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Holiday/travel insurance

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Thought I would share this information with you all as some may find it useful.

As most of you know D has several other pre-existing medical conditions as well as the SAH. Whilst looking last year for travel insurance came across a company called Columbus direct. We had quotes to go to Florida for 9 weeks from other companies ranging from £1000 to £1600 far too much for us to afford. The columbus company covered all pre-existing medical conditions for the 9 weeks for £270.

I just got our insurance for France from them for 6 weeks including all pre-existing conditions for both of us plus winter sports cover and also covered 3 outher sporting activities plus no excess for £180.

I thought this was a great price and also considering other companies including our bank would not insure him at all let alone the ones that wanted over £1000.

There website details are


Hope this might be useful



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Thanks ever so much for passing this on. I'm looking for a holiday now and my Husband John mentioned to me the other day that we may have trouble getting insurance this year. You have saved me a lot of time which I'm sure Id have spent trawling the internet. I will get straight on to your company first as soon as I make my booking. Will let you know the outcome soon. Thanks again.

Sally. x

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Thanks for that

Just got my insurance via Columbus for single trip 2 wks Europe for me and partner, who has diabetes

The cost was £62 for Gold cover - higher values and less excess I think

I felt confident I had declared all medical facts so don't think they will try to wriggle out of paying should we need to claim

The Sainsburys quote was £87 as there was a £50+ added on for my SAH

It really helped that people on here had already researched/used insurance to save me having to trawl through all the options

This is just another advantage of this great friendly group

Looking forward to booking my ferry to France now for my friends wedding.




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Hi all

I am so pleased you have found it useful. I had previously trawled the internet for travel insurance last year and it is a minefield out there and some would not even cover pre-existing conditions and some wanted stupid money. I am so glad I found this company it has given us peace of mind and saved us loads.



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I tried all those recommended by the stroke association and by british heart foundation and had no joy. Many wouldn't cover me at all and those that would wanted silly money for a week in Greece, more than double what the holiday would cost. Possibly because I have heart problems as well even though they have been stable for 7 years, I also have hydrocephalus with a shunt and very high cholesterol controlled by drugs that are also stable and have been for years.

I recommend to anyone wanting to book a holiday check that they can get insurance first before booking and parting with the deposit. There can be nothing worse than paying the deposit and then finding that the insurance is too expensive to even contemplate.

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Hi All,

I tried those recommended by the Stroke Association last year and like Penny also had no joy. They said their underwriters would not cover my unruptured anni - the whole purpose of trying for travel insurance.

Was a very frustrating business.

Thanks for the tip about Columbus!


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I have my travel insurance with my bank. When I informed them of my SAH they gave me a numbed for their Medi screen dept, as they said I would probably need extra medical insurance. I rang them, and after answering all the question and given a couple of discounts, I only had to pat 21.50 for my 2 week holiday to Cyprus next month. I had a ruptured anurysm last Nov.

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Can I ask ?

Why do the doctors/medical staff say that there is just has much chance happening to someone else than happening to me again? yet travel insurance is more because it has happened to us x x

Has anyone ever questioned this because it is these type os situations that make it difficult and confusing for me to get on with my life x x

ok rant over lol I just dont think it is fare x x




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Wey hey!!

Am off to Cyprus tmorrow. Got a few Quotes for insurance and in the end went to a company ai've used lots of times. My fortnight in the sun is covered for me, my hubby and our two kids for only £37.50.

They're called 'Insure and go'. And they were great.

hope this is useful to someone. Sally x

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Evening all,

You know what it had not occured to me that travel insurance may cost me more now !!

I'd like to go to Spain again this year but i guess to save time for if we do decide to go i will start getting quotes now !! So thank you for the heads up :wink: x

Sally- enjoy Cyprus :wink: xx

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Just thought I'd add to this thread. Hubby and I were given free UK & European travel insurance from Nationwide last year, we have a flex account. If you pay in £750 or more each month you're given this. If less is going into the account, the trick is to pay in enough to bring it up to this amount and then take the money back out again!

We're going to Vienna for a few days tomorrow and I called their Medical Screening number to tell them about the SAH and that I take 2 blood pressure meds. I've been given what they call a Medical Extension and it's completely free. The SAH made no difference because I've not been prescribed medication in the last 12 months, as a result of it. Also because my BP meds haven't changed in the last 6 months, that's also had no impact!

Not often you get something for free and it's useful!

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