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teri rennie

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My name is Teri, my wonderful husband - Derek - suffered a grade 5 sub-arach last year. The doctors gave us little hope of survival but, after 7 weeks in coma - complications including severe vasospasm, pnuemonia, ventriculitis and hydrocephilis, a peritineal shunt, coiling and 5 months in re-hab, he is now home with me as his full-time carer and, incredibly, improving on a daily basis. Memory problems persist but episodes of confusion are finally diminishing!

All good, some may say. But since Derek came home, we have received so little support, despite the council's personal budget scheme and a designated social worker! I was delighted to find this forum and hope, beyond hope, that i can finally talk to people with similar experiences.

Please, would someone get in touch?

Many, many thanks


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Hi Terri - Bless your heart! You've all really been through it! Wonderful to hear he is home now and making improvements. I'm not a care-giver, but can imagine some of what you must be going through!

I had a SAH 9 months ago. I must say that I did not suffer all the complications, or anything near to what your husband has been through. I am so sorry you are having to go through this experience. This site has been SOOOOOO helpful to me and I'm sure it will be for you as well. The people here are wonderful - with comforting words, suggestions, and genuine concern for each other.

I'm in the US, and once I was released from the hospital - that was it. I really had no idea what to expect, how I was going to feel, or much else. My daughter moved back home for a while, to help care for me and we were both scared and felt alone, as far as knowing what may come next. We read a lot of information on the internet, but the best help I've gotten so far, is this site! Lots of information, articles, and best of all the people you will connect with. Feel free to ask questions, chat, or cry out when you need to or want to. I know many of the folks on here are familiar with the resources available in their regions and I'm sure will be happy to pass on any information they have.

While you are caring for your husband, don't forget about you! I do hope you have some help from family and friends. Continue to reach out for help - it took me a long time to do that and I'm still working at it!

Hope to see more posts from you! Hang in there. Sending you good energy and keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers :wink:


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Hi Teri, sorry to hear about your husbands SAH. I had a Grade 4 last November which left me with Hydrocefalus and had a VP Shunt fitted.

When I left hospital I was put in touch with the Shropshire Enablement Team, they are linked to the Primary Care Trust. They have worked with me on Neuropsychology, Physiotherapy, Diet and Fitness, and also visited me in the home to help and assess my abilities.

I do not know where you are but it might be worth checking with your Primary Care Trust. I hope this helps, please feel free to ask any questions. If I can help I will.

Take care, and like Carolyn says do not forget your own needs as well.

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Hi Teri

Welcome to BTG. What a time you and Derek have been through but lovely to hear how positive you are. It is sad how we leave hospital with no information about lies ahead. I was 8 months into my recovery when I found this site and what a relief it was. I really needed to hear from people that had been through it and although I was told of a support group, it was in Edinburgh, 35 miles away from me. I had dreadful motion sickness, so that was a non starter!

Although we all recover at our own pace, we do have a lot shared emotions. But our recovery is made all the easier with the support of our families. Everyone kept saying to me that it must have been a very frightening experience for me but it way much scarier for my famlily. My husband, 3 children and brothers and sisters were all amazing during my initial recovery.

Maybe you should visit your local citizens advice centre. They will help you with information on what help you should be entitled to. It's such a shame that with all that the two of you have been through you will still have to shout and fight for the help that you're due!

Take care.

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Hi Teri

A warm welcome to you and so glad you have managed to find us. I think lack of information on leaving hospital is sadly the 'norm' for a lot of us. It is good to hear that Derek is doing so well now we all recover at very different paces and most of us are left with some problems but with time you get used to living with them and thankfully we are all still here 'the fortunate ones'.

Look forward to hearing more from you and Derek.

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Hi Teri

Welcome to you and your husband, not only to the site, but also the family.

I hope we can offer you the support and reassurance that you need in this very tough time. Anything you want to know, just ask away - there's usually someone who can help.

Chat soon - take care

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