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Is anyone still out here??

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I am 25 years old, and had  SAH about 2 months ago. I was in the hospital for almost a month right after the delivery of my second child due to post partum pre-eclampsia followed by a SAH.


I had the really bad headache for about 3 weeks that needed to be control with pain medication afterwards.  Today I only feel a constant mild headache and my blurred vision got a lot better.


Every day I just kept on wishing that all this go away fast, I thought I was fine and I was getting better until I started feeling very mild but weird pains in my head. Sometimes my neck feels a little stiff along with my shoulders and I believe due to carrying my 2 kids under 2 years old.


Sometimes I can't help but feel very anxious and worry about going through this again. Can a SAH reoccur? Is it normal what I'm physically feeling? Are my symptoms related to something else? Who knows! And the worse part is that I don't even have insurance anymore. I'm afraid of being home alone with my 2 kids. 

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Welcome to BTG. We can’t give you medical advice but if you read the threads, there are many posts that are helpful.


Rest, drink lots of fluids, etc I know it s easier said than done with two kids. You should be able to get some form of Medicaid if you are in the US due to sah. But your doctor or neurologist need to fill out forms. Good luck. Keep your blood pressure under control.

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Hello Sunflower.


Again welcome to BTG, so glad you found us. As Catwoman said there are so very many posts you will find that may be helpful to you.  I am so very sorry to read all that you have been through.  I can only imagine how difficult this all is with two small children. Call on all your resources to help you with your children, I know I have had many people say to me let me know if I can help, if you have this too, let them know. Often people want to help but don't know how.


I had my SAH followed by vasospasm 21/2 years ago. I was 64 years old, in a much different time of life than you.


What I have learned in this time since this happened to me is that it is a slow process, slower than any type of illness of injury I have experienced in my life.   I also am seeing that things seem to continue to improve, so what I mean is I still see change even after 2 years. This is encouraging to me. I also see some things that I am still learning to work around or cope with.  Everyone's experience is so different, your doctors will be your best to resource for specifics to you.


The support on this site is wonderful, don't know what I would have done without it.

Day by day Sunflower, be gentle with yourself listen to your body, stay hydrated, it really makes a difference.

Thinking of you xx



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Hello Sunflower 25


I am so sorry for the on-going worry ~ especially with 2 small children. I am 20 months post SAH and older (62) but have 2 special needs children we are raising ~  after raising 4 children to adulthood and now have 5 grandchildren. The most important for me (and I would guess for you also) is to get in that afternoon nap.


If you can make arrangements for someone to watch the kids every day while you nap (2 hours time), that would be great. It would also be a daily "check-in" to give you some peace of mind. DON'T do housework or laundry during this time (I would be tempted to) but just rest / sleep if you can.


I had to rest / sleep with my head elevated for several months (used wedge pillow) to help alleviate headaches. Yes, and as others mentioned, stay hydrated. If you do have questions, call your follow-up neurologist (or staff nurse).


My vision improved with time and the headaches were manageable.  I have problems with short term memory, fatigue and difficulty processing information as the top three.


It takes time to adjust to the "new normal" but it will come. Meanwhile, seek assistance at this time and don't be embarrassed to ask for help. You may want to reach out to some volunteer / church organizations to see what assistance they can offer. We were able to get meals from the local school moms and our church. Check if there is a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) program near you if you live in the USA. Self-care and positive mental health are key to getting through this season of your life.


Remember, others may not understand (you look good), but don't let that deter you from getting some help during your recovery. Keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers. Kathy



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hello to all followers, my first time responding or commenting on this informative site. I am 71 yrs old,  Canadian and on Canada Day,  '18 I  was diagnosed with a  "big brain bleed" following 4 days of the incapacitating headache.


As a retired nurse,  I was wrongfully convinced it was meningitis as I couldn't lower my chin to my chest, combined with the headache, often  a classic sign.    I had the aneurysm coiled and hospitalized for 12 days.    Neuro Dr says I have another smaller aneurysm they will keep an eye on. Almost 500 days now post SAH and only 6 of those days have I been without a mild headache, around a 3/10 on the pain scale.  Tolerable and managed with ES Tylenol.   


I did not, have not , suffered from the fatigue so many of you experienced.  My issues are word finding problems, especially proper nouns, as in names and streets, and short term memory issues. A moderate loss of hearing in one ear may be more age related. As frustrating as these may be, this forum offers much appreciated information and support from others who have  their own history with SAH. 

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Welcome to the site Jo-Anne. I find it very helpful to read the posts.


I think the older we are at our SAH event ~ the more problems show up (that’s just my opinion). Maybe it just takes these older body / brain parts longer to mend.


I am glad you wrote in and I know you will find a supportive and understanding group of fine people to interact with and who will encourage you. Yes, the headaches are a bummer. Drink plenty of water and take naps. Blessings. Kathy

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Dear Sunflower,


Welcome to this wonderful forum. As has been said, you will find a wealth of information here.


You do not mention whether your SAH was due to ruptured aneurysm or other cause. Regardless, two months out is very early in the healing process. It takes time for the blood to break down within the confines of the brain and that could be a source of discomfort. It's also not unusual to be scared and worried over ever small sensation. 


Best to check with your neurologist regarding all the possible short and long term impacts from the SAH and chances of a repeat.  In any case, you should be taking care not to stress or strain yourself to give your brain time to heal.  Is help with the babies possible?  If so, ask; people don't realize the impacts of SAH because you can't see them.


As for being alone with the babies, is it because you're afraid you'll collapse or something? Perhaps a medical alert device would lend more confidence until you feel stronger.  I know I felt scared sometimes being alone after my ruptured aneurysm, but I didnt have children to care for.  I hope your family is there to lean on and that information you can glean from this site helps.


Prayers for your recovery, Colleen

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