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Seven years

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Well here I am seven years on and still feeling really positive. I have my routine check at John Radcliffe on 5th May now that fills me with dread as I hate going back to where my life was hanging in the balance but my sons tell me that I should see it as a positive as that’s where they saved my life.


I'm doing really well, still have a few little niggles but nothing too bad, I’ve travelled such a long way and will continue to do so.


To any new unfortunate people all I can say is hang on in there, your life will improve, even if you never get back to who you once was you will learn to accept the new person and be very grateful to your new life because I know I am!

Good luck  to everyone and may we all continue to move on in a positive manner.


lots of love and luck to each and every one of you xxx

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Well done Paula on seven years.  


Glad that you have a routine check up and, yes, see it as a positive.  I've not had a check up since 18 months post SAH - I'm 13 years in this year.


Onwards and upwards hun x

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Congratulations Paula on your 7 year anniversary.


Thank you for posting, your positive attitude shines through :) 

Wishing you well for your check up on the 5th May and as your Sons and Skippy say, see it as a positive and try not to worry, easy to say i know. 


Lots of love & luck right back to you xx


Take care and let us know how you get on.


Love Tina xx



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I had check up after I had shunt fitted many moons ago it seems. 2010 had SAH 2009


Surgeon said if I feel okay no need to come anymore !!


Was scared as hospital was my life line 


You will be okay, I found waiting for results of my final MRI was the worse part xxx


Good Luck for May 5th  and results  xxx Go in the Café and treat yourself to a cake or something nice...So nice memories  lol xxxx



Win xxxx



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Congratulations Paula,


Glad you are doing well and have a positive attitude.  I'm just eight and a half years out from my SAH and I have a yearly MOT at the hospital.  They've been brilliant with me and I can't thank them enough.


Best wishes to you!



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