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cold remedies

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Hey there

Louise is right, you need to check with your Doc, especially if your hubby is on meds for anything else.

I tend to take Nurofen Cold and Flu or plain paracetamol and lots of water - chicken soup is good for colds too. I don't take Lemsip cos most of them have aspartame in and that gives me migraines. Check with your Doc is the best advice.

Take care

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I swear By Lemon Honey and a Tad Of Brandy all Heated Up, It tastes ok and Sooth's a Sore Throat.

If not there is some Herbal Plant which looks like Rubekia But its called Ekiesha or somthing like that LOL It works as My Boss's Daughter Never Gets a Cold and She Takes it all the Time

Hope some of this Helps XX

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Hi,just looking at the cold remedies to see what others take, Merrill had a dry tickley cough with her cold and we found dark chocolate the 70% coca one got rid of the cough almost totaly, it contains a chemical called theo bromine (look it up on wikipedia) which is known to alleviate coughing,probabley not a good thing to take if it's a chesty cough though.

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Hi there,

I've become a convert to Echincea, my immunity had been very low but since taking vitamins and especially Echincea(high strength) It seems to knock things on the head or speed recovery.

Cough - place a halved onion in the room overnight. (it does stink though)

Turmeric in hot milk although can't remind the quanities.

Honey hot water and lemon, and of course the old favourite, steaming with olbas oil.:-D

Drink plenty of fluids, fresh air and keep cosy.

Hope you've managed to nip things in the bud or it doesn't linger too long.

Aine x

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Hi Diane,

Your Hubbies cold will have well passed by now,

For colds etc. I've found I've responded best to all the old remedies.

Have especially taking a shine to Echinacea. Since taking it regularly I've found my generally immunity to have massively improved. Previously the cold would have launched into a full blown attack of the flu (or so it seemed) now I can stop a cold in its tracks.

Best of the Rest.

Hot Water, Honey and Lemon. Vitamin C a good multivitamin. Fresh Air.

Olbas oil steamed. Halved onion in the room overnight. (it does stink though) but good for a cough. There is also a remedy with Turmeric and hot milk for a cough but I can't remember it.

Take Care


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