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discharged from neuro at 3 months is this the norm?

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Ive contacted my neurosurgeons secretary today as I hadnt received a date for my 6 month scan, which is what the surgeon told me to do when I saw him at 3 months, only to be told that I was discharged at 3 months and I now have to be referred back by my gp but only if he feels theres something wrong. I was astounded to say the least. I havnt had a scan or anything since I had my op on 24th december last year so how do they know that everythings as it should be.

Just wondered if this was the norm or am i getting a bit worked up over nothing.


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Hi Marie

Astounded by your message :shock: I think you need to speak to your GP and get him to make sure you get a proper follow up MRI scan. Just my opinion. At 3 months post SAH I still had my pirate patch on and couldn't be up and about for more than 3/4 hours a day, and spent the rest of the time on the sofa or in bed.

If you read my post 6 months MRI scan (below yours) you'll see I've just been told everything is okay (but I have an untreated aneurysm that would have to be clipped not coiled which hasn't been mentioned). Just told they'll review it in 2 years.

I think funding is part of this, perhaps they just don't have the funding to keep watch over us all?

Whatever, follow it up and SHOUT if no-one responds to your satisfaction. Thats what I'm about to do.

Big hug

Lesley xxx

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Hi Marie

Sorry, same as Jess had clip and no scans, but follow up at 3mths and 9 months one coming up in Aug

Sounds odd, i thought with coil

you had to be checked more often, Take care Love Tinaxx

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hello marie

i had my coils in after a bleed in April i have had a follow up appointment for a MRI this month..... they even brought it forward because i am panicing alot......

I have even been seen twice at hospital....

the neouro surgeon is really happy with everything in my recovery......

I'm sure they will sort it out for you phone the hospital......... thats what i would do x x x x x x x

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Thankyou everyone for your comments. Ive been on the phone to the neurosurgeons secretary at Leeds General this morning as Ive hada terrible couple of days with pains etc she is still adament that I wa discharged back in March, when I queried this asking if this was normal as I wasnt happy she asked me if I was doubting the surgeons capabilities????? I rang the phone number id been diven for the 6 months angio/scan and at first they said we have no record of you then they rang me back to say it would be happening in November. Well that makes it nearly 12 months.

I then went straight to my docs surgery and was seen by a senior doctor who is the same as me quite disgusted with what the hospital has said. He got my letter from the neurosurgeon up on the computer and it states quite clearly that I would be seen in June for the scan. Hes going to get onto that today as obviousley this isnt helping the way I feel.

So today besides having the mother of all headaches I did the one thing I havnt done since the sah, I sat in the garden and cried. But I know feel a bit better than I did when I got up at least my gp sees it my way.

Anyway hopefully now I might get an appointment or maybe not. I just feel like we are playing some kind of postcode lottery if thats the right term.

Thanks again for your comments.

Marie X

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Hi Marie,

How frustrating for you ..... none of us should have to put up with this type of thing when we've gone through a SAH and are recovering .... the stress and worry certainly won't help. There's nothing wrong with having a good cry ..... I still do when my world goes SAH-pear shaped and I think that it's a good way to release bottled up emotions and frustration ..... far better for you, than keeping it in ...... I always feel much the better for having a damned good bawl! Sending virtual hugs to you ...... xx

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