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strange sensations!

Guest walker

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Hi, had my SAH sept 2005 and had craniotomy and clipping, since then still experience strange sensations, has anyone else experienced these? intermitent blurred vision, numbnes to part of my mouth and feel like I am dribbling from corner of my mouth, cold arm and index finger especially in the winter( all to my right side) and still get very tired. Janet:razz:

Ps sounds like Iam moaning but Iam not, know I am very lucky, but would be reasuring to know if anyone else suffers from any of these.

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Hi from one Janet to another :lol: I also still get strange sensations from time to time, mind you the left side of my head is still quite numb/fuzzy most of the time. Blurred vision rarely ever now but do get pain in and around the left eye if I'm overtired. I find I have pins and needles on waking in the fingers of my left hand and occassionally in my left toes too.

If you're really worried have a chat to your G.P but think a lot of us still suffer with tiredness and the dreaded fatigue especially if we overdo things.

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Hi Merrill my wife had her sah march this year had a coiling and a clipping and she gets all sorts of strange feelings in her head,also she has no sense of taste and her whole body feels cold to touch although she tells me she feels hot all the time.

I spoke to a doctor who told me he had a patient who had 2 different body temps one for the left side and one for the right side so i suppose what you have is some of the strange things we read about that accompanies the recovery of this awful illness, hope that helps a little Rod

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Hi Janet,

I agree with the other Janet.....:wink: that you perhaps need to check with your GP. Perhaps it might be worth keeping a diary and noting down anything, that seems to exacerbate the problems.

I am definetly more dribbley since the SAH .... I don't notice one side being colder than the other ( I was paralysed temporarily on my left hand side) ..... but, have often read that some people that have suffered a stroke, have one side colder than the other.

I'm over 4 years post SAH and still get the fatigue ..... it has got better, but I can't do what I once used to, without paying the consequences .... but saying that, many of my friends that haven't had a SAH are also noticing, that they can't quite do, what they once used to ..... so, it's hard to know, whether it's the natural ageing process or the SAH...

I had a third nerve palsy to my right eye and my vision is something that still plagues me ..... as my right eye isn't aligned with my left and like yourself, I go through periods, where my eyesight is worse, especially if I've had a migraine or having a period of fatigue. I also experience "dry" eyes now and get lubricating drops on prescription ....

I would definetly go back to your GP and ask the questions that you've asked us ....

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Hi Janet

I was clipped like yourself and have numbness and fuzziness like Janet...mine is on the right hand side. I was paralysed on my right hand side but has fully recovered now. My eyesight has improved ..but when tired is awful.

I agree with Janet and karen...please go to your GP it is worth checking things out.

I still get nerve pain all round my eye and fore head.....am told this may never go. I am at 22 months now down the line.

As the others have said...definitely go back to GP. I wish you well.

Take care

Love Tina xx

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hi janet

i had mine in march of this year, i get strange sensations in head, i had left side paralysis which is now good but still not recovered. now winters coming ive noticed my left is colder than my right, i often although this has not long started wake up with pins needles and numbness in my left hand, spoke to gp about this and she said it is cause of the stroke, sometimes i feel of balance, not with it etc


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Hi there

strange sensations I was told it was healing, for me that eventually stopped but only comes back in the winter when its colder.....:roll:

One side of my body tempiture is different to the other now a few degree's weird notice it more again in the colder weather......

bye the way Welocme to the site Janet......

take care

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Hi Even though I only hada TIA, I get a Numb sensation on my Jaw Bone almost like Pins And Needles at times. But and its a Big Plus for me Since I had My TIA I havent had Pins And Neddles In my arms as I did, I didnt used to be able to hold a Knife and Fork with out getting them Holding a Hammer Was just as bad, So some good things did come out of mine. Like I said be it with mine a TIA was only small compared to what you and alot of others on here have been through Im Sure everything will return to normal its just a case of Small Steps.

Good Luck Janet x

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Hi, thanks for all replies, helped a lot, I feel more reassured. Actually have a follow up with neurosurgeon on Monday so will dicuss with him.

Thanks again for all who replied.


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Hello Walker

I have alot of different sensations in my head x x

some times I can go weeks and then others feel terrible x x If I say anything to the doctor and they just say its proberly just something I will have to live with x x

Hope you are well




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