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Concerned daughter, father had SAH

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My father had a SAH on June 8th. It took us roughly 4 days of a terrible headache to get him to go to the ER.


From there ct scan cta scan had shown SAH. Angiogram and coils to stop the ruptured anueysum. He was fine the day after but than his cranial pressure was up.


He had an emergency EVD on Saturday and it was in till Thursday or Friday morning. He was saying lots of crazy things and things that didn't make sense.


He is 73 years old and I'm worried that his short term memory isn't has great after this. He will be moved to intermediate care in a couple days and than to an intense rehab hospital to get him back to a normal life.


He was very active. Walked his dog 4 miles a day at least 3 days a week and still was fishing and fixing things around the house. Did anyone else experience crazy thoughts or have a loved one just say things that made no sense. My dad keeps saying the dog is waiting by the elevator and that we waited for the doctor in Pittsburgh ( which is 4 hours away and we have never been there). Any advice would help. Thanks 

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Hi welcome to BTG glad you have found us. 


It is totally normal to say lots of crazy things so early in recovery. I am sure between all the members here we could write a best selling book on the comical things we all said. My gem was saying Barack Obabma had been to visit me. 


The brain is a very complex organ and when it takes an assault like your dads has had it will take some time to recover. 


Sounds like Ike he is being given really good aftercare. I too was relatively fit before the event and although it was slow I have got back to it. In fact I'm probably fitter now. 


Make sure he takes his time, rest, quiet and lots of water. Let us know how he gets on. 


Clare xx

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I'm sorry your dad has suffered but he has come through the other side alive,  however it is still extremely early in his recovery.


Believe me the increase neuro pressure is always normal as well and the patients recollection and thought processes' go everywhere and things that are said do not relate to anything in the real world,  its because all the electrical signals  get mixed up and speech again does not relate to anything tangible.


The evd's is placed as a short term solution to the increase pressure within the skull  your dad may possibility have a shunt placed later but everything is speculative at this early time so the old saying of patience is a virtue is really important.


Dad may not express himself properly for a few weeks so be prepared but hopefully dad will come through without any major deficit fingers crossed  wishing you all well and please keep us up to date. 


Regards  Paul

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Hi, welcome to BTG 

Sorry that your dad has suffered SAH.

I agree with what has already been said, the brain is a very complex thing and it has suffered trauma, it's not unusual for strange things to be said, apparently when I was in hospital I had phoned my sister in the middle of the night telling her the nurses were trying to poison me,

Then I phoned my partner and told him the same thing, I have no recollection of doing it at all.


As has been said it is very early in your dad's recovery, don't expect to much to soon, the brain and body have suffered trauma, they need time to recover and heal, he sounds like a fit man but he still needs lots of rest and drinking plenty of water will also help.


Take it one day at a time, 

You will find lots of advice here and you will find everyone very welcoming and friendly, it's a brilliant support group and we will all be here to help you and your dad along the recovery road.



Michelle xx 

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Thank you for the responses. He is getting aggreavted about being in the hospital and keeps asking for his clothes. I keep reminding him that he needs to listen to the doctors and he will be out and into rehab soon.  Unfortunately he is not allowed water because his sodium levels were low, and now Gatorade is getting boring.  And they are limiting his caffeine and he's a 2 cup of coffee a day guy and hates decaf. I just hate seeing him so bored and aggrevated. Thankfully we are 20 mins from the hospital and I'm off work visiting twice a day. But it's just doesn't seem to help. 

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It's just on a week since dad had his bleed I'm not surprised he is agitated because of the blood irritating his brain. It will be three months before the body absorbs the blood into his body. The sodium can be catered for by the hospital and corrected. Please don't lose or get despaired, things will get better in the next few weeks. 

Take care 

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Dad has been transferred to rehab. 3 hours a day 5 days a week. So happy they approved him for intensive rehab. They said he has been doing great. Glad he's gonna be getting more sleep and not bothered every hour like in the hospital. I know this is still the beginning and it a long road ahead, I just hope he's stays on this path of things getting better.

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Hi there


warm welcome glad you found the site.


You'll find that its ups and downs but things are moving in the right direction.

I was in rehab and although I didn't understand it at the time it really helped.


take care...

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Update and questions.


Dad has been in rehab since 6/23. He seems to be making progress but because of Medicare they are going to discharge him because he doesn't need the intense care setting.


