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I think i am getting things wrapped aound my neck...

When people say Second aneurysms ( not sure spelt that right :roll: ) that does not mean people have been rushed into hospital with a second aneurysum.

I have not been told anything about another one just i am very lucky and that it 99.9% WONT happen again..

Sorry i am going for MRI on saturday and thoughts are going through my mind x

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I'm STILL confused i read others have one annie done and then another about year or so later ........

I thought if you was rushed into hospital with one 99.9% chance it wont happen again because you are

reviewed x x

Sorry someone help me stop worrying x :roll::roll::roll:

I seem to be more calm about not having another but still confused x

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Hi Donna :D

Stop worrying, they would have told you if you had another one, like Jess said..... relax and concentrate on getting better....both your scans were ok, so nothing to worry about :D:D

Take care

Love Tinaxx

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Donna, I think that you're talking about unruptured annies ..... or ones that were perhaps too small to treat or too risky to deal with at the time of the SAH.... don't worry so much .... your scans were fine, so you've got the all clear ....

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Hi Donna

Don't worry. I had a ruptured annie (SAH) and was told straight after my op whilst still in hospital. The hospital would have told you whilst you were still in if you had another one at the time of your SAH as it would have shown up on your scans.

Please don't worry.


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Hey Donna

I have two - right next to each other. When one ruptured they coiled both at the same time. Like the others have said - if you had more than one it would have been picked up and they would have told you. No need to worry hun, your scans are clear.

Hope Jack's OK - what did the pharmacist say?

Hey Sasbo - just spotted you. How's the naughtiness going?? :lol:

Love Skippy xxx

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