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Just a quick post

When did everyone go on their first holiday...

I was ? thinking of going to my mother-in-laws caravan for the first 2 weeks in July...

What should i do...why doi think somethings going to happen if i go out :roll:

my SAH happened at home xx

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Hi Donna,

really feel for you right now as I was the same after my SAH regarding holidays.....didn't really want to go away from home...just in case....I changed my mind.....we went to Turkey in May 2007.....it was great...absolutely wonderful and was a major boost for me in my recovery!!

How you are feeling right now is probably common to us all but you will overcome it!!

God Bless,

Love Suexx

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Hi there Donna

Well in my opinion: if you are going with other people you will be fine. They all know your medical history and won't mess about if anything untoward happened (though I'm sure it won't).

It will do you the world of good, especially confidence wise.

We're trying to save up to go to Scotland end of June (wanted to go end May but couldn't save up enough to go then). And we are going touring in our car.

Go for it... you could always ask your GP what he thinks (or her)

Big hug

Lesley xxx

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Hey Donna

You should go - nothing will happen and if it was going to happen then it would any happen anywhere. I was on holiday when I had my SAH, we were in the middle of no where in Devon. So long as you let everyone know that you'll still need to rest and can't go very far, then you'll be fine - it'll probably do you the world of good. My headaches always disappear completely when I'm in Penzance and come back with a vengeance when I'm at work - ****** things :lol::wink: . Go and have a great time hun - you deserve it.

Speak soon

Sami xxx

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Hi Donna

Go and relax, a change of scenery will do you good. The only thing to think about is the length of the journey and can you cope with it, I know I found car travel very difficult for a few months and my neck ached dreadfully even on short journies take a neck cushion along.

I had to travel 16 days after mine as it happened in Majorca and I had to fly home! All was well although I had a wheelchair in the airport, no way could I have coped without that.

I have recently been on holiday to Spain, 4 months post SAH , best thing I ever did, I came back feeling so much better.

Just pace yourself, it is very early days for you and do not run before you can walk!!!



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Ditto what everyone else has said our first time away we took our caravan down south as far as Bath I think, then I went to visit my Aunt in Cornwal me I just wouldnt give into the fears of the what if thing.

Go and have a lovely time relax and enjoy the change......


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