He still cant get up out of the bed without someone helping him a little bit and he seems to be very distracted/distant looking when he is asked to do a task. Was distraction something you or your love one noticed?


Also for those who went to a rehab, how long till you were able to do things on your own. Im just worried my dad will never be able to walk his dog again. I know this is still early, i just want to make sure i am prepared for what is going on. It is just to difficult to see him struggling and taking awhile to do physical things since he was such an active guy for being 73 yo.


Any information on exercises that you found were helpful to do while sitting down would be greatly appreciated. I really wanna make sure when my dad does come home I can help him in every way possible to get him back to his strongest point. 

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Hi, it's very difficult to predict what the outcome and regains will be as each bleed is individual but a lot will depend on Dad, his attitude and desire to recover some of his previous abilities.


I personally got sent home and had a rehab plan at home from docs and Headway but I had young kids so just wanted to be there but he will definately get assistance in rehab that will help him set the foundation for the future. Good nutrition is so important and rest essential.


when the brain is in acute healing immediately post SAH there are a lot of things firing and trying to switch back on but not necessarily  all in the right way and the effort to do things uses up energy really quickly which makes it hard to concentrate. Main thing is if you think anything is deteriorating then ask questions to medical team. 


One thought, is the rehab somewhere where his dog can come and visit? That would be such great therapy. When I got back home after a long stay  absent my dog was so pleased to see me but so gentle with me and he has been a huge part of my recovery. I couldn't walk more than a few yards when I was discharged , I had to be help to shower etc but I was determined I would walk him again. And I do. I always take a stick when I walk uneven ground as in the early days I face planted more than I would have liked but he always stayed close and then two and a half years ago I took the plunge and got a puppy who I have trained and of course who needed walking everyday. My dogs have been part of my ohysical rcovery but equally my mental recovery. They came at my pace, gave me unconditional love and soaked up the tears.


so keep hope, encourage Dad, listen to what he wants too and notice his signs when he needs to rest his healing brain, dont overstimulate but keep him curious and if you can get him some time with his four legged friend 


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I remember nothing before shunt and I used to think I was in a café when it was dinner time, I'd say to my Daughter "Get my bag my treat"  we laugh about it now.


When I came home I had carers who washed me 3 times a day then 2 then none xx


My Family sang with me, love an old song  xx


But I remember none of this but I had a shunt put in as I had hydrocephalus  and it was like a light going on xx


Hubby got me a zimmer frame after I took 4 steps towards him. and from then on I was independent to a certain extent.  I could shuffle to bathroom.


Give Dad a song and see how he is coming on and I wish you all the best as it is a long haul for us and our carers.


Good Luck


Win xxxxx






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A long over due update. my dad was sent home around july 11th 2017. On bp meds and baby aspirin. He has been doing great, back to light work(odds and ends for a little cash) and walking the dog for a few miles a few days a week. He went in this morning for a follow up angiogram. He was placed on Plavix and 325mg aspirin and he was scheduled for a stent to be put in, I was unfortunately at work and my mom doesnt remember everything the doctor said. I was hoping someone could explain the stent to me, is it more coils? is it somethng else? Has anyone here had one put in, or loved one had one? Im just nervous he has been doing so well with recovery and back to what i would consider almost 100%. Any information would be so helpful thank you. 

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Hi there. Glad to hear Dad is doing well. Really pleased .


I haven’t had a stent but some members have and hopefully some will be along to explain and what procedure and, recovery from that is like


My understanding is that if there is any sign that coils in the aneurism are being compacted creating a neck or there are indications that they could slip at all then a stent is  used to ensure the blood flow is uninterrupted and stent is placed by angiogram I think . This is only my understanding  based on what was described to me as I have a small neck on my coiled aneurism and it was a suggestion I may need stenting in future. 

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Hi! I have had stents put in, as well as coils, this was 7 months ago. I believe that while the coils are metal spirals fitted inside the aneurysm, a stent is an expandable net which is fitted into the artery, to make the wall of the artery stronger, and also to make the blood flow easily through the artery. I had both coils and stents placed by angiogram at the time of my bleed.


Because I had the stents put in I have to take blood thinners for a year afterwards,  to prevent blood clots from forming. I was told that after a year the stents will have grown into the wall of the artery completely, and no more blood thinners will then be necessary. I don't know if having a stent placed after the initial bleed will affect recovery, but I imagine that the procedure will be easier for your dad as there is no bleeding at the time of the fitting of the stent.

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