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Hello everyone,

my name is Pat, and I just happened to stumble on your website.


 I have read through many topics, and am so thrilled to find people who “get it”.  I am 16 months into my recovery, and like many of you, my doctors never found a cause for my bleed.


 I have to admit, it wasn’t until I was home for a little while, that I realized how serious this was.  I was hospitalized for a month, and my recovery consisted of being in a “quiet room”. That meant absolutely no stimuli - complete brain rest.  


I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed at all,  no lights, no tv, no reading, nothing.  


The first two weeks, I mostly slept, but after that initial time, I started getting antsy.  Other than slight headache, I was never in any pain.


 I don’t remember much of anything leading to the bleed, but my hubby said that I was complaining of a really bad headache.  I also woke up one morning and my eyes were crossed.  


Thought I better go see my doctor - which led to the ER, and then hospitalization.  


I was an Early Childhood Educator, and worked with children who had special needs.  I was off work for approx 3 months, and I started back with a very modified work schedule.  The classroom environment was too stimulating, and after 35 years decided to leave .  


I now work as a Behaviour Interventionist for 2 families who have a child with autism.  I also work a couple days a week in a scrapbook store.  


I still find myself exhausted at times on my days off, but most frustrating is problems with my memory - especially when I’m tired.  I am dealing with my new reality, and like everyone here thankful to have recovered.  


I have always dealt with depression, and find myself fighting that beast a little more since my bleed.  Might as well kick in a little anxiety in the mix!!!  


I am very excited to read your comments here, and the threads are awesome.  I just wish I had found you earlier in my recovery.  I have a fabulous support system for which I am so thankful, but it will be nice to discuss things with peers who have gone through the same experience.


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Hi Pat


Welcome to BTG - it is an awesome website, I have to agree. 


I'm 12 years past SAH this year and I've been on this site since I was 3 weeks past SAH.  I wouldn't have been able to get through those early months and without this site and I have met some of the wonderful people on here along the way. This is an amazing support system, and yes, it's great to talk to people who do actually get it rather than sympathise.


I hope you continue to recover well xx

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Welcome to the website. You ll find that the answers here are very helpful. I m a gp in the US who graduated almost 18 yrs ago from school but I have seen may be 3-4 patients with SAH. Most docs don’t know about it since many people with SAH don’t make it or it s rare.

so you should be very thankful that you are here and you can still do many things. 

Goodluck with recovery

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Hi Pat,


I used to think "Oh Well Win next step death" Cheerful aren't I !!! Lol 


I came on here and saw others laughing and in turn making me laugh.


This site has been a God send for me and would recommend it to anyone after a bleed xx


We are survivors and life is good, and my singing leaves a lot to be desired but I still carry on xxxx


Good luck and no stress or sing when you can,  it has helped me, but not my hubby  lol xxxx


Always smile even when on a downer it really helps xxx


Win xxxx

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