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Guest chelseagirl2

Hello there

Just thought Id intoduce myself, as Im new member. My name is Kirsty and I live in Pevensey Bay, just outside Eastbourne, East Sussex.

I had my SAH on Feb 20th 2007, (was watching man u on the t.v, being a chelsea fan I blame that) Usual symptoms sudden headpain, strange neve pain down my spine, sickness, stiff neck. My husband rang out of hours Drs who, 2 and half hours later rand back to say it was a virus and to take me to doc in the morning. Stayed in bed until morn, went to docs got sent to hospital, had scan, waited allday for results THEN, rushed to Hurstwood park, had surgery the next day (coiling), 5days in intensive care, 2 weeks on ward and then home to begin recovery. Thought I was ok but a year on Im diagnosed with deppression, post traumatic stress and generally falling apart! Sorry to be so negative but I have to add finding this site is like a littl e ray of sunshine!


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Welcome Kirsty,

You will certainly find this site very warm and helpful. Like you mentioned on your message this is a Ray of Sunshine.

Your story is so much like all our own stories, bless you. You will find everyone on here very friendly, and the information and advice is second to none.

Welcome again, H xx :D

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Welcome Kirsty!

I replied to your other post, before I spotted this one. All I can say, is that what you're experiencing at the minute isn't abnormal after a SAH ..... Many people are hesitant in admitting that they are suffering depression and you've probably taken a huge positive step forward in stating that fact on a public forum ..... Keep talking to us and no, you're not negative, but honest about your feelings. It took me a lot longer than you, to actually do the same .... so, well done! :)

There's some v.good people on here, that will listen to you ..... they know where you're coming from....xx

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Hi Kirsty

Welcome to our world :lol:

You've come to the right place to be cheered up, this lot never fail to make me laugh at least once a day. Its a fantastic on-line support group and everyone is so helpful, friendly and always there to reply when we're having a bad day.

Sorry you've been feeling so down, so lets see if we can cheer you up. We've all got our stories like yours and amazingly we're all still here to tell the tale (as they say). :wink:

Big hug

Lesley xxx

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