - Oh!!!!  Happy Holidays! Relax and enjoy the good feelings from them.   

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Hi Nat,  a warm welcome to Behind the Gray,  a great site for meeting people who have had the misfortune of having a sah yet are willing and able to offer friendship and support to others who find themselves in a similar situation.  The combined experience on here is vast and varied, although there are a lot of common themes when it comes to recovery, which you will become familiar with as you read through the threads and posts.  


You are still in the early days since it happened and there will be good days, but I don't think anyone escapes those 'down' days which have a habit of creeping in from time to time.  I had my fair share of those and the other thing for me was the "tiredness" - just when I thought I'd cracked it, it was back a vengeance!  It all takes time for the brain to repair and the blips along the way are a reminder that it is still healing and will do so in it's own time!


As has already been mentioned, the Green Room is a good place to go for general chit-chat.  


Take care,


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Hi Nat,


It's early days for you yet, I like some others had hydrocephalus after my SAH which left me in cuckoo land.


You seem to have that fighting spirit so you'll be okay xx


I wish you a speedy recovery and when possible always smile. 


This site is good for us as we need to share any worries we may have.  No stress my neuro told me.  so keep stress free when possible.


Look back in 4 weeks you will see you have improved every time you look back


I wish you a happy Christmas and all the best in recovery.


WinB143 xx xx

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Nat_Baker1- I wish I had found this place earlier than I did.  In the beginning I found myself feeling like no one understood, and they can't. But people here can and do understand. I was lucky that I had a brother-in-law that had a severe TBI, so I was able to talk to him. He helped me understand that what I was feeling and going through was "normal". My 2 year anniversary will be in Jan. 2015. In some ways it seems like a life time ago and sometimes it feels like yesterday. I wish you luck!!! 



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Good Morning and welcome Nat!


I'm from Swansea :D I had a SAH in March 2014 and had it coiled two days later in the UHW in Cardiff. Like you I haven't had any depression and only a little bit of anger which subsided very quickly. This site is excellent for eveything you want to know about SAH and the side-effects, pains etc that go with them. Your recovery looks like it's going really well. Have a good Christmas! x

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Welcome Nat. Take care in your early days, oh those yucky lumber punctures are no walk in the park so hope you are feeling ok with after effects.

Try sleeping a little more propped up, helped me in the early days. Feel free to Ask about the niggles and odd feelings we get post bleed and any grey days will pass but cry if you feel like it, hit a pillow also if you feel like it and reach out if it all feels a bit strange as we will try and help.

I have lots of family in your Neck of the woods so hope that you are getting plenty of good sea air when you are able to.

Take care.

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