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Sonia Stone

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Hi everyone,

Just stumbled upon this website, looking for answers myself really , I'm 6 months after my operation and feel like I'm going backwards at the moment , still trying to get my tiredness and headaches under control, feel really alone at times as I know I get frustrated and vent my anger at the wrong people , "my family" , I'm sure I was more laid back before my SAH , .


I don't know what 'normal' is anymore, I seem to be having more bad days than good at the moment. After a brief chat with my local GP he was pretty clueless , my options were more pills or wait to see my specialist in Southampton. Apologies for my negative post , I'm just writing how I feel !!!

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Hi Sonia,


I felt like that also but my daughter found this site, and said to me "Go on it Mum" and it sounds dramatic but I felt like the only one that had ever had a bleed.


I came on here and found loads of us ( bleeders ) pardon the pun.  It is good to talk about our concerns etc.


Anytime you are feeling lost have a chat on here.  It has helped me a lot, I have been crying, singing and laughing as I type on here.


A trouble shared is a trouble halved as the saying goes. 


Also it is a long haul getting better you'll have good days and some days are "leave me alone Days"  but as the days turn into months,

look back and see if you can see an improvement and bet you'll say Yes !!


Good luck xxxx  I've had to type this not using my initial of my name as my keyboard is up the creek..Ready


All the Best

in = lol  see my name at top lol  xx

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Hi Sonia :)

A very warm welcome to BTG, glad you found us.

You are still very early in your recovery at 6 months.

How you are feeling is very normal and many of us can relate to, bless you.

There are some other members that live near your area Southampton and I am sure there is a local support group. Hopefully they will post soon and let you know the details, or maybe ask about it at your next appointment with your Consultant.

Perhaps you could go back to your GP and ask about counselling? There maybe a waiting list but it really helped me.

You and your family have and are going through a major trauma. Karen, who set up this amazing Forum once said to me... 'Be kind to yourself and listen to your body' We tend to be very hard on ourselves'.

No need to feel alone, as Win has said above, 'A trouble shared is a trouble halved' .

You will find lots of support and helpful information here. We are a friendly bunch that can empathise with how you are feeling.

Feel free to ask any questions and join in the banter in the Green Room :)

We can't give out medical advice, but can share our experiences.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Take care

Tina xx

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Good morning Sonia


Many thanks for your introduction to BTG- glad that you found the site following your SAH- you will find much help and support here.


When you feel ready-perhaps you could share a little about the circumstances when your SAH happened- and also the support friends you have to help you recover.


As a Carer I know it is also a difficult time for your family too- who will be so eager to see you recover fast- and feel the ups and downs as you deal with the after effects of your SAH.


You will learn from others here that time and patience is so important in the days ahead and don`t hesitate to share your thoughts- It is good to know that others have been there before you.


It may also help your friends understand what you are going through if they too look in on BTG.


Take care and you will get stronger-



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I understand completely how you are feeling. Everything changed in a split second. You almost die then they send you home to recover and you are scared and feel the worst you have ever felt in your life. The grueling road to recovery can be long and frustrating.

One day you think you jump forward only to feel like you fall backward the next day. I am two and a half years out and it can still be a challenge and six months is still the early stages so give yourself time. It will get better and better days are ahead. They really are. There will also be days of frustration too. It is a roller coaster ride back to familiar.


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Hi Sonia,


What is normal?  How long is a piece of string? Normal is what you are now -it's just a little different to what you were before.


Change has happened abruptly and you have to learn how to adapt to it and embrace it as the new you - -at least until your recovery improves and you get back as near as possible to your previous benchmark 'normal.' It will take time, and six months is still very early days.


As you age, change happens slowly and you adapt to it without thinking.  However, it is a shock to the system when change comes at you suddenly and without warning, as with SAH.


However, with the support of everyone around you, life will get easier again step by step.   Accept the challenge, start the recovery journey and over time you will be amazed at the journey you make.


Good luck



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Hi Sonia,


Welcome to BTG, you will find a wealth of information and friendly advice here,


You are still in early stages of recovery so take each day as it comes, you will

get there, it just takes time.


I`m 18 months into my recovery and I can tell you it does get better, you can`t

compare your recovery to anyone else because we are all different, the people

you will meet here are fantastic, I joined in March and it has been the best thing

I did, I have learned so much from everyone and I`m sure you will do the same.


The advice I would give you is this, make sure you have plenty of rest, I was told

to make sure I drank plenty of water and make sure you listen to your body,

most of all give yourself time, there are no quick fixes to what has happened,


Your body and brain have suffered a huge trauma and they need time to heal,

you also have to come to terms with what has happened, it`s a shock to the system

and your loved ones will also be trying to come to terms with it also.


Be kind to yourself and don`t try to do to much to soon.


Keep posting on here and let us know how things are going, you are not alone.

Good luck on your recovery journey



Michelle x

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