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Help is not forthcoming for my Auntie


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My Auntie who had the mini stroke went into Rehab hospital for a few weeks and has been home now for a few weeks, they were expecting a visit from the Social worker as she has trouble getting in and out of the bath they have a bath/shower what she needs is a walk in shower.

So eagerly they waited for this visit, it was cancelled once but was set for Wed 4th, on Tuesday evening after 5pm they called to cancell, but was reset for Thursday yesterday 5th...

As I understand they came in wiith 2 things to help her in the bath the board and something else......

when my Uncle explained 'its getting into the bath thats the problem' he was meet with. shakes of the head and tuts....:devil:

we'll write a report and it will be dealt with, at the moment there's nothing that we can do.....

This makes me so angery, they're people who will make do and not say I cant do this its too difficult for me....

Maybe its because I've had to say that, that makes me so b****y angery about it.......

ok moan over sorry...........

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Hi Louise,

I hope something can be sorted out for your Auntie and Uncle soon.

I can understand your anger. This is not stroke related, but my Mum cares for my Dad who has Alzheimers and she's had a constant battle to get any care for him. She's no spring chicken and has really struggled to cope, both mentally and physically. She eventually managed to get some respite care for my Dad and he stays in a home every so often. She also managed to get social services to send someone in twice a day to help him get up in the mornings and get ready for bed at night, but like your Aunties situation, there were only certain things they would do, which was not ideal. I can't count the number of times my Mum's been on the phone in tears. She's ended up paying privately for someone to come in now and they are great. They help my Dad and even help with a bit of housework: washing up, cleaning the bathroom and floors, etc. as he's incontinent.

What makes me (and my Mum) really angry is that they've worked for 50 years paying into the system never claiming a penny in benefit, saved a bit for their retirement, and now when they really need help, they can't get it without a battle. Makes me livid :mad5:

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Hi Louise,

Can understand your anger....

The old lady next to me (not stroke related), was told that social services/OT would be coming out to see her in order to assess what aids she needed.

Well, they dragged their feet with it all and it was only when she had a fall, that they came out pretty pronto! I've been told that if somebody experiences a fall, then it's treated as a priority/emergency case.

Just a shame that it has to come to that, but she's now fully equipped and I think that it's a case of "those that shout the loudest" etc....

Some of the charitable organisations are pretty good for seeking info or advice on this type of problem, so it might be worth having a look. Help The Aged http://www.helptheaged.org.uk/en-gb/AdviceSupport/HealthAdvice/HealthServices/EquipmentForDailyLiving/default.htm

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Thanks guys, I was fuming last night when Ronnie came off the phone with my Uncle.

Keith, exactly what we'd been telling them they've paid and now they need someithing its just a joke.....and it took a lot of persuding them to accept it too the word 'social services' just freaked them....

Karen thanks for the link will see if there's anything worth printing out for them to look at.

I Emailed the stroke Assoc this morning too see if I get any joy from that.....

again thank-you.....

take care

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Louise, I forgot to say earlier .....

I was present at my neighbours meeting on the advice of the care agency that I contacted and if I hadn't been there, I don't think that Anne would have been completely honest with the type of help or equipment needed..... and this, I was told, is a problem that's frequently encountered, as folk are too proud to admit that they need help, so it's worth having somebody else with them, to portray the "full picture" as such.

However, I was able to step in, when she did say that she "was managing" in certain areas, when I knew for a fact that she wasn't ..... In the end I did get through to her, that if she wanted to stay in her own home and keep her independence (which is what she wanted) then she needed to have the aids, care network in place to assist her to maintain that independence, rather than falling and ending up in hospital.

I think that now, she's quite relieved and glad that they're keeping an eye on her and she's certainly not as stressed and worried as she was.

Wishing you the best of luck. xx

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get on to local council social worker and ask for o/t to attend and assess the bathroom and any other needs that she needs within the house as a matter of urgency quoting the directive from dept of health long term care of neurological damaged patients sent out in April 2008 and if they don't respond within 7 days they will be taken to court there is a legal requirement that anyone being discharged from hospital that need appliances within the home to make sure that such items be in place before or as soon as possible to aid the patient to have a better quailty of life its law so louise please try down that route it worked for mojo and boy did they jump they have a legal obligation to supply such items take care

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