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positive thoughts

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I find when i wake up every morning i go through some positive thoughts and i find that helps me get through the day...

Being very recent in my SAH i would be vvvveeeerrrryyyyyy grateful to hear all your positive thoughts th help me fight my nerves...

1/ It wont happen again.

2/ I'm going to be alright.

3/ Theres people i can speak to if i have any problems.

4/ quoted by sami....TY " more chance of getting hit by a bus than nhappening again" thats one thought taht funnly enough really helps :lol:

5/ Every twinge is not a SAH happening... :roll:

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Hey Donna

If you're feeling up to it - read the "letter from your brain". Go to the home page and then click on inspiration and it'll bring up a list of articles - the letter is in there. It's really helpful in a weird kinda way - helps you realise that things aren't going to be the same for a while. Made me look at my brain as another person for a while - it's a bit emotional but well worth a read.

Positive thoughts - the sun is shining and I can see it. The birds are singing and I can hear them. My children/child is laughing and I can hear them. I'm getting a cuddle and I can feel it. Why? Because I am alive and I am a survivor.

And that's exactly what you are hun. It does get easier - my day used to governed by how I'd feel when I woke up. Now I decide - mostly- how I'm going to feel.

I don't know if any of this will help, but just remember you're only at the first hurdle and there will be a few more in front of you - and we'll all be here for you along the way.

Speak soon


Love Sami xxx

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Yes being alive is a biggest positive thought.

And for me being able to lead as near a normal life is a positive thought.

I used to start my day saying my namej just so's I hadnt forgotten in the night...... :roll:



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