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Ruth, perimesencephalic SAH at 35 years old


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Hi everyone,


It took me 18 months to find this forum, and all I wanted, before then, was to read other people's stories, so I decided to write mine.

I have done it all as a blog on wordpress. It's my 2 year anniversary today and I'll be posting a new blog every day or so for the next week.


Would love to hear from you, and hopefully it will help someone else to read about my story.


Spoiler alert - I'm pretty good these days, 2 years on. I got off lightly.


Here is the link to my first blog post:



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Hi Ruth,

Welcome to BTG.  I am glad you are doing well.  I am sorry it took you so long to find us, there are so many wonderful supportive people here.


I had my SAH followed by vasospasm 2 years ago.  Like you I had a thunderclap headache,my initial bleed was small and I felt like I had dodged a bullet...but my vasospasm was severe and I spend 8 days in ICU and had to go to rehab.  I am doing pretty well these days also, some ups and downs but we are so very fortunate.


I enjoyed reading your first blog post very much.  I find the support here has in many ways been my saving grace...I felt and still feel the need to be understood and coming here helps me with that.


Glad you joined us, looking forward to reading more of your blog.


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Hi Ruth 


Welcome to Behind the gray alias BTG ...


I came on here and found people laughing and it helped me get my laughter back ...Sounds awful but to know others have had similar or same somehow helped me.  I wasn't alone and saw people joking so for me this was my life saver and my Family who have been great. 


Seeing new people on here also and they are worried like we were.  Bless us and our Family xxx 


Good luck on Journey ..you seem so well in pics  xxxxx So keep doing what you are doing  xxxx

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Thank you for your responses everyone.


Something I have come round to realising is that no-one has had quite the same experience and no-one has had quite the same recovery. But it has still been really helpful to hear everyone else's story and to feel part of a community.


Ruth x


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Ruth lovely to read your blog so far. I know your journey has been very similar to mine but your comments on diagnosis "Am I going to die?" and the doctors response "not on my watch" are identical 💖


I hope you have managed to get back to your acting and managing to remember the lines ;) Life can be a struggle post bleed but we should be proud and grateful that we have the chance to embrace life - even if it's hard to remember that some times!


I look forward to future instalments 


Clare xx

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On 23/05/2019 at 21:47, CharlieD said:

Hi RuthB


Welcome to the site. I enjoyed your first blog. My experience was almost the same as yours minus the day as a gnome. I look forward to reading your nxt one. 


Hi Charlie D, I don't know quite what I'm doing quoting your reply back at you. I am SO not modern, but I would love to hear a little about your experience - what were the similarities and what were the differences between our haemorrhages? (ps, I have now done a couple more blog posts)


Thanks, Ruth x


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