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Lisa's SAH - 27th November 2014


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It is 6 months down the line & only now deciding to share.

I finished work on a Thursday & felt a heatwave in my head which reached going down the back of my neck! I managed to speak to my husband who came, picked me up and took me to A&E.

They scanned me & told me that I had a significant bleed with minimal effect. An ambulance then took me to the neuro unit who informed me that I had a ruptured cerebral aneurysm.

I have read a lot of entries onto this site and I do identify with everyone: headaches, fatigue, intolerance of noise.

My worst trait was trying to be normal as soon as I left hospital, as everyone thought I was okay and'when I went backwards, I don't think anyone believed me!

My parents, sister, husband & daughter ( they have been incredible), but I don't want to worry them with my headaches etc.

I work for the NHS and I think they would like me to return as soon as possible, it is a very busy job and at present I can't cook a meal without help.

I wish I could explain the feeling of being childlike and vulnerable after SAH x


(Posted by Admin on behalf of Lisa)

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I think we all try to return to normal asap, takes a while to realise that normal may never be the same again.


I understand the feeling of vulnerability, I am just starting to feel less so, am coming up to 4 months post bleed. I have returned to work all be it only for 3 hours! Don't go back too soon especially if you have a busy job. My first 3 hours were fine, I just felt it when I got home and am a little worried about 2 x 3 hour shifts this week.


One common thread on this site is that other people look at us and think we look fine. Yes we look fine but it's what's going 'behind the grey' that counts to us.


Take it slow, drink plenty and be thankful for the family support you have - also a common thread - wonderful supportive families.


Clare xx

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Welcome to BTG 6 months is still early days after a bleed, I am nearly 1 year down the recovery road and still have problems,


You need to make sure you are up to returning to work, I know they want you back asap, that's not how it works though.

Your body and your brain have been through a massive trauma, they need time to heal.

Drinking plenty of water and making sure you have plenty of rest when you need it, this does help the body and brain.


I know what you mean about trying to be normal when you came out of hospital, I was in a wheelchair as my left side

was affected by my bleed, I was using crutches within 5 weeks I was silly because I fell, broke my wrist and had to have it

pinned and plated, that knocked me for six.


Take all the time you need there are no quick fixes for this, time is what it takes,

I am nearly 1 year into my recovery and although I have more good days now than bad,

I still have bad days, dizziness and headaches are common with us all.

You will get there though, this site offers so much insight and support its the best thing I ever did,

I hope you can benefit from it as much as we all have. :)


All the best on your recovery journey


Michelle xx

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As others have said Lisa and you may have read on here also, baby steps firstly and water and so on.


You also need to have laughter and feel like this "Yeah I made it" as we know a lot do not make it.


We are so lucky, perhaps it is a little early for you to feel lucky, but honestly you will look back and say in a month or 2 "wow I had a good morning" or even a day.  Take it slow at first and rely on Family to help you if needed.


Smile every morning and at bedtime and eventually you will feel a smile appear naturally. xx


Good Luck on your recovery and I owe you a song so beware ha ha xx


WinB143 xx

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Hi Lisa, and welcome to BTG.

I'm sure you'll have read lots on here about the after effects of a SAH. Try to remember to be kind to yourself. See if you can keep a diary, either on here or privately, and I'm sure it won't be long before you can look back at it and see how much progress you have made. Yes, there are ups and downs on your road to recovery, and you may not be quite as you were before your haemorrhage but you need to measure against your new normal, think back to the early days after the SAH and see how far you have come! Don't rush the return to work as it will only backfire on you and your employers.

See if you can be referred to an occupational health specialist through work as it can help to have someone on your side. This applies to protect you from yourself as much as from the hopes of your employer! Hopefully the NHS will be accommodating and helpful. Baby steps are best, even though I think we can all relate to our reluctance to be treated like a child. :)


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Hey Lisa


I think maybe we've all tried to be 'normal' (whatever normal is) at some point but just doesn't work.


You should tell them (hubby, parents ect) how you really are otherwise they aren't going to know, if your trying to act ok but are not then they're never going to know just how you are, take it from me talking is not just good but therapeutic too.


see if you can get councelling through your GP.


Be kind to yourself, wishing you well, take care

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  • 1 month later...

Only now looking at these comments & thank you all for your advice. I am waiting for counselling & to see a neuro psychologist, but 9 month wait. Had my follow up 6 month scan & seen by consultant, no new aneurysm (yay), there is extra flow going into base of aneurysm but not enough room to put another coil in as could protrude into the artery.


Still not back in work as I have a job which involves a lot of multi tasking & memorising but that is impossible at the moment, may have to look at redeployment as management will not be sympathetic to my progress & that's if my contract isn't terminated, as I have been told that could happen?


Lisa X

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It will get better and the only multitasking I could do,  was listen to what someone behind me said while talking to my hubby,  ie being a nosey old moo    xx


You will get there honestly , my hubby was told I'd never walk again, and it made me more determined.


So when you get bad days don't worry, as time goes on you get more good days.


Also I am getting better with names. !! 


Now lets see a smile on your face.


Wishing you well


Winb143 xx xx

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Hi Lisa,

I'm playing catchup here at the moment, so apologies for the late response. Great news regarding no new aneurysm - congratulations. :)

I hope that work sorts itself out for you soon. One would hope that they could support you on a phased return so that you can build up the multitasking and concentration skills. At the end of the day though don't forget to count your blessings. You're still here!

Take care and stay positive.


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