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Hello All, 


I found this forum awhile ago, but wasn’t ready to share my experience or read too much of others’ yet. I am today.  


About 2 yrs ago I suffered a ruptured SAH. At 24 yrs old, this was undoubtedly the most traumatic experience in my life, still holds that title, and most likely will for the rest of my life. It occurred during the first week of my new job, my first stepping stone into the corporate world.


I woke up one night to a ridiculous headache and vomiting water. I naively thought I had some sort of flu, but also knew something was definitely wrong. Luckily, with heavy emphasis on luckily, my mother took me immediately to the ER. The Dr. who thought it could just be a migraine, fortunately decided to get me a scan just in case. 


I was in the “very healthy” category up until this happened with none of the risk factors, and genetic testing coming up short in answers and long in questions.


I also have 1 small unruptured aneurysm that is “not in a great location”, which is getting looked at via angiogram tomorrow.


My current symptoms include:


Difficulty accepting new reality 

Feeling 95 in a 25 year old body 

Hypochondriac tendencies 

Challenges relating to peers, and non-peers

Over-stimulation (ie: at a symphony, department stores, etc)

Migraines, fatigue, trigeminal neuralgia 


Nonetheless, I do feel incredibly blessed to be here, and to now be in the virtual company of all of you. 




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Hello Riti and a warm welcome to BTG. Thank you for sharing with us.


So sorry that you have suffered the trauma of SAH at such a young age and just when you had started your new job.

It must be heartbreaking to find that your years of hard studying and early dreams for the future have been dashed so cruelly.


We understand your hesitancy to come forward and tell your story, but you will find that being part of a community of SAH survivors will be a great support as you try and bring some `normality` to your young life.


Many of the issues you mention are well known to BTG members who have faced and yes still are challenged by them to varying degrees. The effects of SAH are so varied depending on the intensity and position of the bleed.  It is good that you will have an update on one of the other aneurysms soon.

The trigeminal Neuralgia must be particularly difficult for you to cope with.


Two and a half years on you must have much to tell us about your highs and lows in getting this far. Please feel free to comment when you are ready. Your experiences will be important for others who face SAH at the early years of their lives. 


Now that you are prepared to read the various forums within BTG I assure you that you will find so much support as you identify with the very personal struggles posted by our members... and the help and advice they received by others will give you hope in your own struggles.


Please take care and be strong in your will to find a new route to new objectives for your life. While everyone`s journey is different, progress does happen over time and with patience. 







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Hi there


Warm welcome to the site, so glad you found us.


Keep well hydrated really helps with the headaches, try to balance your day doing things that helps too..


I think we all can relate to your current symptoms all of them or most of them....


Take care, stay-safe...

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Hi Riti


Thanks for sharing your story. I am glad you felt ready to now. 


I completely understand what you describe in terms of it being the most traumatic thing to happen to you, the worrying about health and the young person in an old person's body(though I am a bit older anyway at 41). 


I think the mental is as tough as as the physical recovery and I put the same energy into healing that side as I do the physical. I think it has helped me accept my new reality as you describe it. Though I do still have bad days with this as we all do I am.


I am sure there will be lots of people who can offer support but feel free to ask of you need it. 


I hope your angiogram went well.


Take care


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Hi Riti,


A bit late...welcome to BTG! I'm glad you finally decided to join us. I hope you find this network to be of great resource of help and support. 


I have gone through most of what you are experiencing. Sadly, I am on my second SAH actually. I find experiencing it 10 years ago is making my experience right now a bit "easier" because it is not a complete mystery to me. We do experience symptoms differently. I am grateful for the little wins. Go easy on yourself. We are here for you. 


I hope your angiogram have favorable news. Take care, Riti and sending you a virtual hug! (Sorry, I'm a hugger. ☺️)



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