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2 1/2 years on

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Hello all,

I keep trying to pop on from time to time but life is sooooooo busy at the moment x

I just wanted to ask (and I know all recoverys are different) but how was people feeling 2 1/2 years into their recoverys....

I still feel really really dizzy at times were I find it even hard to look at things without feeling sick x x x I seem to have alot of headaches still (even with tablets) and always tired...

I want to go to the doctors BUT i dont want anymore tablets to have to take and I just feel that they dont really know how to deal with me since my bleed they tell me its my anxiety (which yes I do suffer with really bad but I feel this is because od the dizzyness) if that makes sense:confused::confused:

I want to try for a baby next year but need to loose weight but dont feel I can exercise because of how I am feeling (I get really nervous if I am stnading any longer than 30 minutes (It just does not sound right) x x x

Sorry if I sound confused but I feel like a lost cause and dont know what I need to do x x

I am VERY overweight and really want to diet but I get shaky if I dont eat and anxious that I may faint (I have a fear of blacking out)

sorry for rambling on just didnt know if anyone else suffers with this x x

OH and my partner says I need to push myself more but I just dont know what more I can do I never stop arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ty all




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Hey you

I don't suffer from anything much anymore (luckily) unless I've overdone it or and really tired. As for the pushing yourself more - maybe its worth a try, but only a little at a time, otherwise you'll end up setting yourself back hun.

What tablets are you on cos these could be causing some, if not all, of your symptoms? Think you are going to have to go back to your GP, even if its just to chat about things and to discuss the meds you're on.

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Hi Sami hun x x

I am just taking paracetamol and neurofen for head x and peroxitine for depression 30 mg x x x will speak to her and see but she will say loose weight I know she will x x easier said than done when I dont feel confident on my feet for a long time x x

hope you are well hun x x x

need to catch up x x x

lots love



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donna I am the same as you & have been told to lose weight but on the days I don't go out for a walk & just rest I an put on 3lbs. I need to walk to lose weight as unless I stop eating altogether I just don't lose much. I am seriously considering something like DietChef meal plan or something similar. As for losing weight to get pregnant I was overweight when I got pg & I actually lost weight in the early weeks & didn't put much on whilst carryinfg & lost it breast feedin within the first few weeks. Despite what my mw said I had a very good pregnancy & had no problems with blood pressur or diabetes, if you eat snesibly your weight shouldn't be a problem.

Rather than tell you to lose weight see what help your GP can offer to support you, I believe you can get swimming lessons on the NHS in sme areas so i you can swim & are safe to do so it might be a good form of excercise for you?

Good luck hon, it's a real battle I know

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Hiya Donna...haven't heard from you a while...where you been living abroad (Carribean)?

Thanks for that post. Yes 2 1/2 years on.....by my standards still early!

Made me laugh a bit when you said a lost cause.....! as the BTG spank you as you deserve..lol.

You are going in the right direction...better and better and upwards.

I'll bow out as you are one of the other ones (female) talking about weight and feminine things. Talking about family's.

My best thing to say is watch you blood pressure.....if it's half good to good...then go for it! Straight away. Do what you need to do now.....don't delay about weight etc. as you lose that rushing around for a baby.

You know what makes sense.

Take Care...

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Hi Donna

It must be something at the minute cos i'm nearly 4 years on and i only posted a few days ago about feeling like i'm going backwards as still getting bad headaches, dizziness, sickness etc!!

You are doing great and you must remember how far you've come since your SAH. I have put a lot of weight on recently too. I did start the gym and they put me on a great programme that was monitored. Maybe that could be an idea?? There are professionals there to help design a programme specific for you.

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Hi Donna,

At the 2 1/2 year mark, I had gained a fair bit of weight (It may have been noticed that I like my food!:lol:). And I used to get dizzy with standing for prolonged periods.

I changed what I eat. So instead of things like crisps & chocolate (which I still love) I have fruit.

I then started exercising. I began with five minutes daily at first and then GRADUALY built that up to ten minutes, then fifteen, etc. Then I started swimming. Now I am doing between an hour and an hour and a half in the gym. Plus I do a daily yoga workout every morning.

I have lost a lot of the weight I gained when I was in hospital and convalesing and feel a lot healthier in general (OK, I do occasionally crave a ciggie and a I love my sausage rolls:-D).

but before you even think about starting exercise, speak to your Dr.

Good luck with everything.

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Hello Donna :)

It is possible that the peroxitine would make you a bit dizzy and also being anxious can make you dizzy as well!

I am 3 years after my SAH and still get headaches and wobbliness at times, usually because I have overdone it, but sometimes for no apparent reason.

Afraid I will also have to say go see your GP and see what they say.

Good Luck

Vivien x

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Hi Donna,

Sorry to hear you are still getting a lot of symptoms, but like others have said I think you will have to go and discuss it with your Dr as some of your tablets may indeed be causing some of your symptoms, rather that it being related to your SAH entirely.

With regards to losing weight, I can thoroughly recommend Slimming World. You can either find a class to go to each week or you sign up online. You can eat lots on the plan (of the right foods) and you do not have to deprive yourself entirely of the nice things too as you have a certain amount of what they call 'Syns' which can you use daily. It is a great plan, once you get your head around it, and I have lost 1stone 1.5lbs in the past 7 weeks. I have done the plan in the past and lost 4stone 9lbs in 7 months! It is a great plan and you do not have to ever feel hungry on it, or starve yourself to lose weight. It is a very healthy plan too, and you may even be able to get a discounted referral from your GP/NHS.

Good luck whatever you decide to do :)

Kel x

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Hi Donna

I'm about 4 years on (I think) and I'm still getting headaches, dizzy turns, loss of memory etc.I am also overweight and suffer from spinal arthritis which apparently has been aggravated by the SAH. I am due to see my neurologist in September so hopefully he can tell me if this is normal.

I am nothing like I was pre SAH but thankful that I can get about, nothing has really got worse other than the exhaustion which I find at times is worse than just after my coiling although I do push myself which probably I shouldn't do.

I find this site really helps as I know I'm not on my own.



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Thankyou everyone what would I do without you all.

I have an appointment with the nurse on Tuesday (my doctor is booked up for 4 weeks) but she is lovely and I have a list of questions x x mostly baby ones hehe

I also have an appointment on Tuesday with a cognetive theorpy (mind spelling) lady who I can speak to about my anxiety and how to help me move forward because I still have days were I find myself in a crying mess about the fact that I nearly died and never saw my family again and even though I know how lucky I am I just cant move forward and keep shutting myself away crying x x x

love to you all



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