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Crazy Sleep Patterns

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Crazy sleep patterns.

Yesterday was not a bad day but by the time I got off work I was so tired I nodded off a few times having coffee with my wife in a restaurant. I went to bed around 6:30 or seven. Here is is at midnight and even though I am tired, I am up.

I am not sure if this happens to anyone else but as I get over tired I tend to repeat actions in my head over and over again.

Like the fact I turn valves and operate fire hydrants. Simple tasks, yet I must have done it a hundred times tonight.

I have a couple of important tasks I have to do this week and I am having a bit of difficulty getting my head around them.

It would be nice to sleep at a normal time and wake up rested :)

Even on weekends when I have no reason to get up, I tend to wake up between 5 and 7.

Just a wee bit frustrating.

I am sure there are others in the same boat.

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Hiya Carl,

I think my sleep pattern is the worst after-effect that I have! Even the fatigue (which would no doubt be less severe if I could just get some proper sleep) is not a patch on the sleep issue. It's better now that it used to be. I regularly would not get to sleep until after 4 or 5 a.m and then I'd be awake again by 8 or 9. My GP refuses to give me anything to help as he states that my body will reslove the sleep issue itself and that the more interventions put in place, the longer this will take. He sais not to even try anything herbal. Well, I eventually gave up and got some Kalms Night which contain valerian only. I thought I'd better tell doc and he was not happy with me. These days, if I'm having a bad night, it will be 2:30 ish when I nod off, but then I will be awake again by about 8. If I'm doing really well like today, it will be 9 ish. I know my ceiling soooooooo well. I am usually too tired to read, watch tv or use the internet and yet sleep just will not come. I don't nap through the day at all, I cannot get to sleep if I try that either. I've tried setting my alarm and getting up a bit earlier, but all that happens then is I spend the day like a zombie and still don't sleep the following night.

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So far, for the most part my sleep is ok. Sometimes I'll have trouble falling asleep or I'll wake up really early despite feeling tired but mostly my sleep is ok.

My doctor keeps asking me about it though and I wondered why. My GP always assumes my sleep is messed up. So I was googling awhile back and found information about fatigue and sleep. Often accompanied with fatigue is a messed up sleep pattern. Despite feeling tired you can't sleep. I have felt this but more so in the day, where I think I can sleep for hours but only nap for for 30 minutes and wake up still feeling exhausted.

I hope you finally slept last night and feel better today.

Sandi K.

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For the most part my sleep pattern is ok but then I am taking one amytrip & one sedative anti d at bedtime. I do go through phases of not being able to drop off or waking early & not being able to go back to sleep. I rarely nap during the day but for the last 2 days I have been back to bed after the school run. I would say for me the fatigue issue is worse than the sleep issue but then I do generally sleep ok. I don't understand how I can sleep 10 hours & still wake up tired/exhausted.

its the one issue that can really get me down but I try not to let it take over my life! Not easy when 2 hours of concentration or noise & movement ends up with the wading through treacle feeling :-(. It is better than 2 years ago where I would spend most of the day in bed napping, I try not to do that now.

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Sometimes I think I'll never get to sleep, then hubby wakes me ...his dulcit tones say...Win..nudge Winnie...I say" Yes I am asleep Al"..

Then he says "well stop snoring"..I never snore !! Cheek.... but seriously when I first had shunt...and knew more about what happened to me..I couldn't sleep...I got up early..then fell asleep again...sleeping patterns went haywire...see no vino collapso to send me to dream~ land..lol....

Keep Well All xx

WinB143 xx

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Today is a crazy sleep day. 2:20 and I havent nodded off. I have been listening to songs of the 60s. Groovy man.

Well I decided to read some forum threads, and found this one, and reading the history found I started the thread, wheich brings me to memory loss. LOL

Maybe I need some sleep. :redface:

Good Knight everyone. see you in the morning

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Hi Carl,

Not sleeping is something I hate. Luckily, it only happens to me occasionally for a few nights at a time, sometimes a week or two. I find the hardest bit is not really knowing what do to pass the time. I have to find something quiet as my son & my neighbours don't share my insomnia!!

Hopefully you are now enjoying the luxury of some good quality sleep. G'night!

Michelle x

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Depends whats happened in the day - for example my chum showed me the wig she got yesterday just raced through my mind once I got to bed how real it looked, how much it resembled her own hair, how that must make her feel more at ease about things, was still awake at 3am Arrrgh.....

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