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Guest karen carr

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Guest karen carr

Hi everyone! I have just joined the site and would like to introduce myself. My name is karen and i had my sah anniv is three yrs this march, i worked at the time in a shoe shop and was serving a customer who was having a refund when i thought id been hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat, it literally knocked me off my feet and then the vomiting started, oh my god the poor customer must have thought he had entered a scene from the excorcist, i can still remember him asking "what about my refund" as i slipped in and out of conciousness lol, no joke! luckily for me a passing security guard saw me on the floor and raised the alarm, i thanked him afterwards for the care and kindness he showed me that day, he lay on the floor with me face to face until the paramedics arrived to take me to hospital, once there i was diagnosed with sah and transfered to walton neurological centre, what a fantastic place, the lives they save is incredible, i had the coiling done in a six hr op. my recovery was and still is ongoing but ive gone back to work fulltime in a job that allows me to be flexible in making up my hrs if i have the tiredness and dizzy spells which i still have but thankfully not as often, light at the end of the tunnel, i still have a stiff neck and a tightness in my head and also and i would love to know if anyone else experiences the cold rushing feeling like hundreds of spiders running in my head, its nothing serious, i have asked the consultants, they actually dont know what it is, so theres my story, thankyou for listening, its so good to talk to people who have been there, got the tshirt etc.  :D

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Hi Karen and welcome

Interesting story. It's good that you were diagnosed quickly. Many people, have suffered form mis-diagnosis or in my case, mis-management of the diagnosis. It's also good that you have an understanding employer. Tiredness and dizzy spells do seem to persist for many years. 17 months on, tiredness and fatigue are the only legacy I have from my SAH, with the odd dizzy spell thrown in, but thankfully they are few and far between. I also have some odd sensations in my head from time to time, but not like you describe.



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Hi Karen,

It's good to hear your story and as Keith has said, it's great that you have an understanding employer.

I think that I've heard somebody else say, that they get a sensation in their head, as if they have spiders running about..... not sure if it was on this website though... I don't get that type of sensation, mainly pulsing and sometimes I can feel the blood pumping around the annie site, especially when I'm lying down. I still get the neck stiffness, but only on the odd occasion, but the back of my head can feel tight sometimes.

Anyway, it's lovely to have you with us. :)

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Hey there

Yep, I had that sensation - almost as if water was trickling down the inside of your skull - tingly and tickly at the same time. I don't get it very often any more but I used to all the time and tended to put it down to the blood dissolving away from the clot that formed around my anni - don;t think that's the case now as I get it occasionally and the blood should have all gone now.


Sami xxx

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Hi Karen and Welcome

I was also treated at Walton and agree the job they do is wonderful its just a shame that they have no real support for after discharge.

I had my clipping nearly 15 months ago and still suffer a lot of head pain thankfully the dizziness and tiredness only occurs if I do too much.

Like you I have very understanding employers but haven't managed to go back to my full time hours yet.

Look forward to hearing more from you soon.

Janet x

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Hi Karen C

It's wonderful when you are attended by people who just make you feel safe.

Being Scottish i hope the man got his money back.(only joking)

I have the spiders / water running feeling and i just accept it but will ask my consultant about it next week.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as i do.

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