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Hello Everyone - Josie - new member

Josie Rosie

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Good afternoon,


Its taken me a while to figure out how to post on here . My SAH was 2 weeks ago and although feeling so lucky to be alive I am very emotional and slow at the simplest of things . I am worried about everything and anything and that's it really .


I keep playing events over and over in my head of when it happened ( was running) I am looking forward to running again and I feel reassured to know you are all here to answer any queries /concerns .



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Hi Josie


Welcome to BTG, really glad that you found us, although its always bittersweet saying that as it means that you've suffered too.


You're very early in your recovery so everything is going to be a bit scary and different to say the least right now. 


Your thoughts and emotions may not make sense and your memory may not be what it was.  The brain takes a long time to heal and needs all the help you can give it.  It needs rest, water and as little stress as possible, even though that last one is easier said than done at the  moment.


Don't be in a rush to do anything and take each day as it comes - many little victories all contribute to feeling better and healing.


Can you give us a bit more information about yourself?  It helps us to know the background of someone when we're replying - apart from the fact that we're really quite nosey ;)


You'll find lots of warm and compassionate people here and although we can't offer medical advice or recommend drugs etc, we can empathise with you and understand what you are going through.  There is more experience of SAH on here than you'll find in any book, on any website or in any medical institution.


Looking forward to hearing more about you and your experience.

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Ditto what Sami says Josie and welcome from me too. 


I too was running when my bleed happened so will be interested to hear more of your story. 


It it took me a while to get back to running but I have. I actually run more now than before. My biggest achievement was completing the Great South Run last October. An emotional moment when I crossed the line about 21 months after being discharged from hospital and 3 years to the day I lost my mum. Not fast but I did it and hopefully you will get there too. 


Rest and and drink plenty of water! Look forward to hearing more from you. 


Clare xx

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Hi Josie,


A warm welcome from me too:-D.  


First of all congratulations on finding your way round the site and posting on various threads so soon after your event.  That in itself is quite an effort for your brain after you've been through what you have.   


Going slower regarding most things is certainly the way to go - along with as much rest as you can possibly get.  As time goes on you will probably have days when you feel able to achieve more and therefore attempt more, but just be aware that such days can wipe you out for the next few days.  


It can be so frustrating as it feels like one step forward two back - but this seems to be a common theme with many of us on here - especially during those early days of recovery.


Clare and many other members have returned to running after a sah, so it is possible - just not yet!


Wishing you all the best in your recovery,



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Hi Josie,

Life is precious as I found out after my SAH.


Take it slow and do it at your own speed.  I had mine in 2009 and was told I'd not walk again but 60/200 yards feels good.


So never give up and keep happy always as we are the lucky ones.  A song or a smile always helps  me keep cheery.

Yesterday was a bad day for me but today all is well, no tears lol poor hubby xx


Take care of yourself and water as Clare said xx


All the Best

Win xxxx




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Welcome to BTG Josie,:)


Sorry you`ve had SAH, you have come to the right place for information and support,


You are very early in your recovery, you will find you are tired after the smallest of tasks, take each day as it comes as some will be better than others, try not to over do it though as Sarah said.


Your body and your brain have suffered trauma, they need plenty of time to heal and this does take time, try to drink plenty of water and have plenty of rest, it really does help.


You have come to the right place for advice and support, there`s a wealth of information here, you will also make a lot of new friends here, we are a friendly bunch and we will do all we can to help you on your

recovery journey,


Looking forward to hearing more from you,

Good Luck with your recovery



Michelle x

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Welcome. I will send prayers your way. I also welcome you to the "runners" club. I also had a bleed while running.  I had to take 3 months off until a follow up CT could be done. I walked a lot. But now I run as much as I did before. Just rest and take your time. Patience as your body heals is key. 



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Welcome Josie, great to have you on site.  Very early days for you and i think everyone has shared those worried feelings following a SAH, it does focus us on how fragile life is.  The worry does get better as you recover and certainly your emotions will be all over, mine were dreadful in the first few months.  I still get some anxiety but I can now put into perspective more easily.  


Appears a a lot of people have taken ill whilst running - ha not this tortoise but Claire and Chris will be excellent motivators as both back running well.  My best advice is to take things easy, accept wherever possible that things have altered course but with support (lots on here) you will find a way through and come out the other end.


I look forward to hearing how you get on and remember if you have anything to ask someone on here will be able to help





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