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Post SAH dizzy

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Hello friends, It has been awhile since I have checked in (from Colorado, USA). I missed my one year anniversary SAH on March 6, 2018 ~ and, was actually back in the hospital on March 31, 2019 (second year in the hospital on my birthday) with severe vertigo and vomiting. They took images and determined not related to SAH or other brain issue, which I developed post SAH mid June ~ (intracranial left transverse and sigmoid sinus thrombosis ~ clots stable).


I was released and everything seemed resolved. Now, October 28, 2019 having dizzy spells for the last 4-5 days with dull headaches and vision problems. But, seem to resolve after time. Today, more intense and lasting longer (4 hours now). Blood pressure elevated. I googled SAH and dizzy and was connected to a thread on this site (2007). It seems it is a possible / common post SAH experience. Any more recent updates on how to cope or drug / therapy treatments?


I had to have a neighbor drive the kids to school today. We do have a sudden change in weather ~ cold and snowy. Someone mentioned dizzy spells increase with barometric pressure changes (?). Any thoughts? 


Also, it seems I am having more problems with memory loss / confusion and depression (tried 3 different meds but had adverse side effects).  I never returned to work - teacher (age 62) but, we are raising 2 special needs children boy 9 (autism & ADHD) and girl 17 (joined our family 8 months before SAH ~ intellectual disability & autism). So, I am very busy and do have heightened stress, especially as my husband travels a lot with his job.  


We have four grown children and five grandchildren. My mother passed away a couple months after my SAH. In some ways I feel like I’ve been just pushing onward out of necessity and now am going through a grieving process  as I am adjusting to loss and my ‘new normal’ with ongoing fatigue, depression and a short temper.

Thanks for listening. 

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Hi Kathy,


Firstly - well done on raising two special needs children.  That's no easy task I know!


My experiences of the things you describe are as follows:-

Barometric pressure - yes,, I suffer headaches when there is a sudden change or when the pressure goes low. They're not always severe but bad enough to let you know they're there and to adjust what you do that day.  Having small but regular drinks throughout the day seems to help me but that's no guarantee it will help you, so see your medical team. 


Stress - this has long been a suspect for contributing to SAH but there is no definitive proof because you cannot measure stress - it is different in everyone and I guess it is related to blood pressure issues that can be affected by so many other external factors too. Again - see your medics. I try to avoid stress wherever and when ever I can.


With the issues you describe, I can well imagine that you are grieving still, and that with two special needs children and your husband away a lot, then it is no surprise that you feel dumped on somewhat, and need some assistance and relief to get through this.  I hope just letting off steam on here has helped you a little bit but really you need to find the time to sit down with those around you to ask them to pull their weight a bit more.


One more thing - learn to say 'no' a bit more. Fatigue and depression are common themes in post SAH times and those around you need to understand that because they can't see a plaster cast or a scar doesn't mean there's nothing wrong.


So you have to tell them and keep on telling them until they get the message.  What happened to you was severe, and more serious than those around you realise, and you need to get help to deal with the things you describe.


It's not alright to let the others carry on as though nothing has happened and is now back to normal. It isn't, and they need to understand that.


Seek that help, let them know, and life will be much better when you know that they know, and that they are happy to rally round.


Good luck Kathy


Best wishes 



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Hi there firstly let me say if you are worried or suffering new or changed symtoms please see a Dr xxx


I suffer brain zaps lightheadedness and headaches even more when stressed or tired and weather change affects me. I have been diagnosed with vertigo but Drs cannot seem to make up their mind which type xxx


Hope it passes soon xxx

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Hi there


Agree with Jess, if you are concerned do please see your doctor...


And also agree with Macca no easy task well done you...  And TOTALLY agree with what he said about saying NO having a SAH makes what others seem normal to not being you are under so much stress with daily life its no wonder your feeling the way you do.


Take care, hugs




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Hello, I just wanted to thank you for responding to my post and to give an update (somewhat delayed).


I ended up going to the ER (at the insistence of my younger daughter ~ a nurse). We had already met our deductible so that helped. They did MRI and MRV and found no changes. So, they sent me to ENT and that doctor gave me medication for dizzy spells and told me most likely vestibular migraines.  


My primary care physician also adjusted my blood pressure medication (had been lowered, now back up 1/2 tablet). I am feeling better. I am reminded that I need to rest more.


My father has been in the hospital for 2 weeks (twisted bowel) ~ had surgery but aspirated fecal matter and on ventilator and IV antibiotics. 


Two of my sisters are with him (Texas) and we as a family had previously made plans to visit mid December (so no plans to go right now). The doctors give him 50/50 chance of survival, but he is making small improvements daily. He is conscious and able to squeeze my sister's hand in response to her.


Thanks again for the support. 

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Feel for you All Kathy,  Not much more I can put.


I do get weird heads when stormy weather is about but always see Doc as others have said  xx


Here is hoping Dad makes a miraculous recovery  xXx God Bless you All xx

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Thank you dear Win. I had another painful episode last night (back lower left head and jugular) and dizzy, but it subsided in about 30 minutes. I had to sit down.


I worry the doctors are missing something ~ clots moving or increased blood pressure on a thin wall or small TIA (have no idea) ~ probably worthless to speculate.  


We are having another cold front move in. Concerning~ but we can’t live in fear. Thank you for good wishes for my dad. He is holding steady though weak. 


Thank you for your kindness. 

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