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Jenn- trying to make sense of all this...


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Hi my name is Jenni...I have not suffered SAH but I am currently in the ICU with my husband on day 5 after the bleed with a drain tube in his head....I can't sleep as I am here just trying to make sense of all this so I can help him.


He's having a terrible time just sitting here. He seems to be maybe developing a little depression and I'm honestly a little discouraged about recovery. He's a very active man who drives alot for work (been w/his company for 27 yrs) and has his own side business on the weekends mowing.


I'm very worried about finances as I quit my job 2 wks ago to find another and now neither of us are working. How long has it been for others to be released back to work? Surgeon says he's a star patient and is doing awesome.


Been up walking tons of laps around the unit several times daily when his pain level is tolerable. He's a lean muscular guy but I noticed tonight he's losing so much weight already due to appetite loss and says his lower back is weak. Anyone with suggestions on how I can help?? I feel useless....

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Welcome to btg Jenn xxx


It's early days for your husband day five he is doing exceptionally well to be walking try not to worry in six months I had two brain operations and had returned to work but everyone is different xxx


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Hi Jenni,

So sorry to hear your husband has suffered a sah and all the worry it is causing you.  The fact that his surgeon has said he is doing awesome is very encouraging.  I don't know if you've had chance to read other people's stories on here, but recovery, whilst different for everyone, can be and quite often is, a rather slow process.   Day 5 is so very early in this process and although it might be frustrating for you both, he is currently in the best place, giving him the best start to his recovery.


It's hard to say how long he might be off work, only time will tell. Personally I was off for 5 months and like so many on here, returned on a phased basis.  Sadly, many who return too soon, often end up unable to cope and are then off again, which is why a phased return is useful.   


Initially, it's possible your husband will find the smallest of tasks exhausting - so full time work could be some time away.  


Don't feel useless, but you do need to look after yourself too, not enough sleep is going to make everything seem so much more difficult at this already difficult time. It's often been said that it's harder for the carer than the patient at times.   You are doing a great job just being there - any surplus energy may be wisely spent looking into whether you are entitled to any social security benefits as that will be a big worry for you at the moment.  If you're in the UK, citizens advice are usually a good place to start.


Wishing you all the best,




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Jenni, as Sarah has said get to work on what benefits you are entitled to. There may be rent/ council tax reductions you can claim as well. As he is employed his employer should be paying Statuary Sick Pay.


If no CAB try an Unemployed Workers Centre or your local council may have Welfare Rights Advisors. The sooner you do this the better as claims can only be backdated from the date of application.


I wish you both well.

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Hi Jenni,


I wish you and hubby all the best,  the others have given you good advice.


I do hope he can cheer up soon, my answer to all ills is to sing and keep doom and gloomers away from his bed.


I had my Sisters singing to me, not that I remember.  Now keep your chin up and get help as Super said xx 


Let us know how he gets on and take care of you also xx


Win xx

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Hi Jenni


As others have said 5 days out is very early in recovery. It sounds like he is doing really well so keep encouraging him and try and lift his spirits. It is a bit scary when you are uncertain about the future which he must be.


Encourage him to drink lots of water and to eat anything he fancies. I lost over half a stone whilst in hospital but soon put it back on when I came home and started feeling better.


As Sarah says look after yourself too, it's important that you keep well so that you can do a good job looking after him when he comes home.


Clare xx

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Jen, sorry to hear about hubby but glad he is doing ok.


i lost a lot of weight in hospital and was told the brain uses masses of energy to heal so it 'steals' nutrients to divert to that,make sure he has plenty of good food and regular high energy healthy Snacks in his bedside locker which he can have  if he has  appetite. If he's walking remember all that effort uses even more fuel  so he'll just burn his calories faster.


The back pain is not uncommon either post bleed, I certainly experienced that and can't tell you if it was due to the lumber punctures they did to confirm the bleed or if it's the blood dispersing but it is a very uncomfortable feeling. But like anything if it gets worse anr different he should raise it with his team. Don't ignore it, make sure it's noted.


im sorry to hear about money worries, that always complicates matters,  and I agree with super Mario, investigate now what help you can get. Apply for everything you are eligible for. 


. he should get his statutory sick pay and I would hope with him having worked there that long they will look to be considerate of him and his family . He is protected somewhat by law. 


everyones tale is different, he will need to learn a new pace but I don't think any of us can tell you this is going to be a fast thing. 


Take care and take time for you too, ask for help and please ask here if we can help you with questions or concerns. 



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Jen, I have deliberated about saying this so early post his SAH but after speaking to my fellow moderators they agree I should say something. 


You will need to investigate his eligibility to drive after discharge as He has had an EVD ( drain) placed, the current advice excludes him from driving for 6 months or until his neurosurgeon signs him off.  


That was my experience anyway ( I had EVD and later a shunt) and there's a lot of Threads on this site clarifying people's situation so it's definately worth speaking to his employer early on and keeping them up to date with progress etc but advising DVLA. It counts from when the EVD is removed but the DVLA are notoriously slow to process so start reapplying early to get it reinstated. 


I know now that's probably the last thing you want to hear but if you have some information then at least you can start to plan for different scenarios.



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Welcome Jenni, sorry to hear about your husband it must be very hard for partners.  Good advice from all the others  but I know Financial worries are hard at this time, as others have said check out sick pay entitlement, if you have a mortgage check to see if you could either pay interest only, or take a payment break or claim housing benefit if renting.  Don't hesitate to seek advice as earlier you get this can ease your stress at this difficult time, not sure if hubby in Union as they can often offer advice too.


 It took me 5 months before I was able to return to work but I did not have a drain/shunt and then like Sarah had phased return, luckily I had good sick pay conditions.


I am hoping you will find a new job soon, although that may not be on the cards until you are sure about hubby's recovery.  


Hoping hubby continues to progress



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