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Kathleen Lewis

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Hi, My name is Kathleen.   

I had my SAH on Sept. 21, 2017. 


I was seen by a Dr earlier in the day on the 20th for another medical condition and was told to watch for headache. 


Early morning i woke to go to the bathroom and had a horribly bad head. I laid back down and laid very still due to headache. 


A little later the headache become more then I could bear.  My husband called Dr and said I should be seen. 


I was told i needed to be seen by a bigger hospital and life flight to Seattle with Brain bleed. 


I was there two weeks in ICU and sent home.  Four months ago, 


I still get debilitating headaches constantly. Blurry vision and forget what I read.  In middle of a conversation my mind goes blank. 


I don't drive to as blurry vision when headaches get strong.  I can only describe as an axe in side of head, a rusty nail or a hot knife being jabbed in head.  The pain at times still shoots down my back.


I feel like no one believes me and I'm drug seeking.  Been taken off pain meds, then put back on. 


I have no life, as most time I'm in my dark room trying to stay stress free.   When will this stop?  Because I feel like no one belives me. 


Barely hanging on here.  Am i insane or is this still happening?

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Hi Kathleen,


I was out of it for approx. 1 year and it all was dreamlike to me, I awoke after I had a shunt fitted for hydrocephalus. ie light went on lol xx


I was told I had Ventriculitis then UTI and followed by Sepsis !! I put my Family through it!!


If worried about headaches always see Doc and drink lots of water....once you know you aren't the only one going through this it seems to help. Well it did me !!  


The slightest pain I got,  worried me and to be honest I thought I was going to pop my clogs ie die !! Found this site saw others who could laugh and joke about it,  and this site has been a real blessing for me xx 

We are not alone and we do not give medical advice but a trouble shared helps.


Drink water I was told when I came on here and I do even now  lol 


Wishing you Well and no Stress my Surgeon told me.  Keep a happy song at hand when feeling stressed and work out your ways to stop stressing.

Mine is singing happy songs my  poor Hubby and Daughter ha xx

Good luck and Welcome to BTG xxxx


Win xxxx  No worrying if possible !!  






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Welcome to BTG Kathleen.

You are not insane, don't think along those lines.


We are not medically qualified so are unable to give medical advise. The only people who can do that are your doctors.

The advice to drink plenty of water is commonplace after such an event and yes, it really helps.


As for short term memory, that is also a legacy of a SAH. It should improve as time passes. Your brain has taken a massive attack and will need time to heal. Nobody's recovery is the same, it is very individual and in most cases very slow.

Believe me, you are very early on in terms of recovery.

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I would ask your doctor or neurologist what meds can be taken to improve the headaches. See pain management if you have to. Everyone is different and some pain meds might not be tolerated by others. This is a very good website. I learned a lot and I m going to advise my patients to check this one. Good luck to you. 

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Hi Kathleen and again welcome to BTG. There is a wealth of support and information on this site, so glad you managed to find it.


If you need pain meds, make sure you get them, ignore what anyone else thinks about it, they haven't been through what you've just been through, they have no idea. I'm also just going to restate the staying hydrated, make sure you are drinking enough every day, this helped me enormously, I noticed if I forgot to drink anything one day, the next day would be awful, my head would hurt I wouldn't be able to concentrate and I'd be more tired than usual.


We are always here to listen, so if you need to have a little rant to relieve some stress (I have done it enough times) then feel free to come on here and vent. Just remember you are not alone in this.

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Hi Kathleen


warm welcome so glad you found the site.


And like the others NO you are in NO-WAY insane, so don't think like that.


As someone that thought once this will not improve it does it does however take a long time there are some lovely answers here, I do so hope the site helps you we've all been there so can relate..


take care

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