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3 Things I don't Miss! pre SAH.

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I am so impressed with David's Thread, "3 Things I Miss" that I had to flip it over!

It seems that every time I post I am so positive!

I cannot help it.

One of the biggest things I don't miss is being so Negative, every day is a positive day, I am still here.

I don't miss being obsessed with work, when I am tired I have a rest! simple!

I would never have felt this way before, pre SAH.

I don't miss those feelings at all.

I think I am a much better person post SAH! even with my problems.

I am certainly a lot happier and more relaxed.

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.

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Okay, three things that I don't miss or positives .... being 6 years post SAH...

I'm not sure if this counts, but ... I take each day as it comes, am less stressed, appreciate it and try to enjoy it .... come rain or shine... I try not to forward plan and I look for the positives in each day ... I'm also still here and can smell the roses or take a bite of the raspberries in my garden at summer time.

I don't miss office life ... at all...

I feel that I have more empathy for those around me and I believe that I'm also a better person and have less aspiration for the material things of life, as they truly don't matter. xx

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One day I am going to be like John & Karen !!!

I don't miss the aggression of some dimwit driver cutting me up

I don't miss the manic state of trying to get ready to go to work & making my son get himself ready to go to school

I don't miss the knock yourself out to be a great mum challenge of having the time to shop for and cook healthy meals made from scratch

Without wanting to extinguish the party flames - I desperately miss being able to DRIVE MYSELF TO THE BEACH early in the day to just look at the sea & be alone with nature & my dog......If one of you positive thinkers can tell me a way to make this better, my life would be almost perfect right now.....bearing in mind, there is one bus an hour & no buses on a Sunday when I can take the dog & my son with me......

AND on a final POSITIVE note - I will never miss having to conform or behaving in a socially acceptable manner for 5 days a week :lol::lol::lol:

Really looking forward to all the replies, great thread John (when I read your 1st post today, I kept singing Queens song 'Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time')

Michelle xx

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First of all, I don't miss being a manager in a factory, full of whining, lazy, jobsworth individuals who consumed all my time with petty personal grievances.

Secondly, and, in response to Goldfish Girl's comment, I don't miss aggressive driving. I am now that driver, who annoys every other driver, with my

"Zen" approach to driving. I am the bald, middle aged, Volvo- estate, driver who slows all the traffic up with my ridiculously safe, slow maneuvers.

Thirdly, I don't miss being competitive at all. I have found, over the last seven years , that by just remaining silent, and assessing things before acting,

I have progressed more, and acquired more power and status than I ever did with aggressive actions.

What good can come from a SAH? Is it all bad?

Not in my experience.

There is a wisdom, that you may, or may not take advantage of, that comes with this terrible event that we all have experienced.

Personally, I am much more comfortable with the "new" me, and my life now, post SAH, is better, than it was before.

Not physically, but generally, much more serene and mature.

I wish it had never happened, but it did, and I am reconciled to the new world that I now, live in.

We are an amazing species, we adapt and change , to suit our circumstance.

The ultimate adapters.....Homo- Superior!

Insight is everything.

(Play the Strauss tune from "2001, A Space Odyssey")...............

All the best.

Bill B.

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Three things I don't miss!

#1 Noise. I have found 'quiet time' thanks to my SAH and I cherish it.

#2 Unnecessary stress. A life threatening experience has an uncanny way of putting things in perspective and it's easy to prioritize what is important now and let the rest go.

#3 Ignoring my health. Prior to my SAH I always put my own needs on the back burner. I ate when I had time which meant no breakfast and often no lunch. Hardly ever went to the doctor. Over the last year I've never eaten so healthy in my life! Both my husband and I are eating well and seeing the doctor regularly and taking care of ourselves.

Sandi K.

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Wow Sandi! I was impressed too and was struggling to find three things I don't miss.

I have always been a glass half full person. Always seen the silver lining behind the gray :wink:

I sometimes wonder if you are walking through my head at night because I couldn't have chosen three more appropriate things to say.

so I will say....... Like She said.

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I was gonna do this one too. Positive minds think alike. 3 things I don't miss:

1) Working 50 hours a week to try and get ahead. Wasnt worth it.

2) House chores, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow. I'm getting to old for that anyway. Still do inside stuff and hope to still be able to garden.

3)The indifference of some family memebers. This SAH has brought me and my family and friends closer together so that is surely a positive.



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I thought long and hard to try and post on the other thread but can't think on anything that I miss before I had my SAH! this one is so much easier. I'm like you John, I don't see negatives anymore and I know that I annoy my husband at times because nothing gets me down now. But he does say I'm infectious! He's now much more positive than he used to be, even though we had some tough times during the early days.

Biil B you hit the bullseye! There most certainly is a wisdom, that you may, or may not take advantage of, that comes with this terrible event that we all have experienced..

I don't miss getting angry anymore, I'm so laid back now. Anger is just not worth the energy!

I don't miss charging through life at 100 miles per hour. I like this slow pace, even if I'm running late, so what, I get there and getting there is the important thing!

I don't miss that 'Monday morning' feeling! Even on a Monday I look forward to work and am just as happy getting up then as on a Saturday morning. Each day is for living not dreading!

I really like the person that I am now and the way I take one day at a time. I have time to enjoy each day. I'm almost 3 years post SAH and looking back I can't believe how far I've come. Each year things get easier and better.

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MMmm struggling too with things I don't miss cos everything is pretty much the same as it was. I work full time, I still do the housework etc.

I suppose I don't miss sweating the small stuff but there are times when the kitchen work stops being covered in crumbs when I get back from work still winds me up!!

I don't miss having the rubbish relationship with my Dad that I had pre SAH - we're really close now and he regularly tells me he loves me.

I don't miss being fanatical about my weight - I'm just glad to be alive now.

I can really only think of two... I'll get back to you :lol:

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