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6 year anniversary!!!


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Hello friends-


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve visited, but I always like to catch up- especially on the anniversary of my SAH.  I’m actually a day late in posting, my SAH  happened on October 26, 2016.  Seems like a lifetime ago, seems like yesterday.  

Since I last posted, I am now working 100% of the time from home.  I’m able to work part time, approx 15-20 hrs a week.  Other than the occasional fatigue, and some short term memory problems, I am doing really well.  I consider myself blessed.  

I want to reiterate how much this community has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life.  Reading the information, posts and stories of other members reassured me that whatever I was feeling at the time, I was not alone.  I might not comment often, but I do like to check in periodically and read the latest posts.


Thank you to everyone for validating my feelings and calming my fears.

Much love,


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21 minutes ago, Patc said:

Seems like a lifetime ago, seems like yesterday.  

Beautifully said Pat! I feel exactly the same! x


It sounds as though you're doing well and I hope that you've managed to celebrate your 6 years in some sort of way ... Well done Pat and I'm glad that this little community has given you comfort. 


Much love to you and sending healing hugs. xx

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Hello Pat and thanks for looking in on your  6th year post SAH.


Well done in finding a work balance that you are happy with. Never an easy task given the varied limitations of SAH.


It's great that BTG has played a valuable part in your recovery...especially during the early years, and keep up that positive attitude.😊





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Hi Pat :) 


Congratulations on your 6th SAH Anniversary xx

Great to hear from you and really good to hear how well you are doing :) 

Like you, BTG was a total Godsend to me and gave me so much comfort along the way.


Wishing you well, take care,

Sending you much love,

Tina xx




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Hello Pat,


You may read this next year 😊 I too don’t always check in as frequently but love to read the posts especially if I am having a difficult day. Congratulations on your 6th SAH anniversary and I loved your words to BTG ~ as I can certainly echo them. Good to hear you are able to work from home part-time. I too still struggle with fatigue and short-term memory problems (well, some long term also ~ just gone).


Sorta makes me feel a bit like a Swiss-Cheese memory ~ holes here and there. Nice of you to drop in and provide an update. So glad you are feeling blessed. 

Best regards, Kathy (Colorado, USA)

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